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Venezuela Meltdown Update (8)

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From the compilation, an acronym used in the summary: Airborne Reconnaissance Low (ARL) – USAASC

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The most notable development is the Chavista regime blocking aid deliveries across the border despite warnings. The Russian propaganda firehose effort continues. More nations recognize Guaido as president. More concerns over the fanatical regime paramilitary militias. Media reports a US Army ARL surveilling border region. Some good analyses, especially on the oil industry, and a deluge of OpEds. In the UK, Labour divided over support or rejection of the Chavista regime.

Venezuela crisis: Nicolas Maduro says he will ‘not go down in history as a traitor’ | Daily Mail Online

Pope Francis received a request from Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro to help relaunch talks. but he ruled any involvement unless opposition leader Juan Guaido also requests it.

Global Support Grows for Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s President – WSJ

Global support for Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó expanded Monday as a growing chorus of Western nations increased pressure on the authoritarian regime of cash-strapped Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

Pope Francis Says He’s Willing to Mediate in Venezuela if Both Sides Want – The New York Times

Conditions need to be ripe, the pope said, speaking to reporters on the papal plane while returning to Rome from Abu Dhabi, where he celebrated Mass.

Venezuela’s funds transfer blocked, opposition lawmaker says | Reuters

A bank in Portugal has blocked Venezuela’s attempt to transfer $1.2 billion to Uruguay, a lawmaker said on Tuesday as the opposition to President Nicolas Maduro warned of the theft of public funds, while the United States sent food and medical aid to the Venezuelan-Colombian border.

Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro sends aid to Cuba tornado victims | Miami Herald

Leader Nicolás Maduro sent 100 tons of aid to Cuba after a tornado hit Havana last week amid Venezuela’s own humanitarian and political crisis. The shipment included construction machinery and materials.

Venezuela crisis: Military ‘blocks aid corridor’ – BBC News

Military forces have blocked a crossing on the Colombian border, the opposition says.

Venezuela’s army blocks aid shipment, calling it prelude to invasion to install Guaido as president | The Japan Times

Venezuelan military officers blocked a bridge on the border with Colombia ahead of an anticipated humanitarian aid shipment Tuesday as opposition leader Ju

Venezuela opposition warns military against preventing entry of aid

Venezuela’s armed forces would be crossing a “red line” if they were to block humanitarian aid from entering the country, the opposition dominated National Assembly said on Tuesday. “You know there’s a red line, you know well there’s a limit, you know that medicines, food

Jeremy Hunt on Twitter: “Nicolas Maduro has not called Presidential elections within 8 day limit we have set. So UK alongside European allies now recognises @jguaido as interim constitutional president until credible elections can be held. Let’s hope this takes us closer to ending humanitarian crisis”

Venezuela: Lima Group Urges Armed Forces to Support Guaido as Maduro Calls for International Solidarity |

The Lima Group reiterated its support for Guaido, while an event calling for international solidarity was held in Caracas.

In Venezuela’s slums, police murder anti-Maduro protesters in the streets

“If you protest tomorrow, there will be consequences.”

Venezuela crisis: The ‘colectivo’ groups supporting Maduro – BBC News

Groups set up during Hugo Chávez’s years as president say they are ready to fight for Venezuela’s revolution. In this dingy building in a suburb of Caracas, Hugo Chávez is very much alive. A statue of Venezuela’s late president, dressed in military uniform, stands prominently at a corner of the main room as if welcoming everyone who enters. Glued to the decaying wall, a picture of him smiling, printed on the yellow, blue and red colours of the national flag, looks over the table where Subero and his men spend hours in meetings. Subero’s decades-old links to Chávez go far beyond ideology. The 47-year-old retired sergeant fought in the attempt Chávez led on 4 February 1992 to overthrow then-President Carlos Andrés Pérez. The movement failed, and Subero, Chávez and others spent some of the following years in jail. Subero’s loyalty to his leader, however, was left unshaken. He now leads one of the dozens of groups called colectivos, or collectives, which see themselves as the defenders of Chávez’s Bolivarian revolution and vow to defend his successor, President Nicolás Maduro, as he faces his biggest challenge yet. The embattled leader has resisted mounting pressure to step down and call early elections while Juan Guaidó, head of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, gathers international recognition after declaring himself interim president. But Subero and many others in his colectivo, by no coincidence called 4 de Febrero, seem ready to stand up for Mr Maduro, who has been in power since 2013. “I’m willing to fight until my death,” says Subero.

Vladimir Putin backs Nicolas Maduro with military contractors to Venezuela – Washington Times

Russia is playing a high-stakes game in the mounting crisis in Venezuela, where socialist President Nicolas Maduro has been mortgaging part of the country’s oil resources in exchange for financial and military support from Moscow. Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino recently announced that he was inviting Russian combat pilots who fought in Syria’s civil war to “share their experience” with Venezuela’s air force.

Venezuela military uses tanker and shipping container to block humanitarian aid shipment

Venezuelan military officers blocked a bridge on the border with Colombia ahead of an anticipated humanitarian aid shipment, as opposition leader Juan Guaido stepped up his challenge to President Nicolas Maduro’s authority.

Venezuelan Opposition Plans to Import Aid, in a Slap at Maduro – WSJ

U.S.-backed members of Venezuela’s opposition converged on the Colombian border city of Cúcuta to arrange a new challenge against Venezuela’s autocratic leader, Nicolás Maduro: food shipments that would be transported into the crisis-stricken country in coming days.

Venezuela CRISIS: US spy plane spotted over Colombia amid rumours of Trump-backed coup | World | News |

A US spy plane has been spotted flying secret missions near the Venezuelan border, fuelling suspicions that it is gathering intelligence for an imminent US-led regime change in the crisis-ridden country. The US spy plane is an EO-5C reconnaissance aircraft and was spotted by flight-tracking groups on Thursday. The plane appeared to be busy flying missions over the border area between Colombia and Venezuela. The latest developments come shortly after the photo of US National Security Adviser John Bolton holding a yellow notepad with the words “5,000 troops to Colombia” on it. The note was spotted during a press conference about new sanctions against Venezuela.

Airborne Reconnaissance Low (ARL) – USAASC

US Has ‘Overplayed Their Hand’ in Venezuela, Can’t Pull Off a Color Revolution – Sputnik International

With international forces in support of self-proclaimed Interim President of Venezuela Juan Guaido delivering ultimatums to the Venezuelan government and making plans to force the situation toward either coup d’etat or civil war, one question being debated is whether they really can force regime change.

We should make invasion price ‘too much’ for US – Maduro — RT World News

Caracas trains troops to protect the “sacred homeland” and to ensure that the US pays “entirely too much” for invasion, Nicolas Maduro told RT. Yet, he believes, diplomacy should prevail over threats in the 21st century.

‘Stop Trump’s insane actions!’ Venezuela’s Maduro talks to RT about avoiding war — RT World News

At a time when the eyes of the world are closely watching his country, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has given an exclusive interview to RT Spanish, speaking about the threats of war and of foul play in politics.

Venezuela seizes ‘US weapons shipment’ as Trump vows to support ‘noble quest for freedom’ — RT World News

Donald Trump has expressed full support for the Venezuelan opposition to oust President Nicolas Maduro from power, just as the country’s authorities announced they’d seized a cache of weapons, allegedly delivered from the US.

Guaido Says Snap Parliamentary Elections to Drive Maduro to ‘Political Suicide’ – Sputnik International

BUENOS AIRES (Sputnik) – Holding snap parliamentary elections, which Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has supported, would result in a “political suicide” for the president, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido said on Wednesday.

Journalist: US Would Be Willing to Move Ahead with Military Action in Venezuela – Sputnik International

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has refused to bow down to EU pressure and hold national elections. Sputnik spoke about ongoing developments with journalist Nick MacWilliam.

Dissecting the jingoistic media coverage of the Venezuela crisis — RT Op-ed

If you’ve been following Western media coverage of Venezuela’s crisis, you’ll know that a brutal dictator, whose socialist policies have ravaged the country, is clinging to power with an iron grip, as his people beg him to leave.

Western Media Only Reporting the US Narrative on Venezuela – Ambassador – Sputnik International

Augusto Montiel, the Venezuelan ambassador to India, while addressing media in New Delhi said that no article of the constitution allows anyone to declare themselves president of the country without being democratically elected by the population.

Russian Senator: U.S. Has No Right to “Determine” Venezuelan Leader, but OK if Russia Does It

The U.S. is just one of many countries and international organizations which recognize the interim presidency of Venezuelan opposition politician Juan Guaido. Many of these countries didn’t recogni…

Venezuela Regime Change: Better Late Than Never

Europe and Washington insist Venezuelan leader Maduro step down, but some complain Western action has been late in coming

Negotiations With Venezuela’s Maduro? Just Say No – Bloomberg

The only thing worth discussing with Venezuela’s corrupt leader is how and when he leaves office.

Opinion | Venezuela’s Crisis Spreads Beyond Its Borders – The New York Times

The citizens of Venezuela have become pawns in a global power game. They need a peaceful and rapid resolution to the crisis.

Why did China stand by Maduro in Venezuela? – The Washington Post

Beijing may have miscalculated the political and economic risks.

Why China wouldn’t stop the US military in Venezuela

Would China obstruct the U.S. from using military force in Venezuela? No.

Venezuela’s Maduro: How long can an isolated strongman last? – The Washington Post

Regime change doesn’t always happen overnight.

Maduro Wrecked Venezuela’s Oil Industry – WSJ

The dictator destroyed a world energy powerhouse. U.S. sanctions will squeeze production even further.

Is Venezuela headed towards civil war? – BBC Newsnight – YouTube

BBC Newsnight Published on Feb 4, 2019 Pressure is intensifying on President Nicolas Maduro. Subscribe to our channel here:

‘All of these pieces are lining up for something terrible’ in Venezuela [Video]

After declaring the Maduro presidency illegitimate, Juan Guaidó, the 35-year old opposition leader of the National Assembly, appointed himself the country’s interim president.The U.S., Canada, and a bloc of regional countries dubbed ‘The Lima Group’ swiftly supported his claim. Since Guaido’s unprecedented move, there are daily reports of death, arrests, and protests, as thousands of Venezuelans march on the streets in an intensifying fight with the police.

Venezuela: Juan Guaido will open up oil deals to foreign private companies, opposition leader’s US envoy says | The Independent

Venezuela’s government-in-waiting will allow foreign private oil companies a greater stake in joint ventures with its state-owned oil giant, Juan Guaido’s envoy to the US has said.

What Is At Stake for Russia in Venezuela? – YouTube

VOA News Published on Feb 5, 2019 In a dramatic turn of events over the past few weeks, the White House has shown it has run out of patience with Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro, recognizing opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country’s legitimate leader and pressing Maduro to step down. The Trump administration imposed sanctions against the state oil company, PDVSA, and even suggested it might consider a military option to resolve what has been described as a humanitarian catastrophe. Igor Tsikhanenka reports. Originally published at –

Guaido’s U.S. Envoy Vows to Open Oil Deals, Restructure Debt – Bloomberg

Venezuela’s government-in-waiting intends to scrap requirements that state-owned oil giant PDVSA keep a controlling stake in joint ventures as it seeks to revive the oil sector and encourage private investment, National Assembly leader Juan Guaido’s representative to the U.S. said.

What caused hyperinflation in Venezuela: a rare blend of public ineptitude and private enterprise

Venezuela’s political crisis is rooted in its unfolding economic disaster. It takes a special blend of public and private behaviour to create rampant hyperinflation.

Trump team threatens to wreck bipartisan consensus on Venezuela | TheHill

It would be a shame if divisions in the United States undermined our support for Venezuela’s courageous people.

Report: Venezuelan President Guaidó Visited Washington in December

Venezuela’s interim President Juan Guaidó visited Washington, DC, to meet senior Trump administration officials in December.

President’s Representative to Parliament calls Maduro “Kremlin’s protege” –

Nicolás Maduro, the President of Venezuela, is “Kremlin’s protege”, as Iryna Lutsenko, President’s Representative to the Parliament, Ukrainian MP from Petro Poroshenko Bloc “Solidarity” delivering a speech before colleagues on February 5. 112 Ukraine broadcasted the morning session of the Verkhovna Rada.

Labour split over Venezuela as Bank freezes Maduro’s gold | News | The Times

Emily Thornberry is to distance herself from Jeremy Corbyn over his failure to condemn President Maduro of Venezuela’s regime. In a speech to be given today, the shadow foreign secretary will pledge not to indulge human rights abuses by governments claiming to be socialist. Britain, France and Spain

Video: The times that Corbyn and his allies praised socialist Venezuela

A &ldquo;friend of Venezuela&rdquo;.

Thornberry: Labour will not tolerate abuses by ‘socialist’ regimes | Politics | The Guardian

Shadow foreign secretary will make clear rebuke to record of Venezuela’s Nicolás Maduro