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Cyber Security Forces of Ukraine Declare They Are In Combat Mode

Major General Vladimir Rapko

Update 17 December 2018 2027 hours EST.  

Ukraine Cyber Units just completed a defensive exercise and are did really well. 

They now can deal with a DDOS of 6,000 hits per second. 

Thank you to the Ukraine Media Crisis Center for the clarification! 

</end update>

I will admit I can’t fully flesh out this report, mostly due to poor translation from Ukraine to English by Facebook.

I’ve written emails to the Ukraine Media Crisis Center and the Ministry of Defense, still no answer. I have good connections to several people in Ukraine, but the Ministry of Defense page is loading very slowly.

I’ve confirmed the report but what is going on is unclear.

Apparently, Ukraine is being DDOS’d at 6,000 hits per second.  No mention of mitigating services such as CloudFlare. Ukraine is blaming Russia.

I can’t tell from the statement the percentage increase in hits per second. 

Is the DDOS attack the only attack mode in use?  Is the DDOS a cover for a more insidious, quieter attack?  

I can’t tell what “battle mode” is, does it mean they’ve activated more troops, tightened filters, review logs more frequently, decreased the number of open ports, restricted entry from .ru, increased training, what?  In 2008 South Ossetia cut all communications lines running through Russia until they realized that ALL their communications came through Russia. 

Is this a training exercise or real? 

The problem is also that of giving Battle Damage Assessments to Russia. By saying 2 million people are affected, this tells how well Russia is doing in their attack. 

If this report is accurate and Ukraine can trace the attacks back to Russia, this is the first open-source State on State Cyber Attack recorded. …and Russia is the bad boy, once again.  Forever we can blame Russia for cyberwars. “They attacked Ukraine in December 2018”, so this attack might be them, too! Always blame Russia first.

Russia will never learn, it seems.

</end editorial>

Cyber Security Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have switched to battle mode.

On this stressed on December 17 during the briefing for the media chief of troops of the armed forces of Ukraine – chief of Головне upravlínnâ зв’язку ta ínformacíjnih sistem GŠ ZS Ukraí̈ni general major Володимир Rapko.

– in the general system of cybersecurity state of the armed forces of Ukraine occupy one of the leading places. The Appropriate Sub-ready has been nalagodžena by the full vzaêmosumísnístʹ and interaction with the subjects of ensuring security in Ukraine. In the territory of the 10 areas of Ukraine’s law regime of martial state, this cooperation has only been poglibilasʹ. The units of the insignia of Ukraine, responsible for the kíberbezpeku, switched to battle work mode, – told major major Vladimir Rapko.

The main flow of the expertise of the cybersecurity is the kíberoborona of the state, – stressed Major General Vladimir Rapko. In particular, this is the protection of computer-SCM systems of the armed forces of Ukraine from external and internal threats.

Since 2014, locked up intensive increasing the number of kíberatak of different degree of difficulty sent to a violation of the functioning system of management and communication of the insignia of Ukraine. Ready ready made clear algorithms of response to various cases of kíbernetičnih threats or hacking. As a rule, it’s a #Ddos Attack on the system and sharing a malicious software.

For example, one of the security devices has been locked up by Ddos Attack on the website of the ministry of defense of Ukraine – more than 6 thousand [hits] to the site per second.

By its statement the most hacking is happening from the territory of Russia, but can also be used by the third allied of us countries to developing a cyber that is conducting the final identification.