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EW: China reveals prototype configuration of jam-resistant and counter-stealth quantum radar

7 November 2018

BEIJING – China claims to have revealed a prototype of an advanced quantum radar that is resistant to jamming and may be able to detect stealth aircraft.

The Military & Aerospace Electronics take:

7 Nov. 2018 — The system’s operation is rooted in proven science and could be game-changing, but the Chinese still face significant development challenges in turning it into an operational capability.

The state-owned China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) in Beijing brought a mockup of their counter-stealth quantum radar, which might have also been only a smaller scale model, to the biennial Zhuhai Airshow, which opened its doors on Tuesday, and has military technology on display. CETC says that its 14th Research Institute has been working on the system for years and first tested it in 2015.

The new type of radar “is expected to solve the traditional bottleneck [of] detection of low-observable target detection, survival under electronic warfare conditions, platform load limitations, etc.,” according to a CETC brochure, which a reporter for Aviation Week obtained at Zhuhai. That same journalist attempted to attend a press conference about the system, but was asked to leave after officials informed them it was for Chinese media only.