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Soviet Economic Gaslighting of Latvia and the Baltic State

The NATO STRATCOM COE in Riga, Latvia published a very enlightening report in the spring of 2018, I only stumbled across it today.

Gatis Krūmiņš is the author of “Soviet Economic Gaslighting of Latvia and the Baltic State“.

I read through the whole thing and I was amazed. The Soviet Union not only consistently lied to the citizens of Latvia, but they also used and abused them badly.

One of the things I have complained about in recent years is Russian historical revisionism.  This is also well documented as occurring in Latvia by the Soviets.

Only 29 pages long (it starts on page 49), and every page is full of facts.



2 thoughts on “Soviet Economic Gaslighting of Latvia and the Baltic State

  1. Very interresting piece in the link about the Baltic states. Every Russian troll should read it and then come back if they can. I suspect it is a too hot potato for them to touch. Kremlin rather set the agenda themselves than do comebacks.

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