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Russia Officially Declares Almost 70,000 Military Served In Syria

Russia officially declared that almost 20,000 soldiers and sailors served at any one time in Syria. 

Those numbers are far greater than the Russian Ministry of Defense ever implied. 

Notice, however, the lack of official numbers for those killed with the Russian ranks, nor the amount of Russian equipment lost.

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01/03/2019 11:09
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Disclosed data on the number of military personnel participating in the hostilities in Syria of the Russian Federation

During the special operation of the Russian Ministry of Defense in Syria, about 70 thousand Russian servicemen took part in it. Such data are voiced in the military.

The Defense Ministry noted that the commanders of all military districts, combined arms and air and air defense armies, as well as all division commanders and practically all (96 percent) commanders of combined arms brigades and regiments, visited Syria along with their staffs. At the same time, according to the military department, 87 percent of the crews of operational tactical aviation, 91 percent of army aviation crews, 97 percent of military transport aviation crews, and 60 percent of strategic long-range aviation crews gained “Syrian” experience.

During the period of the special operation in Syria, more than 87 thousand militants were liquidated, including 830 ringleaders of gangs and over 4.5 thousand militants – people from the CIS countries. Almost 1 thousand field camps of militants, about 10 thousand ammunition depots and fuel and lubricants, 650 tanks and more than 700 infantry fighting vehicles were liquidated.

Speaking about the results of the special operation, the Ministry of Defense reminds that by the time it began in 2015, 92 percent of the territory of Syria was controlled by terrorists. Currently, 96.5 percent of the country’s territory is under the control of government troops and militia units.

The return of Syrian refugees to their former places of residence continues. With the assistance of the Russian Center for Reconciliation of the warring parties, the work of ten checkpoints was ensured. As of December 31, 2018, 213,808 people have already returned.

During the same time, 30,956 residential buildings, 718 educational and 126 medical institutions were restored. 957 km of roads repaired.

Recall the official date of the military operation of the Russian military against terrorists in Syria is September 30, 2015. Last year, the withdrawal of the main group of troops from Syria was completed. Technique and armament, which are not part of the Russian bases in Khmeimim and Tartus, were brought to the territory of Russia.

The size of the group is reduced and brought to the established state, which is enough to complete the tasks.

Currently, Syria has an air base at the Hmeimim airfield and a Navy logistics center in Tartus. On the basis of Hamim, a center for reconciliation of the warring parties is deployed and operates. Also in the country remained working military advisers, units of the Special Operations Forces and military police. Flights of the Russian aviation in Syria are reduced to 2-4 sorties a week, mainly for supplementary exploration.

At the same time, a Russian squadron operates on a permanent basis in the Mediterranean, including warships and support vessels. In 2018, the Navy held for the first time a large naval exercise in the eastern Mediterranean.

The grouping of 28 warships and ships, as well as 36 aircraft of naval aviation showed the ability to effectively perform the tasks.


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