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Venezuela Meltdown Update (17)

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The regime escalates today closing the border with Brazil, and their troops opening fire on civilians, killing one woman and injuring several other civilians. This is remarkable stupidity by regime loyalists and will not end well (for them). When toxic regimes like this fall, loyalist footsoldiers tend to have short life expectancies. They should pray for a US invasion as this would prevent civilian retribution as they would be handled as EPWs.

Russia continues with some truly bizarre propaganda (fascinating how they will try to implicate Ukraine in troubles arising in Latin America – Ukrainians seem to be the staple bad guys in most current Muscovian propaganda no matter what part of the world it deals with).

Venezuela crisis: One dead after Venezuelan soldiers fire against opposition supporters in Gran Sabana – The Washington Post

The volunteers were trying to keep open a part of the Venezuela-Brazil border to allow for delivery of humanitarian aid.

Maduro’s Troops Kill Woman as Opposition Tries to Open Borders

Community members stopped anti-riot troops and their vehicles about 6 a.m. as they tried to assert control over the remote area around Gran Sabana, which is about 780 miles (1,260 kilometers) southeast of Caracas. The violence came as Venezuela prepares for a weekend of spectacle and danger as the opposition

Deadly Violence Erupts on Brazil Border in Venezuela Aid Showdown – The New York Times

Venezuela’s political showdown escalated on Friday as security forces fired on those protesting the government’s determination to block aid.

Guaido’s trucks clash with Maduro’s military in attempt to force aid into Venezuela | Fox News

Trucks driven by supporters of Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido nearly rammed into a blockade by security forces still loyal to embattled president Nicolas Maduro in an attempt to reach aid in Colombia.

Maduro Culpable for Any Future Violence During Aid Delivery Attempt – Bogota – Sputnik International

MEXICO CITY (Sputnik) – Colombian Foreign Minister Carlos Holmes Trujillo has stated that Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro would be the person held accountable should violence break out during attempts to deliver humanitarian aid into Venezuela.

Russia says US aid to Venezuela a ‘pretext for military action’

Russia on Friday accused the United States of using aid deliveries to Venezuela as a ploy to carry out military action against President Nicolas Maduro’s government. “A dangerous provocation, instigated and led by Washington, is planned for February 23,” foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria

Russia states about U.S. plans to purchase Ukrainian weapon for Venezuela –

Spokeswoman of Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova stated that the U.S. is going to purchase large consignment of weapon “in one Eastern European state” for Venezuela as Interfax reported. “There is information that U.S. companies and their allies in NATO work out the issue of the purchase of a large consignment of weapon and ammunition in one of the Eastern European states for next passing to the opposition forces of Venezuela”, Zakharova said. She emphasized that the issue is about samples and equivalents of the heavy machine guns, under-barrel and atomized grenade launchers, man-portable air-defence systems, ammunition for small arms and artillery weaponry of different purpose. Related: Venezuelan government does not allow European Parliament’s delegation to country “It is planned to supply cargo to Venezuela in the beginning of March by a few consignments through the territory of the neighboring country with the involvement of transport aircraft of the International forwarding company,” she said, emphasizing that the Ukrainian trace can be seen in this story. “Particularly, we understand that the state enterprise “Antonov” will be involved,” Zakharova said. She emphasized that the U.S. administration “deliberately escalates situation” in Venezuela. According to her, the U.S. gathers special forces and hardware at the border of Venezuela, pretending that it is the supplies of the humanitarian aid.

UAWire – Maduro receives humanitarian aid from Russia

TASS reports that Venezuela accepted a shipment with medicine and medical equipment that was sent through the World Health Organization by Russia as humanitarian aid. The cargo was handed over at the airport of Caracas by the Russian Ambassador to Venezuela Vladimir Zaemsky. According to him, humanitarian assistance to Venezuela will continue to be provided “in a civilized way through relevant international organizations”. Venezuela’s Deputy Minister of Health, Gerardo Briceno, clarified that there are enough medicine and equipment for hospitals for at least 15 days. At the same time, President Nicolas Maduro is blocking deliveries of humanitarian aid to the country from the USA. The military blocked the road leading to the border of Colombia, on which the cargo could get into the country. Maduro also ordered the closure of the border with Brazil and is considering the closure of the border with Colombia. Earlier, on his orders, the air and sea borders with the islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao were closed.

China and Russia have deep financial ties to Venezuela. Here’s what’s at stake. – The Washington Post

It’s a tale of two creditors — each with distinct foreign policy goals.

Venezuela’s Ex-Intel Head Accuses Maduro, Inner Circle of Corruption |

The New York Times reported a former intelligence chief in Venezuela turned on President Nicolás Maduro on Thursday, blasting him as a dictator with a corrupt inner circle that has involved in drug running and wooing Hezbollah militants.

Venezuela crisis: Maduro closing border with Brazil – BBC News

President Maduro acts as opposition supporters defy attempts to stop them bringing in foreign aid.

When Humanitarian Aid Is Used as a Weapon to Bring Down Regimes – Defense One

As the United States offers crucial humanitarian aid to Venezuelan migrants, it is doubling down on its opposition to Venezuela’s president.

Quarter of a million attendees expected at Venezuela aid concert | Reuters

Some 250,000 people are expected at a concert on Friday in Colombia aimed at raising $100 million to provide food and medicine for Venezuelans suffering widespread shortages, its organizer said on Wednesday.

Put pressure on Mexico to recognize Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s legitimate president | Miami Herald

The world’s biggest democracies are supporting Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s legitimate president. But Mexico’s President López Obrador is the exception. He is tacitly supporting the Maduro dictatorship.

Marco Rubio on Twitter: “Time is running out for senior military leaders in #Venezuela. Confidence that rank & file will follow certain orders eroding. Behind bravado is real anxiety. Many ramping up efforts to save themselves. Military attaché to @UN broke with Maduro & pledged loyalty to @jguaido.…”


Senator Ted Cruz on Twitter: ““Nicolas Maduro, and Hugo Chavez before him, are enemies of America. They oppress their people. Maduro is illegitimate…Maduro is using military force to stay in office and he is not the legitimately elected leader of #Venezuela. @jguaido is instead.”…”


John Bolton Has A Menacing Message For Venezuela’s Military | The Daily Caller

National Security Adviser John Bolton shared a menacing message to Venezuela’s military Tuesday evening on Twitter as the country’s dictator Nicolas Maduro clings to power in the struggling socialist country. “Any actions by the Venezuelan military to condone or instigate violence against peaceful civilians at the Colombian and Brazilian borders will not be forgotten,” Bolton wrote. “Leaders still have time to make the right choice.”

Maduro’s Soldiers Have Begun Disobeying Orders, Rubio Says – Bloomberg

Venezuelan troops have begun disobeying orders from Nicolas Maduro’s top officers and are unlikely to heed calls to crack down on a humanitarian-aid caravan scheduled to enter the country this weekend, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio said.

DOMINOES: Venezuela’s Military Attache Recognizes Guaido As President | The Daily Caller

Venezuela’s military attache to the United Nations has recognized opposition party leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president, John Bolton said.

Southcom responds on Venezuela crisis | Miami Herald

The head of the U.S. Southern Command said it is prepared to face any situation in Venezuela and warned its armed forces they will be held responsible if they don’t respond properly to the humanitarian crisis.

US admiral threatens Venezuelan military – YouTube

RT America Published on Feb 20, 2019 US aid to Venezuela is slated to arrive on February 23. President Nicolas Maduro has accepted aid from the Red Cross, China and Russia but believes that the US aid is in fact a political weapon intended to undermine his government and intends to block it at the border. A USAID concert is scheduled to take place in Colombia, near its border with Venezuela, to celebrate the aid’s arrival as Maduro supporters prepare for their own pro-government concert on the other side. RT America’s Dan Cohen reports for the News with Rick Sanchez.

Head Of US Southern Command Has Message For Venezuela’s Military – YouTube

CBS Miami Published on Feb 20, 2019 “You will ultimately be responsible for your actions. Do things well. Save your people and your country.”

Juan Guaidó speaks out on Americans held captive in Venezuela – YouTube

Fox Business Published on Feb 20, 2019 Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó weighs in on the Americans currently being held captive in Venezuela on ‘Trish Regan Primetime.’

US says it will deliver aid blocked by Venezuela, setting up confrontation with Maduro regime | Fox News

The U.S. government says it will position 190 metric tons of supplies by Friday, ready to deploy throughout Venezuela, according to Mark Green, the administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Venezuela Is Said to Tell Firms to Open Russia, Turkey Accounts – Bloomberg

Officials in Nicolas Maduro’s regime told a group of executives representing about 50 consumer companies to open bank accounts in Russia, Turkey, China and India and to begin building relationships with suppliers in those countries, according to two people with direct knowledge of the meeting.

Venezuela’s Guaido asks followers to surround military bases amid aid showdown | Bradenton Herald

Venezuela’s Interim President Juan Guaidó is asking followers to surround military bases on Saturday to demand that the armed forces allow aid into the country — a provocative move that’s likely to inflame leader Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuela Closes Border to 3 Caribbean Islands Ahead of Aid Showdown – The New York Times

The move against Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao came before a Saturday deadline by the Venezuelan opposition and the Trump administration for President Nicolás Maduro to end a blockade.

Venezuela security forces punish anti-Maduro protesters: Amnesty | Venezuela News | Al Jazeera

Rights group says dozens were killed during five days of protests in January and 900 people were arrested.

Venezuelans Fleeing Crisis Face Desperate Hike to 12,000 Feet – The New York Times

Venezuela’s economic crisis has set off a staggering exodus, with more than three million people leaving the country in recent years — largely on foot.

Roger Waters tells Richard Branson to ‘back off’ over Venezuela in bizarre dispute over benefit concert | Fox News

Pink Floyd rocker Roger Waters is now warning Richard Branson to “back off” in a social media video claiming that his upcoming Live Aid-style concert aimed at helping Venezuelans has “nothing to do with their needs.”

Jailed Citgo executives, 5 of them U.S. citizens, are in limbo amid Venezuela turmoil

The fate of six Citgo executives who are imprisoned in a Venezuelan military prison on what families say are trumped-up corruption charges, lies in the balance. Five of them are U.S. citiizens.

Fate of American Citgo executives held in Venezuela up in the air as Maduro’s regime plunges deeper into crisis | Fox News

The fate of six Citgo executives being held in captivity in Venezuela on what their families are describing as trumped-up corruption charges could become more clear Wednesday if a preliminary hearing – which has been postponed a dozen times before – actually takes place.

Venezuela closes maritime border with neighbor amidst growing aid crisis – CNN

Venezuela has shut a key maritime border and grounded flights as the opposition party seeks to import foreign aid to the crisis-hit South American country.

Venezuela crisis: Brazil vows to deliver aid, defying Maduro – BBC News

The growing foreign aid operation organised by Venezuela’s opposition is in defiance of President Maduro.

Trump is exploiting Venezuela’s crisis to win the 2020 presidential election – Vox

Trump is using the Venezuela crisis to warn about socialism and attack Democrats like Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Venezuela aid: Genuine help or Trojan horse? – BBC News

The crisis around humanitarian aid has become a political issue, says the BBC’s Katy Watson.

Opinion | Venezuela’s Border Standoff – The New York Times

The military should stand down and allow in urgently needed food and medical supplies.

Trump has sounded all the wrong notes on Venezuela, even though he’s right about Maduro – Los Angeles Times

Venezuela is in shambles because of Maduro’s corruption and incompetence. But Trump’s insinuations that a military option is under consideration only bolster Maduro’s ‘coup’ narrative.

On Venezuela, Bernie Sanders proves socialism’s choking immorality

Want to understand why Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is no moral leader for a better America? Just watch the video below from Thursday, in which Sanders refused to call for the child butcher of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, to step down from power.

Partisan applause lines won’t help topple Nicolas Maduro

On Monday, President Trump made the crisis in Venezuela a central part of a rally in Florida. And yes, to rail against a socialist country where people quite literally don’t have enough to eat is a great implicit knock on potential 2020 Democratic challengers who embrace socialism, either in name or in the form of policies such as “Medicare for all” and free college tuition.