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Venezuela Meltdown Update (14)

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Multiple sources have confirmed the following countries have formed a ‘coalition’ supporting Venezuela.  Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, China, and Russia, a virtual who’s who of shady governments.  Venezuela’s FM Arreaza is claiming 50 countries have added their names, but that appears to be a lie, there is absolutely no corroboration of that information from any source other than Mr. Arreaza.

Surprisingly, Sputnik offered an opposing perspective. 

During a hearing on the Venezuela crisis earlier this week, House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel said that US military intervention “is not an option”.

“Congress decides when, where and how the US military is used around the world, and Congress would not support military intervention in Venezuela”.

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Most interesting reports concern previously undisclosed meetings between the Chavista regime FM and US Envoy Abrams. Speculation about a US deployment. Colombian leader meets with POTUS and calls on PRC to abandon the Chavista regime. A barrage of bizarre propaganda from Maduro.

Venezuela unveils anti-US coalition at United Nations | Fox News

It was almost a who’s who of America’s foes Thursday as Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza, surrounded by a posse of some of the world’s most notorious human rights violators, announced the formation of a group of countries that he said would defend the United Nations Charter.

AP Interview: Maduro reveals secret meetings with US envoy | Fox News

A month into Venezuela’s high-stakes political crisis, President Nicolas Maduro revealed in an AP interview that his government was in secret talks with the Trump administration and predicted he would survive an unprecedented global campaign to force his resignation.

Top Venezuela official held secret talks with US envoy, Maduro says

The U.S. envoy to Venezuela secretly met with the country’s foreign minster in New York, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Thursday.

Why Trump is likely to announce he’s sending troops to the Colombian-Venezuelan border

President Ivan Duque of Colombia meets President Trump at the White House on Wednesday. I believe Trump may use Duque’s visit or its immediate aftermath to announce the deployment of a limited number of U.S. Army or Marine personnel to the Colombian border with Venezuela.

Cuba Accuses U.S. of Sending Special Forces to Caribbean for ‘Military Aggression’ Against Venezuela

Cuba’s foreign minister lashed out at the U.S., alleging it is preparing for “military aggression” against Venezuela.

Trump administration secretly moving US special forces closer to Venezuela, Cuba claims | The Independent

Cuba has accused the US of secretly moving special forces closer to Venezuela as part of a plan to intervene under the pretext of a humanitarian crisis. A “Declaration of the Revolutionary Government” said recent events in the country amounted to a coup attempt that had so far failed.

Venezuela’s Maduro ramps up legal fight against Guaido’s challenge | Reuters

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s government stepped up a legal battle against efforts to oust him on Thursday, while the opposition said the international community had pledged more than $100 million in humanitarian aid for the country.

Trump to deliver anti-socialism speech in Florida

President Trump will deliver a speech Monday in Miami on the “dangers of socialism,” according to the White House.

Opinion | Felipe González: We Must Not Fail the Venezuelan People – The New York Times

To restore democracy in the Latin American nation, foreign powers need to step aside and let the regional stakeholders resolve the crisis.

The Latest: Colombia leader urges China to back Maduro foes

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — The latest on the political crisis in Venezuela (all times local): 8:25 p.m. The president of Colombia says China’s role in Latin America would be stronger if the Asian country recognized Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country’s interim president instead of backing President Nicolas Maduro. Speaking during a visit to Washington, Ivan Duque said Thursday: “I really would advise China to make that decision.” China is one of 16 countries that have publicly supported Maduro during the recent resurgence of Venezuela’s political crisis. The United States, Canada, most Latin American nations and many European countries are siding with Guaido. The Colombian leader is also urging the international community to cooperate so humanitarian aid can be taken into Venezuela on Feb. 23 as Guaido is planning. Venezuelans have been suffering with severe shortages of food and medicine amid their country’s economic collapse. Duque says that “February 23 has to be the day in which everybody mobilizes and tells the dictatorship: ‘That’s it. Allow the humanitarian aid.'” Duque says he considers Maduro to be a criminal against humanity who should be tried by the International Criminal Court and not granted amnesty.

China Lending Billions to Venezuela So Sanctioned Gov’t Keeps Running – Scholar – Sputnik International

Reports of talks between China and the Venezuelan opposition are fake news, according to Hua Chunying, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry. Earlier, reports emerged that the Venezuelan opposition representatives had held meetings with Chinese government officials.

Videos of the Day: Trump Welcomes Colombian President Duque to WH: Venezuela on Agenda

President Donald Trump welcomed Colombian President Iván Duque to the White House on Wednesday. During remarks in the …

Melania Trump dazzles in bright pink coat to welcome President of Colombia to the White House – AOL Lifestyle

The first lady, who has been staying away from the spotlight in recent months, opted for a bright pink ensemble by Fendi.

venezuela crisis latest: Donald Trump could send military troops into Venezuela | World | News |

PRESIDENT Donald Trump has heightened speculation he is going to use military action to change the regime in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s President Maduro says rival ‘serves the interests of the United States and the Zionists’ – Jewish Telegraphic Agency

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina (JTA) — The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, called the self-declared interim president and opposition leader Juan Guaido “a CIA agent who serves the interests of the United States and the Zionists” in an interview with the Hezbollah-affiliated Lebanese media group, Al Mayadin. He added in the interview posted on Tuesday that he feels “love for the noble Palestinian cause,” and sent words of “encouragement to the Palestinian and Arab prisoners confined in Israeli jails.” Maduro denied that there are Hezbollah operatives acting in Venezuela. And he blamed the United States for trying seize the wealth and oil of Venezuela.

ONLY ON AP: Maduro blames US sanctions for crisis – YouTube

Associated Press Published on Feb 14, 2019 Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Thursday blamed the economic sanctions imposed by the United States against Venezuela for the severe food and medicine shortages in the country. (Feb. 14)

TASS: World – Maduro says Venezuelan opposition leaders will be ‘brought to justice’

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said the crisis in Venezuela was organized by the United States

Venezuela opens investigation into opposition-appointed PDVSA directors: prosecutor

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela’s chief state prosecutor said on Thursday an investigation had been opened into directors of state-run oil firm PDVSA, and its U.S. refiner Citgo, that the opposition-controlled congress appointed on Wednesday. Prosecutor Tarek Saab, in comments broadcast on state television

Venezuelan prosecutor to investigate Guaido appointments

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Venezuela’s chief prosecutor said Thursday he has launched an investigation into opposition leader Juan Guaido’s appointment of a transitional board of directors for the state oil company. Attorney General Tarek William Saab said the appointments by Guaido and his National Assembly are part of an illegal power grab backed by foreign governments. He also said that ambassadors of Guaido’s self-declared interim government are being investigated as part of the probe.

Guaidó Envoy: Nicolás Maduro Can Run in Free Venezuelan Elections

Venezuelan interim President Juan Guaidó’s envoy to Rome said Nicolas Maduro can run for president in free elections.

Venezuela’s Maduro Shows No Sign of Leaving. Now What? – WSJ

Venezuela’s opposition and its U.S. backers figured President Nicolás Maduro’s regime would crumble quickly after Washington threw its support behind a plan to sap his military support and spur his exit. It hasn’t happened that way.

Nicolás Maduro claims foes ‘totally failed’ to topple him as efforts falter | World news | The Guardian

The US conceded it was ‘impossible to predict’ how long Nicolas Maduro will remain in power

Venezuela opposition leader Juan Guaidó gives Nicolas Maduro’s military “order” to let in humanitarian aid on February 23 – CBS News

&quot;Allow in the humanitarian aid. That’s an order,&quot; U.S.-backed Juan Guaidó tells military, announcing date for aid caravans to challenge blocked border

Millions Flowed From Venezuelan Oil Firm to Small Bulgarian Bank – The New York Times

Bulgarian officials, tipped off by the United States, froze accounts and are investigating possible laundering of money from the battered state oil company.

Venezuela oil firm transferred millions of euros to Bulgarian bank accounts: security officials | Reuters

Bulgaria has blocked transfers out of several bank accounts which have received millions of euros from Venezuela’s state-run oil company PDVSA (Petroleos de Venezuela), security officials said on Wednesday.

Hungry Venezuelans urge help but standoff looms over ‘politicised’ aid | World news | The Guardian

Guaidó tells caravans to take food and medicine across border from Colombia but political move likely to provoke Maduro

Guaidó adviser: Israel can help us remove Hezbollah, Iran – Israel Hayom

Exclusive to Israel Hayom: Senior Venezuelan opposition member says presence of Iran, Hezbollah and other terrorist elements in the country “is very concerning. … Israel can help us establish the necessary apparatuses to contend with this problem.”

Venezuela: Wife Says Leopoldo López May Run for President

The wife of Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López said in an interview published Tuesday that her husband may run for president.

Colombian president addresses John Bolton’s ‘5,000 troops’ note

Remember national security adviser John Bolton’s note saying “5,000 troops to Colombia”? Colombian President Ivan Duque Marquez doesn’t.

Trump Is Tough on Venezuela — but Won’t Let Fleeing Venezuelans Into the U.S.

[[nid:232131]]Though they heard President Trump condemn the brutality of the Venezuelan government in his State of the Union speech last week, Venezuelans around the world are in for some disappointment if they expect a warm welcome from his administration.Once one of Latin America’s most prosperous and stable nations, Venezuela has been reduced to a pit of human suffering.

Harvard expert tries to make sense of Venezuela’s collapse – Harvard Gazette

Harvard Kennedy’s School’s Ricardo Hausmann, director of the Center for International Development and professor of the practice of economic development, discusses deteriorating conditions in Venezuela.

How to Justify Attempted Coup d’Etat in Venezuela Using Fake News? – Sputnik International

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