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New Site: Countering Russia’s Aggression in Ukraine

The US State Department is finally, after five years of an illegal Russian invasion, aggression, provocation, annexation, and occupation of Ukraine, in both Crimea and Donbas, stepping up to the plate and exposing Russia’s mendacity. 

Countering Russia’s Aggression in Ukraine

Don’t get me wrong, it’s about time the US officially takes on Russia’s information warfare by officially exposing Russia.  But it’s a band-aid, a one-page effort.  Where are the press releases?  Where is the press conference?  Where are the conferences of esteemed speakers to the masses? Where are the press officers talking with reporters?  Where is the President, the Secretary of State, the US Ambassador to the UN, the UN Ambassador to Ukraine, the US Ambassador to Russia, and every other pertinent government official simultaneously releasing a coordinated, synchronized, and overwhelming information barrage exposing Russia? Why aren’t these activities then broadcast on VOA, RFE/RL, and a myriad of other sites, official and otherwise?  Why isn’t the press being notified of our outrage and Russia’s perfidy? Why aren’t OpEds being released to all the important news outlets? Why aren’t we educating the public about Russian propaganda, disinformation, misinformation, and fake news?  Why aren’t we pressing for far tougher sanctions? Why aren’t we shutting down de facto Russian proxy propaganda sites like Russia-Insider?  Why isn’t the Department of Justice seizing Russian propaganda sites that have neglected to register under FARA?  Why isn’t our Congress legislating propaganda, disinformation, and fake news for oversight and regulation?  Russian disinformation is a National Security Threat, so why isn’t the DOJ working on the real, actual threat to the US? Why isn’t the Department of Homeland Security working to prevent US home and small business computers from being used as zombies for Russian botnets?  Why isn’t the Department of Education helping to educate US citizens about Russian disinformation, propaganda, and fake news?

Additionally, why isn’t the US government fully implementing our information warfare defenses and properly appointing and approving key personnel?  Why is there not a Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications? Why is there not an Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, not an acting?  Why is there not a Director for the Global Engagement Center and not an acting? 

Do we not want to properly organize, synchronize, and coordinate our information in defense against Russian Information Warfare?  Do we not want to integrate with corporate, private, academic, and foreign efforts?

Where is our outrage?  Where are our tangible efforts and not just this showpiece?

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Ukraine is under attack. 

In the wake of Ukraine’s 2013-2014 Revolution of Dignity (aka Euromaydan), Russia illegally seized and occupied Crimea and started an armed conflict in eastern Ukraine.  Five years on, Russia continues to arm, train, lead, and fight alongside the anti-government forces in eastern Ukraine, while falsely insisting it is not a party to the conflict.  The fighting has resulted in approximately 13,000 deaths, caused the internal displacement of 1.5 million people, and forced more than 3.4 million more to require assistance and protection in a largely forgotten humanitarian catastrophe.  Critical civilian infrastructure continues to be damaged or disrupted, exacerbating humanitarian needs.  Russia continues to stall diplomatically as the situation deteriorates.

Russia is directly responsible for pain and suffering in Ukraine.​

U.S. and EU efforts to deter further aggression include applying restrictive measures.  EU sanctions must be renewed periodically and are negotiated throughout the year.

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4 thoughts on “New Site: Countering Russia’s Aggression in Ukraine

  1. I wonder if cash-strapped Russia has resorted to posting videos on YouTube. It seems like that’s what lots of these click-bait crap vids are anyways. I wonder if YouTube has analytics of where their payments go…? What percentage goes to individuals outside the US?

  2. The U.S State Dept.? It was HRC’s State dept. that funded and launched the coup that toppled the legally elected Pro-Russian president of Ukraine that started this war to begin with. Followed by the coup leaders wanting to ban the Russian language in a country that half the population considers itself Russian! With NATO sucking up the former Soviet Baltic Republics. How can you be surprised that Putin is making sure there is a buffer zone between the Russian Border and the future NATO Nation of Ukraine, or for that matter blame him for taking back the Crimea and Russia’s strategic Naval bases that they shared with the Ukrainian navy. What, Russia was going to share a NATO naval base built decades ago with Russian rubles. Give me a break! This whole situation was engineered from the start to force Putin’s hand,and give NATO and most importantly America and there billion dollar corporations an excuse to deploy missile systems in Europe and rake in the cash in military sales. If you are an honest analyst you know what the deal is. Stop with all the Russian bogey man propaganda. WE CREATED THE NEW RUSSIAN BOGEY MAN! The Cold War ended in the early 90’s and our military stagnated and our allies all started turning against us and stopped buying our over priced underperforming military equipment. We need a new Cold War to ensure America stays a super power and doesn’t lose our dominion over Europe. To ensure that NATO endures and European nations continue to have standardized equipment that’s compatible with the American Military. Like 5.56 bullets and all types of other kit. It is what it is, I’m not saying I’m entirely against all the goals. But just be honest about WHY it’s happening.

    1. I get it, I truly understand where you are coming from. However, the facts just don’t align with what you are saying. I looked into this – the Ukrainian parliament actually took a parliamentary vote to remove Yanukovich in 2014, after he fled. Yanukovich fled, because he was guilty of crimes, and had lost his majority in parliament.
      So no, it was not a coup, it was a democratic process for changing the prime minister, as countries work in Europe when a party loses it’s majority.
      I get that you want to work towards peace, but when there are aggressive actions taken by an adversary, they are the ones who broke the peace. You probably want to be on the “good” side, so you look up information on the conflict in Ukraine – I have to tell you, so much of it is deliberate misinformation from the Russian regime. It’s hard to believe anyone would deliberately play the victim while being the aggressor, but this is in fact what occurred. See this presentation on the Ukraine conflict:

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