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Igor Panarin, Head Of Russian Information Spetnaz

Patch of “Information Special Forces Association”

According to a article, Igor Panarin, Игорь Панарин, is the new head of the Russian Information Spetnaz.  He later posted the article in English at:

Igor Panarin posted the article on Facebook, so he is at least aware of the article and is not denying the stated fact.

I sent him a public note, “Congratulations, Igor! When were you put in charge? Where is your office?”  I wanted to both congratulate him and find out a little more about his new position.

Update: I received a response!

September 7, 2018 – here is our website on HTTP://

Synopsizing the paper: Purpose: 

A). Counteracting the use of information technology to promote the ideology of terrorism,
B). Neutralization of information and psychological impact aimed at eroding traditional spiritual and moral values, FROM). Increasing the effectiveness of prevention of offenses committed using information technology, and counteracting such violations,
C). Effective counteraction to the use of information technologies for military and political purposes that are contrary to international law, proceeding from the fact that mutual cooperation will contribute to the improvement and enhancement of the effectiveness of their activities, acting within its competence,

Bottom line: it appears to be defensive only and focuses entirely on cyber.

This concept has been written about before by Panarin, Moscow outlined ‘information spetsnaz’ techniques over a decade ago, Shtepa says.

I already reported that Panarin’s 2008 paper was analyzed by Timothy L. Thomas in his 2012 book, “Recasting the Red Star”. In his paper, Panarin wrote of ‘Information Commandoes’.  This eventually changed in Panarin’s writings to Spetsnaz. 

I wrote about this at least twice, previously.

If Igor’s new role represents a new capability, he would most likely report to Vladimir Surkov in President Putin’s offices. 

Igor Panarin has historically been the head of the diplomatic school at the Russian Foreign Ministry (MFA).  If his office has not changed, that would mean the Russian MFA could now be considered a warfighting entity. This would deal a severe blow to Russia’s diplomatic corps. 

If, however, he is using the word Spetsnaz to mean “Special Purpose Forces” and retaining his role as in the CSTO, this would indicate a purely cyber role, as he is the head of CSTO’s cybersecurity program.  This would indicate a cybersecurity role, which is purely defensive, and would not be considered a warfighting office. 

Another possibility exists, however.  If the office were to embrace any hacking capability, this would be considered offensive in nature by some and would again bring shame to the Russian MFA. That was the conundrum NSA had when the US formed the US Cyber Command, it required a totally separate ‘entity’.  The MFA may have to form a totally separate office if Igor has any offensive capabilities. 

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The United States may disintegrate soon: the expert named the date when the fate of America will be decided

16 October 2018

Professor, Doctor of Political Sciences, member of the Academy of Military Sciences, head of the Information Special Forces Association Igor Panarin gave an interview to the Federal News Agency . The backbone of the structure of a special information assignment he manages is scientists. At the same time, the name and logo on which the bat of the UN GRU emblem is surrounded by olive branches of the United Nations, refer to military-political terminology.

A political analyst told FAN about the specifics of information weapons and offensive operations, about allies and opponents on the fronts of the hybrid war, which, he said, is in full swing. The expert shared his plans for conducting a hybrid war for schoolchildren, spoke about a possible civil war in the United States and about the prospects for Eurasian integration.

Igor Panarin

“Identify fakie we never teach”

The “Information Special Forces” will be engaged in scientific and public work, preparing public reports and conferences on hybrid war technologies, combining traditional methods of warfare with information propaganda technologies and psychological influence in the media and social networks. Another direction of the association, according to its founder, will be training programs.

“We have plans to organize courses, conditionally,“ advanced training ”in this field. Three levels are important: high schools, universities, and employees of state institutions or structures that deal with information and international relations in the business sector. These are not only press workers, but also departments of international cooperation, communications with government agencies, ”said Igor Panarin.

Learning technologies of hybrid war, in the opinion of the scientist, can be in some sense compared to computer literacy courses, but instead of primitive viruses and malfunctions, students will have to master methods of detecting and neutralizing complex, often hidden, information attacks, “stuffing” false facts and multi-level information campaigns.

“A virus in a computer is easier to detect than fakes. The latter is not taught anywhere, there is no school. We want to actually do universal education in a good sense of the word. We want to show that there are rules in this area, there is an attacking side, what it wants, what models and methods of protection exist. When I gave a report in Minsk, the head of a very serious Belarusian structure approached me and told me: “After your speech, I began to look at things differently, I didn’t even pay attention to some moments”. Although the person was of a mature age, ”shared the expert.

The lack of education in this matter, according to Panarin, is associated with the relative youth of the very phenomenon of hybrid warfare. The appearance of the term he refers to 2005, when it was first used by the current US Secretary of Defense James Mattis , who then commanded the American Marine Corps Division in Iraq.

“The focus of this concept is literally the last two or three years for which it entered into active use. Here we need a system of multi-level work, which is not yet, because the phenomenon appeared relatively recently. We need research papers, public reports, research laboratories in this area, which should produce recommendations, ”the FAN official said.

Skripale Family

The world is brought to collapse

One of the most outspoken fake campaigns, Igor Panarin, calls the play with the poisoning of Skripale and the second action that followed it, allegedly with the participation of Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov .

“The operation with Scriphem is, in fact, multilevel, but at the same time virtual. Let us recall the story of Litvinenko: at least they showed us how he was dying in the hospital. Now they simply told us that there was such a fact, but, most likely, it was simply invented, ”the political scientist notes.

Igor Panarin, following a multitude of experts, noted the obvious fabrication of the accusations of Russia in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and drew attention to the need for a quick response to such injections.

“The danger is that tomorrow we can be told: they say, some person or state committed some kind of action and they need to be punished for it – and this will be the reason for real, possibly military, actions. But then we bring the whole world to a potential collapse, because there are sensible leaders, and there are those who can act inadequately. This line can quickly erase, and then the whole world will become a victim of global catastrophe, ”Panarin said.

According to the professor, the history of the supposedly poisoned Skripale should primarily be used to analyze and develop rapid response schemes for such provocations at all levels.

“This is a whole science – analysis of such situations and quick response to them. It is necessary to create algorithms, teach, publicly discuss, create an expert pool, hold conferences, round tables, make recommendations in order to create a defense system against hybrid warfare weapons. Because, I am sure, in the near future, its heat will only increase, ”said the FAN source.

VKS RF in Syria

“We are all the time on the truth, not on the lie”

Speaking about the success of Russia, Igor Panarin noted the obvious progress of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the use of traditional methods of warfare in conducting operations in Syria.

“In a military sense, simply fantastic results: in operation in Georgia in 2008, 5 of our bomber planes were shot down in 5 days, and in Syria the same amount was shot down in three years, including provocations, that is, minimal losses. The reason is the filigree work of the Main Intelligence Directorate. Why is the main attack on the GRU in the Scripals case? Because the GRU played a key role in Syria, ”the political analyst noted.

An expert from the Academy of Military Sciences explains this, including work with the GLONASS system, when the use of modern navigation systems made it possible to conduct bombing from a safe height for airplanes, while maintaining accuracy in hitting targets and avoiding civilian casualties.

“We showed the result, in my opinion, better than the Americans in all local wars of the last decade,” the FAN official said.

At the same time, the expert recognizes the need to develop a system for using information weapons and defense equipment in the event of such attacks, which are now actively used in the West.

“This information has been passed before, and recently they even admitted that the 77th brigade (British Army cyber division for monitoring media and social networks and psychological methods of warfare on the Internet. – FAN note ), 2,000 troops, just think “These are the ones that work only with Russian social networks,” the expert said.

Panarin spoke in favor of targeted blocking of individual Internet resources and users in social networks in order to protect against potential information attacks. However, massive restrictions should, in his opinion, be avoided.

“We can’t, as in China, turn off entrances from Britain to Russian social networks. The Chinese have taken the path of completely limiting global Internet resources, they have only their own social networks, but they have been doing this since 2003, that is, this is already a built-in system. Under this system – if we want to chop off everything – there must be our own, Russian networks. We have “VKontakte”, of course, but this is not enough, ”the political scientist noted.

The head of Infospetsnaz suggests, in response to the aggressive agenda of the Western media, to more actively form its own, to cover positive information campaigns at the international level and to “hit the painful points” of opponents, using, among other things, historical facts.

“Did the English kill the Irish?” After all, most of all in the United States by the number of descendants of German colonists, and the second place is the Irish. Why? Because they were destroyed by the British, they were starved to death – and they left for America. This is not a fake, this is a historical fact, why do not we remember about it? There are many such facts from the history of Britain, the professor notes. – We can not invent fakes, it is contrary to our mentality. But, from my point of view, there must be an offensive line – it needs to be planned and carried out not sporadically, but systematically. ”

Donald Trump at the UN

“My forecast for the elections in the United States: 65 to 35”

Panarin spoke separately about the ethnic composition of the population of the United States of America: a professor races interracial controversy as one of the reasons for the possible collapse of the United States. A political analyst has repeatedly, since 1998, analyzed the prospects for America’s possible collapse due to its impressive external debt and internal contradictions.

“The probability of the collapse of the United States remains. The first trend is guessed correctly – I then pointed out the financial and economic aspect. When I spoke about this 20 years ago, the foreign debt was 2 trillion, and today it is more than 20, that is, over these 20 years, foreign debt has increased more than 10 times. And it is clear that the dynamics are negative, all attempts to solve this problem were not crowned with success. Therefore, the forecast is correct, – explains Igor Panarin. – The second trend: I wrote about the inner ideological split – and it is present, it has already become an axiom. Today, the contradictions in American society are intensifying: racial, economic, and spiritual. “

Among the reasons that could provoke a civil war and the collapse of the United States, Igor Panarin notes the active opposition of the white and African-American population within American society, as well as the conflict of various political and economic views.

“There is a simple situation: some people want national capital to develop, production in the United States, and the second, financial speculators, want to earn interest by taking production to other countries and having profits from it. But the first ones understand that in this way the territory of the USA will degrade and someday it will lead to an explosion. They say: it explodes! And others say: yes, it will, but only when we are rich, and we will not care anymore, ”says Panarin.

According to the expert, the United States may disintegrate in the near future.

“America’s fate will be decided in November. It will begin to fall apart or not, depending on the outcome of elections in the United States (in the House of Representatives and the Senate, scheduled for November 6, 2018. – Approx. FAN ). If we take the elections of 2008, 2012, and 2016, then it is easy to see a clear dichotomy, ”says Igor Panarin.

According to the political scientist, the preservation of a single state will directly depend on the victory of Republicans loyal to Donald Trump and their majority in the US Congress. In the event of victory of the members of the Democratic Party, which is represented by including Hillary Clinton , Panarin does not exclude armed conflicts among the population. According to the latest polls, security forces, most of whom support Trump, can protest against the possible victory of the Democrats. And other groups, including bikers, who are resolute and uncompromising in expressing their opinions.

“Trump for America is her chance at salvation. He is struggling with London bankers through the suppression of the dollar and the potential elimination of the Federal Reserve System, that is, in fact, follows in Kennedy’s footsteps on the way to creating a national currency. Kennedy created the “red” dollar, stamped it, but then was shot and eliminated the dollar. Trump wisely does not announce this in advance – he is trying to maneuver, to tack. Today, my forecast is 65% of votes in favor of the Republican Party in the elections to the US Congress. If Trump loses, then there should be an impeachment, the resignation of the president and the victory of another group of forces, ”said the political scientist.

Igor Panarin

“Eurasian Russia”

At the same time, the Russian Federation, as opposed to the United States, has every chance to strengthen its position in the international arena and even merge with other states. Igor Panarin spoke about the truncated version of the Soviet Union back in 2006.

According to the scientist, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine can join the united Eurasian state. Moreover, a political scientist does not exclude Ukraine from the possible composition of Eurasian Rus even taking into account the events of recent years.

“Today we can still build this joint state. The five already exist – this is the Eurasian Economic Union, there is a movement within this direction. For us, of course, number one is a union state with Belarus. We have already created an economic framework, but in order to talk about closer integration, we need efforts in the Russian-Belarusian direction. We can smooth over the situation in Ukraine through the maximum rapprochement with Belarus – by showing that we live better in the Slavic area, ”suggested Igor Panarin.

The head of Infospetsnaz considers the example of the Republic of Crimea another means of returning Ukraine.

“Look at the Crimea – well, it is clear that there is not only a bridge, there are real changes for the better. And this is not a fake, this is a real picture. When you arrive in Simferopol, you see: the road has already been built, there are 15 new reanimobiles at the ambulance station. It should be shown to the Ukrainians, ”said the professor.

Despite the aggressive anti-Russian propaganda, in Ukraine there are many sensible people who can make adequate reasoning, the political scientist believes. According to Panarin, among his subscribers in social networks, Kiev steadily holds the third place after Moscow and St. Petersburg in terms of the number of readers: residents of the Ukrainian capital actively browse and put likes on news that doesn’t fit into Ukrainian ideas of truth.

“The struggle for Ukraine, for the minds, for the mood of the people will continue. Well, then, we are one people with them. For hundreds of years it was a single community, we are very closely intertwined. It is clear that part of the population is saturated with propaganda, but I am sure that this is the smaller part. We should not transfer this negative to the entire population, ”the expert concluded.


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