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CZ: For the deletion of the social network contribution up to three years in prison and a fine, Klaus et al

In one of the more ridiculous and offensive proposals for a law, we have this from the Czech Republic.  

As was noted to me: 

This fella seems to be gravely concerned about deleted posts on social media and wants to defend freedom of speech and expression by jail term and fines for those who delete junk posts.

Junk posts. Spam. As is typical of Russian troll postings and trolls in general. 

Dear Mr. Vaclav Klaus, Jr.  Your proposed bill is vacuous and stupid. Forums of all types have rules of conduct. Violate those rules and you upset the delicate balance between differing perspectives, civilized discussions, and pleasant interactions, followed by learning, understanding, and progress. Furthermore, your bill would mean troll-like behavior, as in flooding a comment section, would be allowed.  If by the introduction of this bill, you seriously are condoning such behavior, we will gladly remind voters of your extremist and unpalatable behavior next election.  Go pound sand, cretin. 

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JANUARY 26, 2019

Prague A group of MPs headed by Vaclav Klaus Jr (ODS) wants to punish restrictions on freedom of speech on public social networks. The deletion of users’ contributions to operators or administrators of these Internet platforms would have threatened, according to the proposed amendment to the Penal Code, for up to three years in prison, a ban on activity or a fine. The draft was signed by three dozen MPs from the ODS, ANO, SPD, CSSD, KSČM, KDU-ČSL and STAN.

A new offense, known as violation of freedom of expression, would apply to social networks with over 100,000 users. Criminal would, according to the proposal, be an unjustified removal or otherwise disallowing a contribution on issues of public interest that would not be contrary to criminal law, international treaties or good morals. At the same time, the interference would have to be driven by the intention of making it difficult or frustrated for a free public debate.

Less serious cases of violation of freedom of speech, including negligence, would be an offense. Individuals running social networks would face up to a half-million-dollar fine, entrepreneurs and businesses up to fifty million dollars.

Social network operators, according to the submitters, have in place internal rules on the admissibility of the content of contributions, which often go beyond legal restrictions on freedom of expression. Deleting posts or blocking users is in violation of the Charter of Fundamental Rights in such cases, the authors say. The introduction of a new offense and offense should prevent it, but social network operators “arbitrarily or preventively” limit opinions and information that do not go beyond legal guardianships.

The draft will first be considered by the government. The lawmakers will decide on it.

According to Klaus ml. the internet gets too under control

Klaus announced the preparation of the document last summer. “Freedom of speech is one of the foundations of our civilization. People have the right to communicate their opinions, clever and stupid, inspiring and provocative. The border is very thin, “said Klaus. Free Internet is an important part of the freedom of speech when it clashes with the traditional media monopoly.

Recently, according to Klaus, there is pressure to get the internet under control. “A lot of people are blocked for absolutely innocent opinions, or simply opinions stemming from their thinking,” he says. He declined the arguments that social networks operate by private companies that can set the conditions they want.


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