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Venezuela Meltdown Update (9)

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Aid blockage by regime continues. Reports of soldiers and civilians suffering food shortages. Statements by NatSec Advisor Bolton, SECSTATE Pompeo, and Sen Rubio. New CitGo board. Venezuelan HIND crashes. Speculation about gold sales continues. Rosneft suffers losses in Venezuela.

How long the regime will hang on remains an open question.

Hunger pushing Maduro’s troops to tipping point in Venezuela – CBS News

The Venezuelan armed forces are the kingmakers in an epic power struggle

Venezuela military sets up blockade on bridge to stop aid from Colombia | Fox News

Two blue shipping containers, an orange fuel tanker, and a makeshift fence are barricading a Venezuelan bridge at a key border crossing with Colombia in an attempt to block humanitarian aid from entering the country.

Venezuela’s Maduro Uses Military to Block Humanitarian Aid: ‘We Are Not Beggars’

“It’s convenient for them to let the country continue enduring this absurd crisis,” an aid worker said.

Maduro blocks border route to stop US aid reaching the hungry | World | The Times

The Maduro regime has blocked a bridge connecting Venezuela to Colombia to try to halt the delivery of international aid promised by the opposition and the United States.Two large shipping containers, a fuel tanker, concrete and metal barricades were placed by troops on the Tienditas International

Venezuelan troops blockade border crossing as Maduro tries to woo security forces – video | World news | The Guardian

The humanitarian aid blockade could sway the loyalties of the military who may disobey embattled president Nicolás Maduro’s orders and allow the much-needed aid to pass into the country&nbsp;&nbsp;

With border blocked, desperate Venezuelans ask how U.S. aid will arrive | Reuters

Desperate Venezuelans asked on Wednesday how they would gain access to U.S. food and medicine aid due to arrive via the Colombia border after President Nicolas Maduro’s government blocked the frontier crossing to any humanitarian shipments.

Government supporters rally in Caracas to support Maduro – YouTube

AFP news agency Published on Feb 6, 2019 Hundreds of government supporters gather in Venezuela’s capital Caracas to show support for embattled President Nicolas Maduro, who is facing increased pressure from opposition leader Juan Guaido to set up a transitional government and hold a new presidential poll. IMAGES

Pompeo slams Venezuelan president over blocking of humanitarian aid – The Washington Post

The United States has promised aid as part of an effort to support opposition leader Juan Guaidó

John Bolton on Twitter: “Maduro and his cronies live lavishly in Europe and enrich their Cuban patrons while plundering Venezuela’s wealth. Meanwhile, they are physically blocking the Venezuelan people, including the military rank and file, from receiving humanitarian assistance.…”


Secretary Pompeo on Twitter: “We applaud Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Rep., Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden & UK for supporting Venezuelan people by recognizing @jguaido today as Interim President.…”


Secretary Pompeo on Twitter: “The Venezuelan people desperately need humanitarian aid. The U.S. & other countries are trying to help, but #Venezuela’s military under Maduro’s orders is blocking aid with trucks and shipping tankers. The Maduro regime must LET THE AID REACH THE STARVING PEOPLE. #EstamosUnidosVE…”


Marco Rubio on Twitter: “Time running out for #Venezuela military leaders to defend constitution by recognizing @jguaido & supporting #Maduro exit. If you do U.S. willing to abide by amnesty law & potentially remove sanctions. If you don’t you be live the rest of your days as an international pariah.”


Venezuelan military will realize Maduro’s time is up: Mike Pompeo – YouTube

Fox Business Published on Feb 6, 2019 Secretary of State Mike Pompeo discusses the problems surrounding disputed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s administration and the Americans being held hostage in Venezuela.

Cuban, Hezbollah and Iranian cells drawn to embattled Venezuela: Mike Pompeo | Fox Business

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells Trish Regan that bad actors from Cuba, Hezbollah and Iran are influencing Venezuela.

Venezuela owes China and Russia billions as presidential fight rages

China and Russia are doubling down on their support for Venezuela’s embattled president, and some say that has a lot to do with the billions of dollars Caracas still owes to Beijing and Moscow.

Venezuela’s Opposition Leader Guaidó to Name New Citgo Board, Sen. Rubio Says – WSJ

Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó will name a new board for the country’s U.S.-based Citgo Petroleum, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio said, in a bid to starve the Maduro government of income from the country’s oil, which provides most of its revenue.

Venezuela’s Juan Guaido gets boost from US to help finance oil

Venezuela’s opposition on Wednesday disclosed the opening of a US fund to bank oil income — a key step to secure financing in its effort to boot President Nicolas Maduro.

Generation Guaido: a threat to Chavez-style power in Venezuela | ABS-CBN News

Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaido, is heading an offensive that is seen as having a decent chance to remove from power Hugo Chavez’s handpicked successor, the former bus driver Nicolas Maduro.

Politics prevail in rush to supply Venezuela much-needed aid

CUCUTA, Colombia (AP) — For Anahis Alvarado, whose battle with kidney failure has become more desperate as Venezuela sinks deeper into crisis, the prospect of bringing in emergency medical and food supplies can’t come soon enough. She’s watched five fellow patients in her dialysis group die over the past few years due to inadequate care. Only a quarter of the dialysis machines where she receives treatment at a government-run clinic in Caracas still work. And last week she had to spend almost a third of her family’s monthly income buying basic supplies like surgical gloves and syringes that President Nicolas Maduro’s bankrupt government is no longer able to provide.

Juan Guaido: The transformation of Venezuela’s self-declared president – CNN

Juan Guaido has declared himself the president of Venezuela, challenging incumbent Nicolas Maduro as illegitimate and winning the backing of the United States. CNN spoke to his mother, wife and friends to find out more about the 35-year-old.

Mi-35 combat helicopter crashes in Venezuela – Defence Blog

Venezuelan media claimed that Mi-35 combat helicopter of the National Army of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has crashed near El Pao. Local media reported on 6 February that the incident occurred two days ago, but officially it became known only today. Five people left injured after a ‘military helicopter’ crash near El Pao, Cojedes State. El Pao is about 35 miles south of Valencia. Media release un-official list of victims injured in Mi-35 crash : Reynaldo Niño Lozano, 35 years old (pilot) Javier Enrique Ocanto Chinchilla, 37 yeas old Juan Carlos Bohórquez Pérez, 32 years old Yondry José Romero, 38 years old Michael Ibrahim, 53 years old The cause of the crash is unknown at this point. According to source in Venezuela Army, crashed Mi-35 experienced technical problems, but in social media stated about sabotage. The Mi-35M is a multi-role combat helicopter manufactured by Rostvertol, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters. It is an export variant of Mi-24 Hind attack helicopter. Primarily designed for attack and military transport missions, the helicopter delivers a more superior flight performance and manoeuvrability than its predecessor. The combat helicopter took part in massive military drills to practice defending the nation’s territory, coast and rivers from foreign invaders.

Journalists say Moscow helped sell Venezuelan gold, but Russia’s Central Bank denies it — Meduza

On January 31, Novaya Gazeta reported that Russian agencies may have assisted in the liquidation of Venezuelan gold. The previous day, a Boeing 757 owned by the Russian company Yerofei flew from Moscow to Caracas through Dubai, increasing speculation among journalists and anti-Maduro politicians that the jet was to remove $840 million, or 20 tons of gold, from Venezuela’s national bank. That amount would reportedly represent about 20 percent of the country’s holdings. The Boeing jet made one additional trip between Moscow and Caracas between January 18 and 19.

The Bank of England has refused to give back $1.56 billion in Venezuelan gold after countries around the world say the regime is illegitimate | Business Insider

The Bank of England is said to have frozen Venezuelan gold assets worth $US1.56 billion in another blow to Nicolas Maduro’s government.


UAWire – Russian oil giant Rosneft reports losses in Venezuela

In its annual IFRS report and presentation on Tuesday, the Russian energy company Rosneft reported that it has a total of $4.4 billion invested in the Venezuelan economy as of the start of 2019. $2.3 billion, more than half of the total, is in the form of loans to the Venezuelan state-owned oil company PDVSA, which have been issued since 2014 as prepayments for oil. PDVSA has received a total of roughly $6.5 billion from Rosneft, although two thirds of this debt has already been paid off. Last year it repaid $2.3 billion in four tranches – $600 million in the first quarter, $400 million in the second, $500 million in the third and $800 in the fourth. In addition, Rosneft invested $2.1 in Venezuela directly, buying shares in the country’s oil extraction projects. The Russian company assessed three such joint ventures with PDVSA as having a total book value of 138 billion rubles ($2.1 billion): 40% in Petromongas (77 billion rubles), 40% in Petrovictoria (31 billion rubles) and 32% in Junin-6 (30 billion rubles). For two other projects, Boqueron and Petroperija, of which Rosneft owns 27% and 40% respectively, the company reported an unrecognized share of loss of 10 billion rubles ($152 million). If the political crisis in Venezuela continues, Rosneft’s losses could increase significantly.

Bipartisan Venezuela legislation fizzles over use of military force

A Senate resolution backing the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido has been torpedoed over a disagreement over the use of military force in Venezuela.

Slovakia declines to back Venezuela’s Guaido as Maduro faces rising pressure

Slovakia declined to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s legitimate head of state on Wednesday, joining Italy in breaking the coordinated action of European Union nations and the United States. About 20 European Union nations including Britain, Germany, France and Spain have aligned

Erdogan Slams Washington Over Venezuela 

Worried by Trump’s policies, Turkish president backs Maduro

EU Acting Like US ‘Lackey’ on Venezuela, Maduro ‘Enormously Popular’ – Professor – Sputnik International

Over 10 European Union member states have recognised Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country’s interim president. Sputnik has discussed the latest developments with James Fetzer, Professor Emeritus of the Philosophy of Science at the University of Minnesota, Duluth Campus.

‘Make the right choice!’ US offers sanctions relief to Venezuelan officers who flip on Maduro — RT World News

After years of a harsh sanctions campaign against Venezuela, the US is offering to loosen the economic noose for those military officers who defect and recognize opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the country’s interim president.

Washington Offers To Lift Sanctions on Venezuela Officers Shifting to Guaido – Sputnik International

The US government is offering to end sanctions on senior Venezuela Army officers who switch their allegiance to National Assembly Speaker Juan Guaido, whom Washington recognizes as president, National Security Adviser John Bolton said on Wednesday.

Pompeo Demands That Venezuela’s Military Stop Blocking US Aid – Sputnik International

Washington vowed to send humanitarian relief to the crisis-struck South American country following its recognition of self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaido, while Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has called it a “political stunt” and a pretext for invasion.

Labour Party Split: Thornberry Breaks Ranks With Corbyn Over Maduro Support – Sputnik International

The veteran Labour MP will say when in power, the party will not support governments “who call themselves socialists” but are responsible for “human rights abuses”.

‘Stop Trump Coup’: Roger Waters Slams US Actions in Venezuela as ‘Insanity’ – Sputnik International

Washington has been actively involved in the presidential crisis in Venezuela, which saw the head of the opposition-led National Assembly, Juan Guaido, declare himself the country’s interim president, thus challenging the legitimately elected Nicolas Maduro.

Is This The Point Of No Return For Maduro? |

The stakes are rising for the Maduro regime, and new U.S. sanctions on the Venezuela’s oil industry may be the point of no return for the country’s troubled leader

Russia in Venezuela: Good for the US; Bad for Russia


Sanction the Venezuelan military officers obstructing aid convoys

In furtherance of its pressure campaign against Nicolas Maduro’s illegitimate government, the U.S. and its allies in the Americas, Asia, and Europe should sanction Venezuelan military officers, including junior ranks, who are preventing aid from reaching Venezuelan soil.

Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry makes dig at Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, risking Jeremy Corbyn’s fury

SHADOW Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry will vow that in power she wouldn’t ‘indulge’ so-called socialist Governments, ‘who, by their actions, betray every socialist ideal’. Allies indicated it was a thinly veiled dig at Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro who is locked in a fierce battle to stay in power.


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  1. “Cuban, Hezbollah and Iranian cells drawn to embattled Venezuela: Mike Pompeo” Just as the Republican party is coming to terms with the intrusive influence of the Russian information warfare aimed squarely at its power, the Democrat party needs to come to terms with foreign influence operations dating all the way back to the 1970-80s’s Soviet agents in creating pro-Castro, pro-Bolivaran (Venezuelas socialists) and even pro-Sandanista agents in the 1990s. Partisanship belongs only in the voting booth, patriotism is what should exist the other 364/365 days of the year. Thanks for your contributions. I’m just a civilian, but I feel that Americans have to come to terms with how foreign influence campaigns have influenced and polluted the entire political dialogue of the USA, going back to the beginning of the republic, naturally. At the same time however, foreign influence is not the true problem; the natural self-sabotage and human inclination to choose foolish options until the last minute need to survive is the true problem. In other words, one cannot advocate taking the internal taking stock of this problem too far; however, a clarity needs to be gained regarding common points of patriotism, involving those things that are facts, and those which are not facts. Israeli citizens have a similar perspective, knowing that the PLO (originally Soviet funded) and Hamas (originally Iranian funded) have their own agendas with creating disinformation.
    The inability to have political dialogue about facts without triggering the partisan factions of the USA is also behind this misinformed populace.
    Just as the USA is weakening on the global stage (due to to internal strife and misappropriation of expertise/Peter Principle/political appointments/misinformed civilians), we will have to understand our power projection in a more defensive manner, understanding one can no longer count on passive world support for USA-sponsored pacification.
    I’m sorry if this comment is long, but I do find your work inspiring. I’ll try to simply read when I can, but the present media reaction to the situation in Venezuela is both hopeful (bipartisan clarity), and confounding (reflexive support of “anti-colonial” leaders dating from the Soviet disinformation campaigns of the 70s-early 90s) My work is wholly separate and unrelated to the military, mostly involving work with the younger generation, however (“Gen Z”, born from 1996-present). I can tell you, that there is a lot of hope, in that these younger people are very task-oriented, desire clarity of thought, and respect expertise. So keep it up, thanks.

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