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DPRK / PRC / WESTPAC Ad Hoc Update (42)

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Another unusually busy week for China topics, while the DPRK continues gaming Washington on the denuclearization deal.


U.S. Blocks Russian Bid To Ease North Korean Sanctions At UN

The United States has blocked an attempt by Russia to ease UN sanctions on North Korea in what it claimed was an effort to deliver humanitarian aid to the impoverished nation.

Russia seeks to lift bank sanctions on North Korea, – U.S. Ambassador to UN

09.11.18 10:56 – Russia seeks to lift bank sanctions on North Korea, – U.S. Ambassador to UN The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley Thursday said Russia wants to lift banking restrictions on North Korea put in place to try to curb Pyongyang’s nuclear program, but the United States would not let that happen. View news.

U.S. Surprised as Pyongyang Scraps Talks – WSJ

North Korea’s decision to call off high-stakes talks with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo scheduled for Thursday exposes divisions between the two countries over denuclearization and the diplomatic process to try to achieve it.

High-level US-North Korea meeting postponed without reason – CNNPolitics

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s Friday meeting with a key aide to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been postponed, the State Department said, a potential setback in the seemingly stalled talks between Washington and Pyongyang.

North Korea ‘really angry’ at US as tensions rise, sources say – CNNPolitics

North Korea is getting increasingly angry at the US, as talks are deadlocked and tensions between the two countries are on the rise, a source familiar with the discussions told CNN.

Trump’s North Korea diplomacy quietly stalls – The Washington Post

Months after the Trump-Kim summit, the United States and North Korea seem to be drifting apart again.

U.S., North Korea Seeking Second Trump-Kim Summit – WSJ

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet Thursday in New York with a top North Korean official as the two governments work toward a second summit between President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un, the State Department said Monday.

Pompeo not worried by North Korean ‘rhetoric’ ahead of New York talks – POLITICO

“Stray voltage happens to be all around us,“ he says.

North Korea threatens to resume nuclear development if U.S. doesn’t lift sanctions

North Korea has warned it could revive a state policy aimed at strengthening its nuclear arsenal if the United States does not lift economic sanctions against the country.

North Korea Threatens to Resume Nuclear Work Without Sanctions Relief – WSJ

North Korea warned it may revive a policy aimed at strengthening its nuclear arsenal if the U.S. doesn’t lift sanctions, signaling it won’t give up more concessions in nuclear negotiations with the U.S.

North Korea issues nuclear threat ahead of high-level talks with US – CNN

As the United States and North Korea prepare for another round of high-level talks this week, Pyongyang’s increasingly heated rhetoric has analysts worried that the stalemate between the two sides could lead to a breakdown in negotiations.

North Korea warns of return to nuclear policy | North Korea News | Al Jazeera

Pyongyang expresses frustration over the slow progress of the lifting of sanctions while US insists on denuclearisation.

How Kim Jong-un’s first official portrait will bolster cult of personality

Kim Jong-un has elevated himself to parity with North Korea&rsquo;s previous dictators with the unveiling in Pyongyang of the first larger-than-life portrait of the &ldquo;Young General&rdquo; beaming at his subjects.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un gets ‘first official portrait’ – BBC News

After seven years as leader, Mr Kim appears to have moved a step up in North Korea’s personality cult.

U.S., South Korea marines hold small-scale exercise ahead of North Korea talks | Reuters

About 500 United States and South Korean marines began small-scale military drills on Monday, just days before U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is set to hold talks with North Korea on denuclearization and plans for a second summit of their leaders.

South Koreans are working themselves to death. The government hopes to change that – CNN

It takes Park Hyun-suk, a widow who lost her husband to gwarosa — the Korean word for death by overwork — a long time to find a photo of them together.

Pentagon: Mattis to meet with Chinese counterpart this week | TheHill

Defense Secretary

US and China to hold a top-level security dialogue on Friday

It’s the latest sign of a thaw in relations, as China’s vice president said Beijing was willing to talk with Washington to resolve their bitter trade dispute.

How Mattis is trying to keep U.S.-China tensions from boiling over | Reuters

When the United States imposed sanctions on China’s military this fall, China retaliated by canceling Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’ plans to meet his counterpart in Beijing. But just days later, a Chinese general visited the Pentagon with a reassuring message: Beijing valued the importance of military ties between the two countries.

‘A Game of Chicken’: U.S. and China Are Risking a Clash at Sea – The New York Times

A recent near miss underscored the perils in the South China Sea, where the American and Chinese navies are increasingly challenging each other.

Top US Navy officer tells China to behave at sea

Adm. John Richardson wants the People’s Liberation Army Navy to “return to a consistent adherence to the agreed-to code that would again minimize the chance for a miscalculation that could possibly lead to a local incident and potential escalation.”

Chinese warship warned USS Decatur it would ‘suffer consequences’ during near-collision in South China Sea | Fox News

A Chinese destroyer that closed to within 45 yards of a U.S. Navy ship during a September mission in the South China Sea reportedly warned the American vessel it would “suffer consequences” if it didn’t redirect its course.

US Navy has had 18 unsafe or unprofessional encounters with China since 2016 – CNNPolitics

The US Navy has had 18 unsafe and/or unprofessional encounters with Chinese military forces in the Pacific since 2016, according to US military statistics obtained by CNN.

U.S. carrier leads warships in biggest ever Japan defense war game | Reuters

U.S. fighter jets darted over the Western Pacific on Saturday as the nuclear powered USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier joined Japanese destroyers and a Canadian warship for the biggest combat readiness war game ever staged in and around Japan.

With Russian support, China broadcasts export ambitions at air show | Reuters

China paraded industrial and military clout and sent deliberate signals to Western rivals that its aerospace and arms industries aim to catch them up on world markets, while playing down trade tensions at the nation’s largest air show this week.

China Poses the Biggest Threat to the U.S. Elections | The National Interest

What the Chinese are doing is much more sophisticated than what the United States saw in 2016 from the Russians.

China’s Xi calls for global cooperation to create ‘fairer’ internet | Reuters

China’s President Xi Jinping called on Wednesday for greater global cooperation in developing the internet and make it more “fair and equitable”, as Beijing seeks to bolster its global role in shaping the web.

China’s Grand Internet Vision Is Starting to Ring Hollow – Bloomberg

Ever since Chinese President Xi Jinping marked the opening of the first World Internet Conference in 2014, it was meant to usher in a new era of digital openness and project China as a champion of global cyber-governance.

China Launches Global Campaign To Spread Internet Repression, Surveillance Tools – To Inform is to Influence

(Washington Free Beacon) China’s government has carried out a global campaign to disseminate its oppressive internet policies and digital surveillance tools, hosting seminars on cyber censorship with officials from at least three-dozen countries over the past two years, according to a new report.  Freedom House, in its report, warns that Chinese efforts to spread its “digital authoritarianism” pose…

China is Exporting its Cyber Surveillance to African Countries – Defense One

Beijing has trained African officials on its sprawling system of censorship and surveillance.

At U.N., China Defends Mass Detention of Uighur Muslims – The New York Times

The detainees are told they have an “ideological virus” and must be indoctrinated in devotion to the state. Western governments called for the practice to end.

Xinjiang: China’s Muslim camp spending ‘revealed’ – BBC News

Spending on security facility construction rose by 217% in 2017, when many camps are believed to have been built.

Interpol: Rules forbid probe of ex-president’s fate in China | Fox News

Interpol’s secretary general said Thursday that the international police organization’s rules forbid him from probing into the fate of the Chinese government official who served as Interpol president for almost two years before he vanished during a trip to China.

Interpol says no option but to accept China’s removal of its chief | World news | The Guardian

Meng Hongwei, incumbent president of Interpol, was forced to resign after being arrested on trip home to China for allegedly accepting bribes

With new indictment, U.S. launches aggressive campaign to thwart China’s economic attacks – The Washington Post

The actions come as the Trump administration prioritizes countering Chinese threats to national and economic security.

U.S. Indictment Threatens China Business Of Giant Taiwanese Chipmaker UMC

A U.S. grand jury indicted Taiwanese chip giant United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) over a suspected release of trade secrets in China. The case could dent UMC’s longer-term China ambitions.

Justice Department Charges Chinese Firm With Chip Tech Theft | Fortune

A government-controlled Chinese semiconductor firm has been charged by the Justice Department for $9 billion in trade-secret thefts.

China’s tech firms are touting ties to the Communist Party – CNN

From Didi to ByteDance, China’s top tech companies are touting their ties to the ruling Communist Party.

China VP Wang Qishan says Beijing is ready for trade talks with the US

China is ready to have discussions with the United States and work to resolve trade issues as both their economies stand to lose from the confrontation, Vice President Wang Qishan said Tuesday.

Midterm Elections: Voters Sent China Surprising Trade-War Message – Bloomberg

The trade war of 2018 was, in theory, supposed to hurt Republicans in states vulnerable to higher tariffs and Chinese retaliation. The results from Tuesday’s midterm elections suggest that didn’t really happen.

Paulson Sees Risk of China Becoming `Strategic Adversary’ – YouTube

Bloomberg Politics Published on Nov 7, 2018 Nov.07 — Hank Paulson, chairman of the Paulson Institute and former U.S. Treasury Secretary, discusses U.S.-China trade tensions, He talks with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker on “Bloomberg Markets: European Open” from the sidelines of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore.

Trade war: China’s exports are still soaring despite US tariffs – CNN

Chinese exports leaped almost 16% in October even though the United States imposed new tariffs in the trade war between the two countries.

Alibaba’s Ma calls U.S.-China trade war ‘most stupid thing in this world’ | Reuters

The U.S.-China trade war is the “most stupid thing in this world,” Jack Ma, the chief of Asia’s most valuable public company, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd , said on Monday.

Jack Ma on US China Trade War: Jack Ma labels trade war ‘most stupid thing’ as tensions boil | International Business News – Times of India

International Business News: China’s richest person Jack Ma argued: “it was pointless to target goods because China was on its way to becoming a major buyer of foreign products”.

U.S. Trade Deficit With China Hits All-Time High Despite Tariffs | HuffPost Australia

The gap is expected to grow even more despite penalties on billions of dollars of Chinese goods.

Trump’s trade war isn’t the only thing slowing China’s economy | Markets Insider

China’s economy in the third quarter grew at its slowest pace in a decade. But even after the US and China placed hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth o…

Ocean Shock: Warming waters send squid out of reach in land of sushi.

Japan is a country where sushi chefs are treated like rock stars and fishermen are TV heroes. The shortage of its cherished flying squid has shaken the nation.

China’s boulevard to nowhere: The battle for influence in APEC’s Pacific host | Reuters

Workers are putting the finishing touches on a Beijing-funded boulevard designed to showcase Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) capital to visiting world leaders at this month’s Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.

A New Kind of Populism is Threatening Southeast Asia – Defense One

The region’s fast-growing but fragile democracies have been susceptible to strongmen and autocratic-leaning populists in recent years, propelled by …

China Seeks Allies as Trump’s Trade War Mounts. It Won’t Be Easy. – The New York Times

President Xi Jinping kicks off a Shanghai event showing a growing Chinese appetite to buy from the rest of the world. Even critics of the U.S. have doubts.

China President Xi Jinping again talks up commitment to ‘free trade’

Chinese President Xi Jinping took to the global stage to repeat his rhetoric against protectionism and promote his country as an advocate for international openness and cooperation.

United States puts Idaho chipmaker at the center of its fight with China – CNN

Micron, a company in Idaho that makes memory chips, has been locked in bitter trade secrets dispute with a state-backed Chinese rival called Fujian Jinhua. Now it has the US government in its corner.

Chinese chipmaker’s ambitions hit hurdle with US indictment – Channel NewsAsia

HONG KONG/BEIJING: Chinese state-backed semiconductor maker Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co Ltd billed itself as a national leader in the tech …

China’s president vows to lower tariffs, increase imports amid tensions with US | TheHill

Chinese president Xi Jinping vowed to lower tariffs, broaden market access and increase imports on Monday.

How Trump Disrupted Natural-Gas Trade That Could Have Offset The China Trade Deficit

China needs natural gas. The United States has tons of it. But Donald Trump has smothered the potential for trade between the two countries, effectively preserving the trade deficit his trade war was supposed to eliminate.

China Is Beating the US in the Rare-Earths Game – Defense One

It’s time for the administration to use its powers to preserve America’s access to vital defense materials.

CIIE: China puts on a trade show, but the West isn’t buying

Shanghai rolled out the red carpet this week to help President Xi Jinping try to show the world how serious his country is about becoming a major importer.

Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai: Bridge shapes China’s own Silicon Valley

A new crossing 30 years in the making looks to bring together a $1.5 trillion economy.

Managers Caught on Video Whipping Staff and Forcing Them to Drink Urine for Missing Sales Targets

Three managers have been sentenced to jail time for the bizarre discipline regime.

China introduces the world’s first artificial intelligence anchor

America’s Asian Allies Aren’t Ready for a Cold War with China | The National Interest

The China challenge cannot be met by drawing a line in the water and telling all of Asia that “you are either with us or against us.”

Chinese ship greets Japanese ship as ties improve amid Trump trade war – Business Insider

Such greetings are standard, and the Japanese ship wasn’t in waters China has claimed, but the gesture comes as Japanese-Chinese relations improve.

China shuns rivalry in Pacific as Australia says ‘this is our patch’ | Reuters

Beijing and Canberra should be cooperating in the South Pacific and not be cast as strategic rivals, China’s top diplomat said on Thursday, after Australia launched a multi-billion dollar fund to counter China’s rising influence in the region.

Australia ramps up Pacific spending amid China debate – BBC News

A new multi-billion dollar fund is widely seen as an attempt to counter China’s influence.