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Russian Propaganda Film, T-34, In US Theaters

Russian Propaganda Film T-34 is appearing in US theaters, please help stop its appearance. 

Ukraine’s US Embassy is asking the theaters shown at the bottom of the page to reconsider showing this obvious Russian propaganda. 

Your assistance is requested to contact these theaters and stop this blatant attempt to influence US audiences.

I, for one, am contacting the following DC-area local theaters. 

Fairfax, VA 
Regal Fairfax Towne Center

  • Address: 4110 West Ox Rd, Fairfax, VA 22033 Phone: (703) 591-4994

Silver Spring, MD 
Majestic Stadium Regal

  • Address: 900 Ellsworth Dr, Silver Spring, MD 20910 Phone: (844) 462-7342

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The Ukrainian Embassy in the USA has reached out to a number of cinema theaters across the United States regarding the screenings of the Russian propaganda film T-34.

The Embassy has called cinemas to reconsider their intention to show it because the film openly justifies and promotes Moscow’s hostile foreign and security policy (including Russian ongoing aggression against Ukraine) through exploiting the memory of the World War II.

We thank the representatives of the Ukrainian community in the United States who have already managed to stop T-34 screenings in their cities/towns and ask all other activists to join forces and appeal to local cinemas with the urge to ban the film and never amplify Russian propaganda in the USA.

Посольство України в США сьогодні звернулось до низки американських кінотеатрів у зв’язку з показом у них російської пропагандистської кінострічки «Т-34».

Посольство закликало кінотеатри відмовитись від демонстрації фільму, який відкрито поширює та популяризує сучасну агресію Російської Федерації у світі, жертвою якої стала і Україна, використовуючи для цього історичну пам’ять про героїв Другої світової війни.

Ми дякуємо представникам української громади в США, яким вже вдалось зупинити покази фільму «Т-34» у їхніх містах та просимо всіх інших активістів приєднатись до спільних зусиль та звернутись до місцевих кінотеатрів з закликом про заборону показу кінострічки.

 Список кінотеатрів в США, де планується показ фільму «Т-34» / The list of cinemas in the US, where the T-34 movie is scheduled to be shown:

New York, NY
United Artists Sheepshead Bay
Regal E-Walk Stadium

Houston, TX
Edwards Greenway Grand Palace

Glendale, CA
Laemmle Glendale

Encino, CA
Laemmle’s Town Center

Philadelphia, PA
United Artists Grant Plaza 9

Birmingham, MI
Birmingham Theatre

Cleveland, OH
Atlas Cinemas Eastgate 10

Hollywood, FL
Regal Oakwood

Fairfax, VA
Regal Fairfax Towne Center

Silver Spring, MD
Majestic Stadium Regal

Lincolnshire, IL
Lincolnshire Regal

Redmond, WA
Bella Bottega Regal Cinemas

Denver, CO
Continental Regal Cinemas

Boston, MA
Regal Cinemas Fenway 13

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5 thoughts on “Russian Propaganda Film, T-34, In US Theaters

  1. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are First Amendment U.S. Constitutional rights guaranteed throughout the territory of the United States of America. If you personally choose not to see this film, that is your choice. It is not your right, however, in the United States of America to prevent other persons from exercising their First Amendment rights to both show and view this film.

    1. Ah, Grasshopper (George Stewart), you did not read the blog properly.

      You say “It is not your right, however, in the United States of America to prevent other persons from exercising their First Amendment rights to both show and view this film.”

      “to prevent”. I can PREVENT the showing of the film by exercising my first amendment. I CAN voice my displeasure. Yes, it is an attempt to STOP the showing of the film, that is my goal. All I can legally DO, however, is voice my opposition, voice my outrage, and share my opinion.

      If you misread that, and I believe you did, I suggest you re-read my words again. At no time did I suggest physical violence, attacking employees, or any other illegal activities.

      This comment edited for clarity.

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