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InfoWarCon Is This Week, 1 to 3 Nov in Leesburg VA

InfowarCon is a simply amazing event. Experts from any and all disciplines having to do with information warfare, writ large, gather, speak, and mingle. 

Meeting the founder of InfowarCon, Winn Schwartau, is worth the trip alone. His mind is a Category 6 hurricane of expertise, knowledge, experience, and ideas – he’s a force of nature. I’ve known Winn for over 25 years, he’s always pushing the envelope, stretching the limits of what is possible, making things happen. 

What really sets InfowarCon apart from most IO/IW conferences are the practical demonstrations, hands-on experience, and the latest and greatest technologies and developments are actually present. 

I’m speaking on Friday afternoon.

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By Bob Gourley

As an officer in the Navy years ago, InfoWarCon helped me think through emerging trends and gave me (and many others) new mental models for the age of cyber conflict. This was also the place I met many friends who I have continued to learn from ever since. Event leader and founder Winn Schwartau coined the term Information Warfare, a concept that is now a household word. The series continues and is still helping many of us think through what is next and how to optimize. It is also a great way to connect with those at the forefront of information warfare concept development. The event always brings together a highly elite group of political, military, academic, DIYer, and commercial cyber-leaders and thinkers from around the world. It examines the current, future, and potential hostile use of cyber and related information technologies including how to neutralize the current ones.  This year InfoWarCon runs November 1-3 with Training on Oct. 30 and 31 at the National Conference Center, Leesburg, VA. Read More Here.