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ROC Accusations Are “Satanic” Acts, Says Exarch Of Attaleia And Side

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The Exarch of Attaleia and Side, from Antalya, Turkey, wrote the following.

Those who have high ecclesiastical rank are the ones who are responsible, and guilty before God, for trying—through uncanonical acts and threats—to pull you away from the Church and from your priest and Bishop, telling you neither to go to confession nor to receive Holy Communion. Acts such as these give joy only to the Anti-Christ, who fights Christ and His Church. All reasonable people are harmed deeply by such satanic efforts. Source: To the Holy Clergy and Christ-following Faithful of our Holy Metropolis

To be clear, his online letter does not come straight out and accuse Patriarch Kirill or the Russian Orthodox Church of sucking up to the Anti-Christ or acting ‘satanically’. What he does say, in a very circuitous accusation, is that the patriarch from each of the autocephalous members of the Ecumenical Orthodox Church has no say in other ‘churches’.  If Patriarch Kirill or anyone else in the Russian Orthodox Church makes a statement, nobody outside the Russian Orthodox Church needs to worry about what they say, nor should they pay attention.

Unian gives a more simplified explanation of the original letter at Exarch of Attaleia and Side: Russian Orthodox Church’s acts give joy only to Anti-Christ.  It is still highly circuitous, fairly vague, and also avoids direct accusations.

The war of words between the Russian Orthodox Church and individual members of the Ecumenical Orthodox Church is heating up.

I have a feeling that the next statement will be along the line of ‘your cross has rust, ours is clean’.

ps. My apologies for any misuse and possible abuse of names, titles, or religious references.  My intent was for clarity with these very confusing terms. Any perceived misuse or abuse of terms is totally unintentional.

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