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Chinese Intelligence Officers Accused of Stealing Aerospace Secrets

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The scuttlebutt on these topics has been circulating behind closed doors for some time.  There is a bit of rage against the Chinese and many in senior cyber circles are very pleased that pressure is being brought to bear. 

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A minor deluge of reports on Chinese espionage, Chinese penetration of Western higher educational institutions, and the exclusion of Chinese products from critical infrastructure. The claims of hardware manipulation in Supermicro motherboards are being disputed now.

Chinese Intelligence Officers Accused of Stealing Aerospace Secrets – The New York Times

China’s intelligence service has used espionage and computer hackings to steal secrets from American companies to help its own government-run industries, law enforcement officials said.

Chinese spies charged with stealing US aerospace secrets | World | The Times

The United States has charged ten Chinese citizens, including two intelligence officers, for hacking company computers to steal jet engine technology from American and European aerospace companies.The US Department of Justice said that the Chinese Ministry of State Security, through its unit in Jian

Chinese spy arrested in attempt to steal GE Aviation trade secrets – WCPO Cincinnati, OH

We had it before the New York Times did.

China’s Five Steps for Recruiting Spies in the US | WIRED

A series of high-profile cases involving alleged Chinese recruits shows how the country identifies and develops potential spies stateside.

China Is Secretly Enrolling Military Scientists in Western Universities – Defense One

Dozens of scientists and engineers linked to China’s People’s Liberation Army obscured their military connections when applying to study overseas.

Chinese army scientists exploiting Western universities, report says – CNN

A growing number of Chinese military scientists are using their research collaborations with Western universities to take their host country’s expertise back home to improve China’s own technology, a new Australian report claimed Tuesday.

Chinese military secretly placing scientists in U.S. universities: Report – Washington Times

The Chinese government is secretly enrolling the country’s prize military scientists in Western universities to gain expertise in such areas as “hypersonic missiles and navigation technology,” according to a new report.

Chinese Military May Gain From Western University Ties, Report Warns – The New York Times

A new report from Australia says the West is taking risks by collaborating with researchers tied to the Chinese military.

Picking flowers, making honey. | Australian Strategic Policy Institute | ASPI

The Chinese military’s collaboration with foreign universities.

Foreign espionage of Canadian research a risk to ‘national interests,’ CSIS warns – The Globe and Mail

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service said it routinely meets with universities to warn them of risks

China Sought Thousands of French Experts for Work and Espionage via LinkedIn | espionage | spying | France

Le Figaro reported on Oct. 23 that Chinese agents had targeted some 4,000 high-value French experts.

Bloomberg’s “bombshell” (or dud) on Chinese espionage: Even if true, what’s new?

Bloomberg’s report that China infiltrated a major US tech supply chain may or may not be accurate, but it is a vital wake-up call.

Spy chief on Chinese telecoms in Australia 5G rollout

The head of an Australian intelligence agency has addressed the decision to exclude Chinese telecoms firms from the country’s 5G rollout.

Australia spy chief says 5G risks high, in nod to China firms’ exclusion | Reuters

Australia must restrict foreign firms with government ties from its 5G mobile communications network because it is critical infrastructure, the head of one of the country’s intelligence agencies said, helping to explain why China’s Huawei was banned.