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Russian drone “Granath-2” captured in the zone of military action in Ukraine. Facts about their use it in Donbas

In the area of ​​the CAB (Operation of the United Force) Ukrainian military captured the Russian drone “Granath-2”. This is far from being the first time that this type of Russian drone was detected in Donbass and it demonstrates that Russia has not given up its aggressive plans and continues to lead the hybrid troops and to sponsor their actions in the conflict zone in eastern Ukraine.

The InformNapalm International Intelligence Intelligence Agency has received several photos of the captured drone, which may be of interest to specialists.

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Drona “Garnet-2” already in  the database with evidence  of  InformNapalm with samples used in the Donbass Russian arms.

It is also known exactly where the operators are trained. InformNapalm volunteers found geological evidence on the territory of the Kuzminsky polygon in the Miasniky district of Rostov region, where, in December 2014 the MoD of the Russian Federation conducted the training of the terrorists and taught them to run the “Granate-2” for the war in the Donbass.

Among the evidence gathered by InformNapalm, there is a video of the terrorists, on which Russian mercenaries carry out intelligence on the positions of the Ukrainian soldiers with the help of a “Granath-2” droning gear, and the coordinates of the objects are immediately transmitted to a Panasonic laptop, which enters the equipment of the complex.


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