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InfoSpetzNaz Fundraiser

Yup, it’s real.

In the category of “make an organization, then figure out a way to fund it”, we have this.

20 hrs

Помочь нашему проекту Вы можете, перечислив пожертвование на странице Средства будут направлены на издание Публичных Докладов Ассоциации “Информационный Спецназ”. Пока издано два Публичных Доклада в октябре и ноябре 2018 года за личные средства.Третий доклад выйдет в декабре.
Подробнее читайте на сайте Ассоциации:

To help our project you can, by donating a donation to the page the funds will be sent to the edition of the public reports of the association “information swat”. [W]hile the two public reports are issued in October and November 2018 for personal The third report will come out in December.
Read more on the association website:
This is pure comedy.
Publication of the Reports of the Association “InfoSpetsnaz”.  
The problems of informational influence on countries and peoples are in our time an acute problem. Secrets of hybrid wars, ways of conducting battles in the information space – in the regular Reports of the Association “InfoSpetsNaz”. We need your support now more than ever.