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Canada Will Provide Ukraine Millions Of Dollars To Fight Propaganda

Canada will provide Ukraine with about two and a half million dollars for the fight against Russian propaganda during the elections. These funds will become part of the 24 million package of aid that the Canadians promised earlier.

Ukrinform reports.

“The Russian hybrid war in Ukraine includes the activities of disinformation, designed to influence the outcome of parliamentary and presidential elections. The aim of Russia is to destabilize the Ukrainian state and the dissemination among its citizens doubt the legitimacy of democracy as such”, – reminded in the canadian government.

Canada recalled that the aid package will be allocated to support “the government of Ukraine, civil society and independent media in countering Russian disinformation on the eve of elections in 2019”.

In the canadian foreign Ministry added that it will pay close attention to the inhabitants of the temporarily occupied districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

“Some of it will apply to non-government controlled areas and will be to encourage them to use their democratic right to vote,” – said the foreign Ministry of Canada.


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