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New Russian Deception And Distraction Devices To Be Installed On Warships

Deception, distraction, and blinding an enemy are laudable goals and the Russian navy is installing electro-optical devices which can dazzle, deceive, and blind an enemy through something called “optical noise” or a dazzler, which may be related to “infrasound”. Many could be low-frequency vibration generators.  Alternatively, they could be ultra strong generators of light, intended to overpower visual and optical receivers,

Its effectiveness is an unknown, as many weapon systems are not sight-guided or have multi-spectral or redundant imaging systems.

More information on the system generators, Grach, here

Also, consider the effects on humans, The Effects of Low-Frequency Noise and Vibration on People.  Russia studied the effects of low-frequency effects for decades.

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Russian warships to receive system for creating optical hallucinations

Russian surface warships would be equipped with new visual optical interference station, called the Filin (eagle-owl), to confuse the enemy with visual “hallucinations”.

The new Filin visual optical interference stations “blind” enemy troops and optoelectronic devices, such as night vision equipment, binocular glasses, and laser ranging devices with bright flares of light and created visual hallucinations to lend its troops a tactical advantage.

The technology is said to be similar to a strobe effect that results in immobilization to those within the beam, according to

Low-frequency fluctuations of light cause temporary disorders of the organs of vision due to excitation of the optic nerves.

Human effects testing of the new visual optical interference stations took place last years, these showed promising results.

The device developed by the Integral plant was tested on volunteers who were supposed to carry out shooting from small arms at targets. During the tests with Filin, they said that “the target is not visible.”

“20 percent noted the hallucinogenic effect, described as” a spot of light floats before eyes, “and 45 percent complained of dizziness, nausea, signs of disorientation,” said in a report.

The device is able to suppress visual-optical and electro-optical surveillance and targets enemy monitoring devices with a high-intensity radial light, “dazzling” the enemy.  This ensures the protection of ships and personnel as they perform tasks at sea or in a coastal zone.

In fact, it is a powerful non-lethal weapon, which allows ships to perform serious offensive and defensive tasks.

Test of new station at a distance of 1.5 km.

The stations were installed on the frigates “Admiral Gorshkov” and “Admiral Kasatonov”, which is currently undergoing factory testing. Two more ships of project 22350 will be equipped with the same equipment, they are already being built at the Severnaya Verf plant.


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  1. Doesn’t this sound a little too much like something you would see in a WB Wile E. Coyote cartoon? After he deploys the Russian-made Acme device, all the road runner does is stand behind a mirror and the rays just bounce back – frying his poor wittle bwain…

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