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Pro-Kremlin Propagandist Attacks Ukrainian Ambassador in Austria

UK blogger and wanna-be journalist Graham Phillips, is up to his tricks, once again. 

Of late, he has turned from trying to report the news, to trying to make the news – also not successfully.

  • Attacked Ukrainian Ambassador to Austria
  • Last month he defaced the grave of Ukrainian hero Stepan Bandera in Germany.
  • Reported for RT – from occupied East Ukraine
  • Reported for Russia’s military outlet Zvezda – from occupied East Ukraine
  • Awarded medal in the Russian town of Chekhov by the Russian border guard
  • Illegally interviewed Ukrainian POWs in occupied East Ukraine
  • Frequently appears in Russian and other uniforms – unethical for journalists

This one paragraph from StopFake is telling. 

Then the “Tripwire” incident occurred, which made Phillips infamous for falsely claiming that the Ukrainian army had shot at him. Even RT contradicted his claim, retracting and correcting their story. Phillips’ reports progressively devolved into blatant Kremlin propaganda. Soon he was banned from entering Ukraine (for 3-years) in July 2014, claiming to have been penalized “for working for RT“.Once RT had dropped Phillips, he was relegated to providing his video-based propaganda exclusively to Russian language news media outlets, including LifeNews, and the Russian military outlet, Zvezda. (

He has been the subject of numerous exposès, as a Russian stooge and a Russian troll.

There was talk in the UK of revoking his British citizenship. 

Graham Phillips is a disgrace to bloggers and should not be considered a journalist. He all too publicly wears his heart on his sleeve. 

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Graham Phillips, the British reporter known for his pro-Russian stance, approached the embassy and tried to provoke Oleksandr Shcherba into a fight; the police currently look into the provocation
17:23, 6 November 2018

112 Agency

Graham Philips, the pro-Russian propagandist and the reporter working for the pro-Kremlin media went for another provocation. This time, he approached the Ukrainian diplomat trying to drag him into a fight.

Oleksandr Shcherba, the Ukrainian ambassador in Austria reported the attack attempt on him and submitted the report to the local police. The lawmakers look into the incident.

According to Shcherba, ‘a man comes to the foreign embassy, shouting that the ambassador is hiding from him; when the ambassador comes, he attacks him verbally and then pushes him’.

‘The police should be aware of this’, the diplomat concluded.

It appears that on November 5, Phillips approached the building of the Ukrainian embassy in Vienna, carrying a camera with him. When he spotted the Ukrainian ambassador, he cursed him and tried to provoke a fight.

Graham Phillips is well-known as a scandalous journalist of Russia Today and Zvezda TV channels. In June of 2014, Ukraine’s SBU detained him and expelled from the country without a right to come for three years. Later, the journalist returned to the Russian Federation and then he went to Donbas and continued working. He was accused of trying to disrupt hostages exchange in autumn in 2016.



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