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Russian State Duma unanimously declares: “Ukraine has become a terrorist state”. Provocations To Follow

Russia really lumped a lot of crap into one document:

  • Ukraine is a terrorist state
  • Ukraine will attempt a large-scale military offensive in Donbas
  • Ukraine is seeking to destroy the real Orthodox Church
  • Ukraine is sabotaging the Minsk agreements
  • Ukraine is committing murder in Donbas
  • Ukraine is shelling Donbas
  • Ukraine has totally banned the Russian language
  • Ukraine is discriminating against Russian-speaking population
  • Ukraine is waging terrorism against citizens of Donbas

Russia just got kicked in the teeth with the Russian Orthodox Church losing the Ukraine Orthodox Church, so the Russian machismo is hurt. Russia is now flailing about for something, anything, to make them save face.

According to Tetyana Stadnyk:

“Russian State Duma unanimously adopted a statement on the situation in Ukraine: “Ukraine has become a terrorist state”, the document stresses that “an attempt at a new large-scale military offensive by Ukraine in Donbas & destroy the real Orthodox Church”. Provocations are now inevitable.”

I agree with Tetyana, Russia will soon stage a provocation. Russia will follow with a limited conventional invasion, by ground and/or by sea, or may launch a few rockets into Ukraine. I would expect Russia will seek to gain Mariupol and close off Ukraine’s Sea of Azov newest seaport established in that area. Perhaps they will try to extend the land-bridge to Crimea.

The document is located here: From the Russian Duma’s website:

“The Ukrainian authorities, in fact, have embarked on the path of turning Ukraine into a springboard for fighting Russia and its people on all possible fronts and directions,” the statement says.

An example of this, according to the deputies, is, in particular, the attempts of the current Ukrainian authorities “to destroy the real Orthodox Church, legalize Ukrainian scholars supported by the Ukrainian state and” consecrate “with them the continuation of the war against Russians and Russian speakers in Eastern Ukraine.” They also remind that recently, on October 14, another neo-Nazi procession took place in Kiev, the participants of which openly called for reprisals against the Russians and parishioners of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

“By sabotaging the Minsk agreements and at the same time claiming a worthy place among other European states, Ukraine continues to concentrate its troops, shelling and murder in the Donbas, not for the first time resorting to terrorist acts to achieve its goals,” the statement said.

“Ukraine has become a terrorist state, and the rulers of today’s Ukraine are stained with the blood of Alexander Zakharchenko and many other sons and daughters of Donbas,” the deputies of the State Duma stressed.

The anxiety of deputies of the State Duma is also caused by laws that Ukrainian parliamentarians adopt: their norms are directly aimed at discrimination of the Russian-speaking population and in fac to a total ban on the use of the Russian language.

According to Russian parliamentarians, their actions are “Western sponsors and inspirers” behind the actions of the Ukrainian authorities: people, to interethnic and interfaith conflicts. “

The document stresses that “an attempt at a new large-scale military offensive by Ukraine in the Donbas, together with new facts of murders and terrorist acts against its population, will receive an adequate response and will inevitably lead to disastrous consequences”.

The State Duma declares that the historical responsibility for the course towards a break in Russian-Ukrainian relations falls on the leadership of modern Ukraine. “It’s not too late to stop,” summed up the Russian parliamentarians.


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