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I just couldn’t do it: “Russian Protestors Suggest Giving Away Crimea”.

My humorous dilemma.

RFE/RL published a great article: Russians Holding Protests Against Possible Kurile Handover

In it there is a quote from a protestor: “Today we give away the Kuriles, tomorrow we give away Crimea“.

Words mean things. Yes, they do. “Tomorrow we give away Crimea” can easily be taken out of context, used, and abused.  I think back to all the Russian hit-pieces published about me through the years, ALL taking bits of phrases I’ve typed way out of context.

If I had headlined a blog piece, “Russian Protestors Suggest Giving Away Crimea”, somebody in Russia would become apoplectic.  Apeshit.  Irate.  Angry as spit.  While humorous, it’s unethical and immoral and certainly not up to journalistic standards. But it certainly was tempting.

I couldn’t do it.  You see I’m not evil, without a soul, like many pro-Russian writers through the years.  You know who you are and I look forward to your punishment.

But this, this is for my readers, you deserve some humor.

This is actually so humorous to me I had to share this with you…


3 thoughts on “I just couldn’t do it: “Russian Protestors Suggest Giving Away Crimea”.

  1. Mr Joel Harding. In my native language the word hårding (prenounced hording) means ”tough guy”. It applies to your persona!

    But if you believe in the true God you should think twice about making statements about looking forward to hearing your adversaries screaming when they, however likely, burn in hell. I love you as a brother and it is my plight to warn you for the Lord is the only avenger. I know what you are going through because I have been there many times myself. I hope that you heed this warning and I hope that you will do the same for me if it is nessecary.

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