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Ukraine Actively Fighting Russian Propaganda – Inside Ukraine, At Borders, And Elsewhere

In this report, Ukraine blocked entry into Ukraine by 150 Russians, of which 83 were designated “Russian propagandists”.

Here, Belarus citizen Pavlo Karnazytsky, is blocked from entry into Ukraine for carrying Russian propaganda.

How would one identify a “Russian propagandist”?

  • Identify Russian propaganda material on their person
  • Identify Russian propaganda material in their baggage
  • Counterintelligence previously identified “Russian propagandist” in Ukraine, Russia, and elsewhere
    • This intelligence should be shared with allies
  • Intelligence identifies Russian propagandists
    • This intelligence should be shared with allies
  • Signals Intelligence identifies Russian propaganda transmission
  • Ukraine “print shops” identify and report Russian propaganda

A few obvious takeaways if one wants to actively counter Russian propaganda, disinformation, or fake news

  • Ukraine has identified Russian propaganda as a national security threat and is actively working to destroy that capability
  • Ukraine has an educational program on how to identify Russian propaganda
  • Ukraine counterintelligence has identified and is monitoring pro-Russians, supporters, and sympathizers
  • Ukraine has identified assets inside Ukraine that Russia needs to receive, produce, and disseminate Russian propaganda and is actively monitoring them
  • Ukraine has access to Russian electronic transmissions and can decrypt secure transmissions
  • Ukraine has collection assets inside Russia
  • Ukraine has infiltrated the Russian information warfare program
  • Both Ukraine Intelligence and Counterintelligence has a database shared with ingress security points, which can verify or identify and arrest Russian intelligence agents and confiscate propaganda material