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Germany Suffering Information War, Doxing, Not Hacker Attacks

Germany is aflame in a huge information disclosure, the release of contact information for a huge part of Germany, including Angela Merkel.

But journalists do not appear to be savvy and are calling it a hacker attack.

Okay, girls and boys, today’s lesson is on what happened a long time ago, long before this information was released.

Months and months ago, exploits in Microsoft Office products, mostly Outlook, allowed hackers entry into personal accounts. The reporting is unclear, but it appears as if the information was copied until at least October 2018.  That was still not a “hacker attack”, it was hackers snooping and pooping and stealing all the private information they could. Then they sat back and analyzed what they had. Now they are doxing a bunch of politicians, releasing their contact information.

The information was released one week ago, by a tweet on Twitter, but reporters did not realize its implications until Thursday evening, 3 January 2019.

Affected are, inter alia, the parliamentary groups of CDU / CSU, SPD, Greens, Left and FDP. Datasets of the AfD have not yet been published. In addition there are data from the party headquarters, the EU parliament, the state and district associations of CDU, CSU, SPD, Greens, Left and FDP. The affected parties were informed on Thursday.

The Bild article goes on to say Angela Merkel and a large number of other politicians were affected

Then, strangely, Bild reported that 33 reporters were affected.

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