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Russian Sanctions And Bans On Ukraine Products Juvenile

Russia has broadened their ban on products from Ukraine because of “unfriendly acts by Ukraine.” The vague “unfriendly acts” are not defined.

Now banned: Ukrainian chocolate, beer, nappies, wheat, sunflower oil, bread, jam, and wine 

This, despite the fact that Russia:

  • Illegally invaded and annexed Crimea
  • Illegally invaded and is supporting ongoing terrorist activities in Ukraine’s Donbas
  • Russia seized three Ukrainian vessels in the Black Sea
  • Russia is holding 24 sailors hostage in Moscow
  • Russia shot down MH-17, killing 298
  • Has surrounded Ukraine with thousands of tanks for an apparent invasion
  • Has saturated the media with propaganda, disinformation, fake news, and misinformation
  • Openly insults Ukraine in diplomatic channels and the media
  • Repeated Russian artillery bombardments into Ukraine from inside Russia
  • Repeated cyber attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure, including the NotPetya cyberattack
  • Has denied responsibility for many assassinations inside Ukraine and elsewhere
  • Has not acknowledged responsibility for any of the above actions, Russia is ‘the victim’

Ukraine has recently acted defensively by, 

  • Highlighting a Russian attempt to drop chemical weapons on innocent civilians in Donbas and create a false ‘provocation’ as a Gleiwitz incident.
  • Temporarily declaring Martial Law and allowed it to lapse
  • Barring Russian potential soldiers and intelligence agents from entering Ukraine
  • Building up defenses along contacts lines with Russian proxies
  • Blocked Russian online propaganda and social media sites inside Ukraine
  • Shoring up cyber defenses from constant Russian cyber attacks

Also a factor, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU) recently broke away from the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC), which emasculates Russia.

The barbed statement and the ban are relatively juvenile attempts to punish Ukraine for not surrendering, for breaking the OCU away from the ROC, and for building up an effective defensive military force. Russia has invaded two sovereign states and is encroaching on others, yet, somehow Ukraine is accused of “unfriendly acts”. 

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Russia widens ban on Ukrainian products due to ‘unfriendly acts by Kiev’


Russia has banned chocolate, beer, and nappies made in Ukraine, in its latest economic sanctions on Kiev.

Ukrainian wheat, sunflower oil, bread, jam, and wine were also barred, the Russian government announced on Saturday.

Moscow said the latest sanctions on the imported products had been imposed due to “unfriendly acts by Ukraine.”

“Ukraine periodically imposes sanctions against both Russian individuals and legal entities, and for specific Russian goods,” a Russian government statement said.

“Since the introduction of measures to ban imports from Russia of certain types of agricultural products, the Ukrainian sanctions list has been expanded to 18 types of products,” it added.

Russia-Ukraine relations deteriorated after the 2014 toppling of pro-Russian leader Viktor Yanukovych.

Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula from Ukraine between February and March 2014, which led to accusations of war crimes from Kiev.

More recently, in November, Moscow fired on and seized three Ukrainian gunboats in a naval clash in the Sea of Azov.

The European Union described the move as “a gross violation of international law and of the territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

Some 75 Ukranian companies and 567 individuals have been targetted by Russian economic sanctions, including about 250 people and businesses added on Tuesday.

Russia’s Economy Ministry said that the value of Ukrainian goods included in the updated ban was estimated at around $510 million in 2018.

Kiev has also put measures in place against Russia such as the blocking of Russian internet services and social media.

On 30 November, Ukraine banned the entry of Russian men aged 16-60 to prevent the forming of “private armies” on Ukranian soil.

Kiev filed a complaint with the World Trade Organisation in a challenge to Russian sanctions on its goods.


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