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Korotchenko Says Russia Should Grab The US By The ***** And Squeeze

This statement was made on Russian television station Rossiya 1 – state-owned, state-sponsored, and most assuredly state-controlled.

Notice, the most incendiary statements don’t come from the Russian top-tier players like Putin, Lavrov, Peskov and Maria Zakharova.  The honor of speaking out of line seems to rotate between the Duma and other Ministries.

Allow me to translate what Korotchenko was actually saying. Korotchenko is saying that Russia should grab the US by the “c*ck and b*lls” and squeeze.  Do I detect a little hostility?  Also, I’m just wondering out loud, but isn’t that gay?

According to Russia-watcher Julia Davis,

‘s state TV: Igor Korotchenko, Russian Defense Ministry’s Public Council member, editor-in-chief of ‘National Defense’ magazine, says that Russia “should grab the U.S. by a certain spot and squeeze it tightly, so they understand we will rip it off if they make any moves.”

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