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Facebook Down In Much Of The World: Massive outage covers Europe, including Ukraine (Map)

I’ve posted a current (12:15 EST, East Coast US) screen shot of the Facebook Outage page

The UK looks like it’s being hit harder than it is, it seems. When I zoom in on the UK it seems to be much milder and limited to only a few urban areas.  Surprisingly, Moscow appears to be being hit as well. Also surprisingly, the Philipines is being hard hit. No problems in Romania. 

I did not get responses from Ukraine, except for one person using a VPN. Finland appears to be hit hard but a Finnish friend says he’s fine.

When I posted this on Facebook, I got a lot of responses that it is “already finished”. Sorry, my friends, it is most certainly not. 

My connection is slower than usual, here in Washington DC, but, overall, no problems. 

A cybersecurity expert said it could be a bug, it might be transparent to Facebook, or it could be a cyberattack. 

Akamai Graphic. H/t to my Romanian expert.

There is an ongoing cyberattack for the past two days.  

I checked most of the cyberattack current threat graphics, and, as usual, they show attacks FROM all over, TO all over. Nothing useful.

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Facebook down: Massive outage covers Europe, including Ukraine (Map)

People were thrown out of their accounts and unable to log back in.

On Tuesday, Dec 5, the global social network Facebook was down or unreachable for vast numbers of users. Outages were observed in most European countries, according to the Downdetector independent blackout monitoring service. Users complained that they were “thrown out” of their accounts and unable to log back in.

Most complaints come from Western Europe: France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK. Out of those affected, 43% of Facebook users are experiencing issues logging in, with reports on Twitter of users being greeted with a login error screen on the site. Another 45% of users are experiencing a total Facebook blackout, according to UK’s Express. In Ukraine, the most affected areas were in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Kropyvnytskyi.