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Militants shell city in Donetsk region and claims it was Ukraine

This has been an ongoing tactic in Donbas by the Russian militants.  

Shell an innocent dwelling in an occupied city and then claim Ukraine shelled the city. This is supposed to infuriate the victims against Ukraine. The direction of fire, however, is from Russia.

You would think after five years this tactic would change, it does not work.

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Looking closer at the distance, tactical and technical features of weapons and the deployment positions, it becomes clear that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are not involved in the shelling

17:07, 4 January 2019

On January 2, OSCE SMM in Donetsk region observed the consequences of the shelling in the residential sector of occupied city Dokuchaievsk in the south-west from Donetsk. The militants conducted the shelling and accused Ukraine of it, reports the Ukrainian side of Joint Control and Cooperation Center on the Facebook page of the Joint Forces Operation. 

‘The Ukrainian side of the Joint Control and Cooperation Center reports on fake shelling performed by the Russian armed formations at the settlements along the boundary line, in order to discredit the Joint Forces units. Active hostilities of the Russian occupation forces are threatening the lives of civilians and damage the civil infrastructure of Donbas,’ reads the message.  

According to the assessment of the OSCE SMM, all three damages in the south-west, the windows of the apartments on the second level of the residential building on 98, Lenin Street, have allegedly occurred as a result of shells hit. 

As we reported, the General Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine claimed that Russia plans to blame Ukraine for preparation of terrorist acts in the east of the country and Crimea.


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