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Who Is Investigating The Backers Of The Migrants?

The migrant “invasion” of the United States’ southern border can easily be categorized as an information operation, using ‘innocent’ human beings from Central America to force an issue and possibly embarrass a US president. There are more articles, videos, and discussions about the migrants in the US media than about a possible imminent war between Russia and Ukraine.

There are a few issues in play.

  • Defense of the US border
    • Lethal force not allowed
    • Non-lethal force used excoriated by the press
    • Soldiers present without weapons
  • Illegal immigration
  • Asylum for refugees
    • Demonstration of refugee status?
    • Sufficient screeners?
  • Housing
  • Feeding
  • Human Rights
  • “Caravan” grew from 200 to, currently, 5,000
  • Propaganda value

This can be viewed as a national security threat.

One thing I have not seen discussed lately is who is behind this “migrant caravan”?

We know that Bartolo Fuentes, a former member of the Honduran Congress, was detained by the Honduran police, after obtaining funding and support for a possible 200 ‘marchers’.  Immigrant Caravan Organizer Held After Trump Threatens Honduras.

What is unknown, however, is who is financing and organizing the migrants marching now, still outside the United States.

I have heard all kinds of rumors, including an American citizen, George Soros. I have read Russia may be involved, using the Syrian refugee crisis for practice. Perhaps someone is trying to embarrass the President like in the Kavanaugh hearing?  Is it just political and the migrants are being used?

Who is investigating?

  • CIA should be investigating for possible foreign backing.
  • FBI if the source is domestic.
  • Media says they are responsible for investigating and exposing the truth behind such affairs, are they currently investigating?

Just throwing this in for argument’s sake, but the armed forces are also supposed to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The backers are probably known to the White House already, but without proof through an investigation, it will be hollow, unprovable, and embarrassing. It would be nice to know the truth about this situation.

If there is an actual investigation, the results would be beyond plasma hot.

If the responsible party is domestic, they could be labeled traitorous.  If the source is foreign, it could be labeled an act of war.


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  1. A very pertinent and timely post. This is a direct form of warfare, both narrative and political. These migrants are soldiers, wittingly or not, and , once again, this is a form of warfare.

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