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Russia’s Latest Self-Inflicted Embarrassment: Floating Dock Sinks, Damages CV Adm Kuznetsov

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Incredibly, the Sputnik report below says the Kuznetsov was undamaged. A newer Sputnik report claims the dry dock was “submerged”, and towards the bottom of the report it says it sunk.  A collapsing crane did most of the damage, the plating had been removed for maintenance. Apparently, the root cause was a “voltage lag”, perhaps the bilge pumps would not operate properly.

It would be interesting if there is an investigation and the results are published. Corruption, incompetence, lack of professionalism?  Some have even questioned if workers were present.  

Sputnik claims this will not slow down the modernization program at all. The carrier is due out of modernization in 2021.

This is purely a Russian problem. 

UpdateWATCH Footage of Admiral Kuznetsov’s Dry Dock Submerged Sputnik

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No commentary required – this is self-explanatory.

The floating dock administering repairs to Russia’s only aircraft carrier isn’t floating anymore — Meduza

At the 82nd Ship Repair Yard in Murmansk, floating dock PD-50 — one of the largest floating docks in the world — sank. The accident occurred before dawn on October 30, as the “Admiral Kuznetsov” Russian aircraft carrier was exiting the dock. According to the news agency SeverPost, two tower cranes collapsed during the incident, one falling onto the ship.

Dry Dock Sinks at Russian Plant, Aircraft Carrier Avoids Any Damage (VIDEO) – Sputnik International

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Russian Navy’s aircraft-carrying cruiser Admiral Kuznetsov suffered no damage after an incident at the 82nd shipbuilding plant in Murmansk, the plant’s spokesperson told Sputnik on Tuesday.

Massive Floating Dock Sinks, Damaging Russia’s Only Aircraft Carrier

One of the largest floating docks in the world sank on Monday night while conducting maintenance work on the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier near Murmansk, damaging the ship and leading to at least four injuries. The Admiral Kuznetsov, which is Russia’s only aircraft carrier, was built and launched by the Soviet Union in 1985. It has been undergoing repairs this year at a shipyard near Russia’s port city of Murmansk following combat operations in Syria, where it was blighted by problems and lost two aircraft due to malfunctions with the carrier’s arresting gear.

Biggest Russian Navy floating dock sank, aircraft carrier damaged Update – Maritime Bulletin

0700 UTC Update: Officials confirmed air carrier was damaged when floating dock started to sink – one of two collapsed cranes fell on air carrier deck. Ship’s underwater hull probably is damaged, too – underwater survey to be carried out asap. One of the biggest floating docks in Russia PD-50, with the only one Russian air carrier ADMIRAL KUZNETSOV in it, sank early in the morning Oct 30 because of power disruptions, after uncontrolled flooding of ballast tanks. Dock sank in a very short time, 4 workers were injured, 2 of them being in critical condition. According to officials, accident took place when air carrier was taken out of dock after completing dry-docking, the ship didn’t sustain damages and was shifted from dock to ship repair yard berth, for further repairs. Unofficial sources said two dock cranes collapsed, one of them fell onto air carrier deck. Floating dock PD-50 was built in Sweden in 1980, ordered by Soviet Navy and designated for the repairs of the biggest Navy ships, including air carriers and biggest nuclear submarines. Length 330 meters, width 67 meters, loading capacity 80,000 tons. Stationed at Ship Repair Yard No. 82, Murmansk. Ill-fated nuclear submarine KURSK after refloating was taken to, and dismantled, at PD-50.

One Person Missing As Dry Dock Sinks, Damaging Russia’s Only Aircraft Carrier

Four people were injured and one remains missing after Russia’s only aircraft carrier, the Admiral Kuznetsov, suffered damage when a floating dry dock sank while the vessel was leaving it, official…

Russia’s aircraft carrier is damaged in upgrade accident – ABC News

An quayside accident left one person missing and four injured.

Russia’s only aircraft carrier damaged after floating dock sinks | Reuters

Russia’s only aircraft carrier was damaged while undergoing repairs in the north of the country after the floating dock holding it sank in the early hours of Tuesday morning and a crane crashed onto its deck.

Russia’s Sole Aircraft Carrier Damaged as Floating Dock Sinks

MOSCOW (AP) – Russia’s only aircraft carrier was damaged in a dock accident Tuesday that left one person missing and four injured, officials said. A | London / Europe

Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov damaged by crane – BBC News

A dry dock sinks, sending a crane crashing down on the deck and leaving one ship-worker missing.

Russia news: Putin’s warship Admiral Kuznetsov ‘damaged’ as dock SINKS | World | News |

VLADIMIR Putin’s navy suffered a major blow overnight amid fears its only aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov was damaged when its giant floating dry dock sank after an accident in the Arctic port of Murmansk.

Shipyard crane rips massive hole in Russia Admiral Kuznetsov carrier – INSIDER

The Kuznetsov now has a massive 214 square foot hole in its hull after a power issue flooded its dry dock and sent a crane crashing down it.

Huge Floating Dry Dock Holding Russia’s Only Aircraft Carrier Has Accidentally Sunk (Updated) – The Drive

The Admiral Kuznetsov was undergoing a long-delayed and much-needed deep overhaul when the accident occurred.

Russia’s aircraft carrier is damaged in upgrade accident ::

Russia’s only aircraft carrier was damaged in a dock accident Tuesday that left one person missing and four injured, officials said.

Aircraft carrier is damaged as dry dock sinks | The Independent Barents Observer

One person is reported dead and Russia’s only aircraft carrier has been damaged as floating dry dock sinks into the waters of the Kola Bay.

Flash – Russia’s only aircraft carrier damaged as floating dock sinks – France 24

MOSCOW (AFP) – Russia’s only aircraft carrier was damaged and a giant floating dock sank after a crane crashed onto the vessel as it was undergoing repairs near the Arctic city of Murmansk on Tuesday. Four people were injured and one person is missing after the accident involving the Admiral Kuznetsov at the PD-50 floating dock, the largest in Russia one of the largest in the world, local authorities and media said. “We are assessing the extent of the damage. A crane fell onto the deck from a height of about 15 meters (45 feet),” the head of Russia’s United Shipbuilding Corporation Alexei Rakhmanov told the TASS news agency. “It is clear there is damage to the hull and the deck. Fortunately, it happened on those parts that are not vital to the work of the” ship. Local media said the floating dock holding the vessel had sunk. The accident occurred at 3:30am at the repair shipyard near Murmansk, the governor of Murmansk region Marina Kovtun said in a video she posted on social media.

Floating dock sinks after accident with Russia’s only aircraft carrier, casualties reported | UNIAN

The PD-50, one of the world’s largest floating docks and the only one used to repair Russia’s ill-fated aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, has sunk during the repairs to the vessel. About 70 people have reportedly been evacuated from the shipyard’s territory.