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Washington Post, This Is Just Bad Journalism

I got no further than the headline when I realized this article is complete, absolute, and total crap.

There is no accusation there and no lie.

The inference is clear, however.

What Russia did was much like what Trump did, and the inference is that Trump and Russia worked together. If you do not have evidence, you infer, surmise, insinuate, intimate, and/or suggest.

This is not illegal, but this is immoral and unethical. Just like Russian information warfare. But you’re not saying Russian information warfare and Washington Post reporting are both controlled by the same person, are you?

Russian Information Warfare and this article both infer, surmise, and insinuate, does that make the WaPo and Russia in collusion?

Reporters and newspapers are supposed to be fair, objective and professional, this headline is none of those.