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Connection Established Between Russian Donbas Fighter And Paris Yellow-Vests

The Kyiv-Post is saying there is a definite connection between Victor Lenta, Russian fighters in Donbas, and the head of security for the Yellow Vest protestors in Paris.

The Kyiv Post article continues, establishing a strong connection between Russian efforts to unduly influence France, resulting in a now official investigation by French officials into Russian activities in France.

The main character who has been publicly identified is Victor Alfonso Lenta. He is a definite connection between the pro-Russian fighters in Donbas and the Yellow-Vests in Paris.

A former French Paratrooper involved in security for the #YellowVests#giletsJaunes protests also fought for Russia’s invasion forces in eastern #Ukraine. Victor Lenta, identified by his beret & pimple on his nose, in Paris & Russian occupied Ukraine. Reported as having fought with Russian forces for 16 months from 2014.

Incidentally, it’s not a pimple on his nose, it’s a mole, a birthmark.

His eyebrows do not match, but his ears are a match. I see why the Huffington Post, France, decided to drop the pictures from their article.

According to Huffington Post, France,

“Several netizens have told us that the yellow jacket that stands as Anthony is actually called Victor Lenta. He is a former paratrooper of the 3rd RPIMa De Carcassonne, well established in the identity movement in the Toulouse area and implicated in several assaults. In 2014, La Dépêche had given him a portrait while fighting in a pro-Putin militia in the Ukrainian Donbass region. He had spent sixteen months there. We decided to no longer illustrate our article with his portrait and seek to confirm if it is indeed him.”

Dropping “Victor Lenta” into Google Image Search reveals multiple nicknames, such as Victor Slow, Victor Jara, and Victor Alfonso, with locations such as Ukraine, Belgrade, and dozens of pictures of him.

Here’s another, where he is still in the 3e RPIMa de Carcassone (3rd Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment), based at 11000 Carcassonne, France in 2014. 

This makes Victor Lenta very much a soldier of fortune, a mercenary.

Someone still needs to make a definitive connection between Victor Lenta and the French Paratrooper in the Yellow Vest protests.


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