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CivMilAir App Poses Possible Security Problem For Secret Service

A friend and colleague, Mark Estabrook, has been warning about this for some time.

A popular UK air tracking app, CivMilAir, showed a call sign of RCH358 for Air Force 1 as they visibly passed over the UK.

As AF1 passed overhead, a picture was taken, confirming it’s identity through the distinctive markings of the VC-25.

The subsequent Twitter chatter caused the Secret Service to indicate there is a problem.

A former Secret Service agent, Jonathan Wackrow, remarked,

“In the age of social media, this highlights a new vulnerability that the Secret Service and military have to be super mindful of in the future,” Wackrow says. “You’re charting new territory with the inclusion of social media from a threat perspective and from an awareness perspective, and future planning is going to address that.”

Social media has already exposed Russian involvement in Ukraine and Syria, now the President of the United States.  Welcome to the tail end of 2018.