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Kremlin Propagandist Graham Philips Defaces Bandera’s Grave

With this headline, RT launched another information salvo at Ukraine.

In response, the Munich police opened an investigation into the actions of Graham Phillips, to determine Russian involvement.

Of note,

Phillips tore the flags from the grave of the OUN leader Stepan Bandera in German Munich. He published the corresponding video on YouTube. He also attached a banner, reading “Ukrainian Nazi Stepan Bandera is buried here.”

The Koz Telegram published:

Phillips confronted various men honoring Bandera at his grave in one YouTube video.

Graham then made another video, seen on YouTube on his own channel, here. He calls Bandera a Nazi, which he was not. Bandera was a Ukrainian nationalist. At one point the OUN worked with Nazis against the Soviet Union when the Soviets were taking over Ukraine. This is much like how the Soviet Union, now Russia, collaborated with Nazi Germany before taking over Poland, Phillip’s logic is just plain twisted, opportunistic and wrong.

It is interesting how the media regards Graham Phillips, who has spent the past few years in Donbas. He is sometimes called a British Journalist, but he works for no British media. He is sometimes called a British blogger. More often, however, he only writes and publishes Russian propaganda.

With the defacing of Ukrainian hero Stepan Bandera, Phillips is now merely a common criminal.



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