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“Proof” That’s Not


I really do appreciate Russian humor.

This article is not meant to be humorous but it almost… is. Mostly because the logic is grossly obtuse, the leaps in logic were a comedic tragedy, and the assertions and assumptions were, well, cute. As cute as a pile of #2 but, still, cute.

This blog link was posted by the Head of the Russian Information Spetsnaz, Dr. Igor Panarin.  Dr. Panarin is a good guy. Voltairenet, not so much.

I love it when a Russian holds up a piece of paper and says “PROOF”! I laugh mostly because it is almost never true, and also because it’s usually such a blatant fabrication as to be laughably fake.  In this case, it’s “Confirmation”!

The usual Russian cover story of a Ukrainian provocation is offered. He actually included a link to a article, which also touted more official Russian <expletive deleted>.

The flyby by both American and Israeli aircraft before the incident is supposed to be further proof of foreign involvement. Yes, they flew past – gathering intelligence, that’s what they do. …and yes, Israel has a liaison at NATO.  What’s your point?

The assertion is made that 4 officers and 31 IDF soldiers operated in the Maidan, but the only reference to that is also an article by, Camouflaged Israeli soldiers on Maidan Square. There is *gasp* proof that former IDF soldiers and at least one former IDF officer were in Maidan Square in 2014.

Somehow, the final paragraph says that this whole thing was no longer a Ukraine operation, it was a joint NATO operation.  …because both the US and Israel aircraft flew past prior to the event?  NATO?  That’s actually an original, getting NATO, the US, Israel, and Ukraine to all be a part of the same operation.  That’s a pretty good conspiracy theory, the author checked all the boxes.  I just wouldn’t want to step in it, however, just like in the old Cheech and Chong skit.  Seriously, it’s worth a listen.

The final paragraph also makes the implication that Kurt Volker, the current US Ambassador to Ukraine, is actually working for the CIA now because he worked there for a few years in the 1980s. Dr. Igor Panarin worked in the KGB for many years, perhaps he is still working for them or perhaps for the FSB? Seriously, people, it’s called a career transition.  …and how about Vladimir Putin?

I’m still waiting for “Confirmation”!

</end editorial>

Confirmation of our version of the Kerch incident



The Russian Federation published 3 interrogations of Ukrainian seamen [ 1 ] detained during the incident in the Kerch Strait on November 25, 2018, and a document (see photo) found aboard one of the ships.

According to this document and the statements contained in the interrogation videos of Ukrainian sailors, this incident was planned in coordination with foreign powers. Two officers of the intelligence services of Ukraine were on board to coordinate the operation. It was they who forbade the sailors to respond to the signals of the Russians when the Ukrainian ships penetrated the territorial waters of Russia, which Ukraine considers its own.

Our military officer and expert on military affairs, Valentin Vasilescu, noted that the radio intelligence aircraft of the United States and Israel flew near the area before the incident in order to detect the Russian defense [ 2 ].

Although Israel is still not a member of NATO, it also has a liaison office at NATO headquarters in Brussels. During the Kiev coup in 2014, 4 officers and 31 Israeli soldiers participated in acts of violence on Maidan Square on the side of the party of ex-national socialists “Freedom”, in the framework of the presence of NATO behind the special services.

Apparently, the operation in the Kerch Strait was organized by order of NATO, with the aim of creating a “Russian threat” to justify the admission of Ukraine into the North Atlantic Alliance. The provocation was developed under the supervision of the American ambassador Kurt Volker. This “diplomat” was recruited by the CIA when he was a student at Georgetown University (Washington) [ 3 ]. After working at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Kurt Walker was included in the diplomatic service and became an “adviser” to Richard Holbrock during the war in Yugoslavia. He was an assistant to Victoria Nuland when she was the US Permanent Representative to NATO, and after she left, he took this position. He is currently ambassador to Kiev.

Gregory Grabowski 
Polski blog 

1 ] “The captain of the Ukrainian fleet admitted provocation at the Crimean Bridge “, Pravda.Ru, November 27, 2018.

2 ] “ À qui profite l’incident du détroit de Kertch? “(” Who benefits from the Kerch incident? “), Par Valentin Vasilescu, Traduction Avic, Réseau Voltaire, 29 novembre 2018.

3 ] According to the English version of Wikipedia, Kurt Volker is a graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia and the School of International Relations. L. X. Elliott at George Washington University in Washington.


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