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FLASH: Russia Attacks Ukrainian Boats, All Disabled and Seized

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This was a blatant act of war by Russia against Ukraine. Putin has been seething at Ukraine, waging a low-level war designed to be a costly irritant to Ukraine. He has invaded Ukraine twice, in Crimea and Donbas, and now he fully intends to, de facto, seize the Sea of Azov for Russia. Now he has fired upon Ukrainian navy vessels. 

Russia deliberately attacked Ukrainian vessel with malice of forethought, planning, and with the intent to cause harm to ships and sailors. They succeeded in both. 

I hate it when I predicted this and get it this right. This is terrible.  

The Twitterverse has gone wild. Here is one example.

Ukraine is demanding action.

US President Trump is most likely painfully aware of the situation. The Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff has probably already met. Still, President Trump will be hard pressed to respond with force. Here is a tweet from my hero of the press during the Crimea invasion. 

Poland has already condemned the action. 

Russia telegraphed their intent yesterday. 

Ukraine is meeting right now, to consider martial law in Ukraine. O. Turchinov: At about 24:00, the NSDC of Ukraine will consider the issue of announcing the legal regime of the martial law

This is, by far, the most egregious, blatant, and provocative action by Russia in recent history. We must respond. 

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Russian propaganda machine having fun bragging about their accomplishment.

Most Western media asleep at the wheel, some even regurgitating Russian propaganda – after four years of war, there is no excuse for Western media indulging the Russians.

This is an act of war by any measure. Ukraine would be morally and legally justified in dropping the bridge and putting KAB-500s into some Russian boats for good measure.

This will not happen as it would feed Russia’s propaganda, give Muscovy an excuse for further escalation,  and bolster Russia’s numerous corrupt proxies in Europe.

Live Updates:

Number of Ukrainian navy men wounded by Russians in Kerch Strait incident grows to six | UNIAN

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Russian coast guards fire on Ukraine’s armored artillery boats near Kerch Strait, one wounded (Video) | UNIAN

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Russian warships fire on Ukrainian Navy boats in the Black Sea – Mirror Online

Ukraine says Russia seized its ships near annexed Crimea after firing on them

Tension escalates after Russia seizes Ukraine naval ships – BBC News

Carl Bildt on Twitter: “Ukraine calls for meeting of the UN Security Council to address the Russian escalation. Clearly a threat to peace and stability.”

WATCH Russian Coast Guard pursuing Ukrainian vessels violating territorial waters — RT World News


3 thoughts on “FLASH: Russia Attacks Ukrainian Boats, All Disabled and Seized

    1. I’m certain every option is being considered.

      One thing I am certain, Russia never attacks an enemy where it is strong, not in 70 years. Ukraine’s weakest defenses are along the Azov Coast. Russia could secure the land bridge to Crimea. It would still be bloody, and Russia could not survive, financially. The Sanctions would be absolute, plus the World Court would rule against Russia when Ukraine filed charges.

      To be practical, Putin will bluff, demanding Ukraine cede Crimea over. Perhaps Donbas, too.

      Putin does not have the balls for war. Russia is not strong, militarily. They don’t need to be. Putin can win through threats.

      Who is going to physically punish him? Not Ukaine. Not the US. Not the EU, and not NATO.

      This isn’t serious enough to form a coalition.

      Russia is like Lingchi. Look it up. Or a neighborhood loudmouth. If three kids or more stood up to him, he’d fold. Putin would claim he’s misunderstood.


    2. Neither Ukraine nor Russia is looking for war. Neither can afford it and neither could win.

      Russia has already lost the war of words but will nevertheless launch a large propaganda war.

      Things can help Ukraine: a huge grant of lethal weapons, such as more Javelins, TOW2s, AH-64 / Hellfire, anti-shipping missiles, surplus naval vessels, and importantly, PAC2/PAC3 SAMs, PGMs and PGAPs for Ukraine’s air force and army, and assistance rapidly integrating the latter on Ukrainian platforms.

      If there can be a way for the UN Security Council to censure Russia, that would be it, but Russia will obviously veto everything.

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