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Ukraine Officially Warns Of Impending Russian CW Attack in Donbas

Russian government officials and the Russian media have been predicting a Chemical Weapons (CW) attack by Ukraine in the Russian occupied Donbas for several weeks.  

Russia is predicting a CW attack in Donbas precisely the same way as CW attacks were launched in Syria. Coincidentally, both CW attacks will also be executed by Russia.  It’s funny how Russia predicts these type events wherever they go, and then, voila, they happen – and Russia is the only constant.  Only in places where Russian armed forces happen to be.  It’s always called a provocation by the Russians and “provokes” Russia into aggressive action. Like Gleiwitz. Russia wants to create a reason to invade Ukraine.

Ukraine has now officially called out Russia, publicly accusing Russia of a pending CW attack on innocent civilians in Russian occupied Donbas and trying to blame it on Ukraine.  Let us hope that despite the Christmas and New Years holidays, the US federal government shutdown, and the winter solstice, that world leaders will be made aware of what Russia is about to do.

In this case, the CW attack against Donbas would be a provocation which would “demand” an armed response by Russia, using the thousands of tanks surrounding Ukraine.  Russia has set the stage already, labeling the Ukraine government nazis and fascists. By Russian logic, Russia’s invasion would ostensibly be to protect everybody from the ‘evil Ukraine government’, which Russia has been openly insulting. 

Since everybody knows what is coming and now Ukraine is officially confirming the Russian intent, this could be an opportunity for a large number of world leaders to call Russia out and persuade them not to kill innocent civilians in Donbas. To Russia the innocent victims in Donbas are just pieces of meat, collateral damage to provide an excuse to invade Ukraine. To Ukraine and the rest of the world, they’re vulnerable innocent civilians.  The West, especially the United States, needs to act without delay.

To preempt or forestall such an attack, it would be wise to very publicly raise this issue to Russia, both diplomatically and in the media, and tell them the use of CW against innocent civilians in Donbas is unacceptable, grotesque, and appalling. Militarily, the only target should be the Russian CW personnel and equipment, inside Donbas or outside, including next to Ukraine inside Russia. Economically the threatened sanctions should be damning. 

If such a CW attack occurs despite the warnings, the penalty to Russia should be crushing and immediate.  The penalties to Russia should be incurred before an attack by Russia can be launched. A special meeting of the UN should be held, and the unprecedented step should be taken to remove Russia from their permanent seat on the Security Council. Sanctions on Russia should be severe and seen as punitive. Russia should be labeled a rogue state and censured. 

We know what Russia intends to do and we know why. Russia should be warned and waved off. If they do not acquiesce, they should be punished most severely.

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Russia is Preparing to Employ Chemical Weapons in the Occupied Territory of Donbas

Source: http://gur.gov.ua/en/content/rosiia-hotuietsia-zastosuvaty-khimichnu-zbroiu-na-okupovanii-terytorii-donbasu.html

December 29, 2018
Russian special services are counting on significant number of victims among civilian population

This was reported during the briefing by a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

According to Vadym Skibitskyi, military intelligence of Ukraine observes a number of intelligence indications that are clearly referred at preparation of sabotage-and-terrorist act with employment of chemically hazardous and poisonous substances that further will be covered by the Russian propagandists as an employment of “chemical weapons” against the inhabitants of the occupied Donbas by the Ukrainian troops.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine established that a group of the Russian specialists in the field of chemical warfare and poisonous substances arrived in the occupied territory of Donbas in the middle of December.

The adversary increased readiness of the Russian occupation troops up to a level to operate amidst chemical contamination. The newest individual protective means for personnel of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the Russian occupation troops were delivered from the Russian Federation in order to test it in combat conditions.

With the aim of creation of favourable public opinion, Moscow has been conducting more than a month a large-scale information campaign on accusing Ukraine of hidden preparation for such actions. The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine states that Russia conducted information operation in a similar fashion on the eve of simulation of chemical attack in Syria on November 24, 2018, in the area of Aleppo town in order to justify further conducting of airstrikes on Syrian opposition forces.

Source: http://gur.gov.ua/en/content/rosiia-hotuietsia-zastosuvaty-khimichnu-zbroiu-na-okupovanii-terytorii-donbasu.html

4 thoughts on “Ukraine Officially Warns Of Impending Russian CW Attack in Donbas

  1. sad and unforgiveable when countries dishonor human lives for political gains or profits.

    On Saturday, December 29, 2018, To Inform is to Influence wrote:

    > Joel Harding posted: “Russian government officials and the Russian media > have been predicting a Chemical Weapons (CW) attack by Ukraine in the > Russian occupied Donbas for several weeks. I have accused Russia of > predicting a CW attack in Donbas precisely the same way as CW” >

  2. This bad Russian behaviour aggrovates me. I am upset down to my bones! I will stand with Ukraine even if everybody else do not. I wish I was younger and that I was an officer. I would have joined the ukrainian forces if I was. But as it is I also as a citizen of a small nation in Russia’s perifery need to be prepared to face the music. And I am over fifty years old. My social situation doesn’t help either as I have an illness – schizophrenia. I apologize to Ukraine for not doing more.

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