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Russian Justice Ministry Calls For ‘Brave’ Crimean Lawyer’s Expulsion From Bar Association

Crimean lawyer Emil Kurbedinov attends the press conference of defenders of the 24 Ukrainian sailors in Russian captivity in Kyiv last month.

Russia’s rule in Crimea is absolute. 

Russia is making that clear.  

Emil Kurbedinov was defending one of the Ukrainian sailors being held hostage now in Moscow.  Russia imprisoned him for five days in December. 

Now Russia is pushing for his disbarment, over a Facebook posting from 2013, before the Russian invasion and illegal annexation of Crimea.  Russia is charging him with alleged involvement in “extremist activities”, said Human Rights Watch.  

Russia is seeking to maintain absolute power over this ‘brave’ human rights lawyer through intimidation and threats. 

Kurbedinov has called the accusation against him “absurd” and “pressure” on him.

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