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A very busy week for developments on both China and the DPRK, especially the former with a deluge of media traffic. Other than the SECSTATE visit, notable themes are the disappearance of the former head of Interpol, East Turkmenistan, FT journalist ban, arrest of a PLA spy, and the trade war. Also, India thumbs its nose at the US and signs for the S-400 / SA-21.




North Korea looks to get China, Russia on side before denuclearization talks with US – POLITICO
Pyongyang’s vice-foreign minister Choe Son-hui to hold talks in Beijing and Moscow, Korean Central News Agency says.
Pompeo has ‘very successful morning’ with Kim Jong Un, as talks for second major summit with Trump continue | Fox News
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that he and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un made unspecified progress Sunday toward an agreement for Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons.
Pompeo says North Korea ready to let inspectors into missile, nuclear sites
Pompeo, who met Kim during a short trip to Pyongyang on Sunday, said the inspectors would visit a missile engine test facility and the Punggye-ri nuclear testing site as soon as the two sides agree on logistics. “There’s a lot of logistics that will be required to execute that,” Pompeo
What Did Mike Pompeo Get From Kim Jong-un? Four Takeaways – The New York Times
Absent in statements on the secretary of state’s visit to North Korea is any indication that Kim Jong-un will dismantle his nuclear weapons.
North Korea ready to allow inspectors into missile sites, Pompeo says | Fox News
North Korea on Monday said it was ready to allow an international group of inspectors into the country’s clandestine nuclear and missile sites, a move that could be seen as more evidence in Washington and Pyongyang’s thawing relationship.
U.S. and North Korea Agree to New Summit Meeting, South Korea Says – The New York Times
The announcement came after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s fourth trip to Pyongyang, part of an effort to reach a breakthrough on denuclearization.
After meeting Kim Jong Un, Pompeo hails ‘progress’ in North Korea nuclear talks
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un agreed to arrange a second summit “as soon as possible,” South Korea’s presidential office said on Sunday.
South Korea Backtracks on Easing Sanctions After Trump Comment – The New York Times
The U.S. president said Seoul could “do nothing” about embargoes on the North without Washington’s approval, a remark that drew rebukes in the South.
Mike Pompeo heads to North Korea with low expectations, but high pressure – ABC News
The secretary of state is taking his fourth meeting since the Singapore summit.
Pompeo’s six hours in Pyongyang – a reporter’s notebook – CBS News
Kylie Atwood was the sole reporter traveling with the secretary of state on his recent trip to meet with Kim Jong Un in North Korea
Will Pompeo make progress for Trump on his North Korea trip? | TheHill
The president has deployed his top diplomat to show voters he is working hard on national security.
Kim Jong Un’s new Rolls Royce Phantom a slap in the face to Trump admin – INSIDER
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has again made a mockery of the US’s policy towards Pyongyang when meeting with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, this time with a new Rolls Royce Phantom.
UAWire – South Korea refuses to let Russian ships in because of US sanctions
South Korea denied the ships of the Russian company Gudzon Shipping entry to the country’s ports, the Kommersant newspaper reports with …
Curtailing Korean Exercises Comes at a Price, Says USMC Commandant – Defense One
Gen. Neller says training on the Korean peninsula is an integral — if not quite irreplaceable — part of Marine readiness.
Washington, Pyongyang ‘Brave’ Enough to Denuclearize Korean Peninsula – Scholar – Sputnik International
As US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went on to hold a meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Robert Winstanley-Chesters, research fellow at the Australian National University’s College of Asia and the Pacific, explained to Radio Sputnik what these talks might eventually lead to.
Japan pulls out of naval drills over demands it remove ‘rising sun’ flag | World news | The Guardian
Host nation South Korea ordered Tokyo to drop ensign linked to colonial rule and militaristic past

Mike Pompeo and His Chinese Counterpart Trade Harsh Words – The New York Times
A sharp exchange between Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Foreign Minister Wang Yi stripped away the usual diplomatic veneer.
China-U.S. Tensions Flare During Testy Pompeo Visit to Beijing – Bloomberg
U.S. Secretary of State Michael Pompeo cited “fundamental disagreement” with China’s foreign minister during a testy exchange in Beijing that highlighted rising tensions between the world’s two largest economies.
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s visit to China kicks off with a frosty exchange
A meeting of top U.S. and Chinese diplomats got off to a frosty start on Monday, with U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Chinese Foreign Minister and State Councillor Wang Yi airing grievances amid worsening bilateral relations.
China tells Pompeo U.S. actions misguided – The Washington Post
Pompeo says he hopes to make progress on the two countries’ “fundamental disagreement.” 
Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo’s Asia Trip Is Underway : NPR
Pompeo met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in Tokyo on Saturday. His meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is scheduled for Sunday.
China tells US to stop criticism, says relations suffering | Fox News
Chinese officials appealed to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday to repair relations they said have been damaged by U.S. tariff hikes and support for Taiwan, as their governments press North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons.

China Rages Against ‘Unwarranted Accusations’ and ‘Slander’ in Pence Speech
China accuses VP Mike Pence of “unwarranted accusations” and “slander” in his remarks on technology theft and election interference.
China Responds Angrily to Mike Pence Claims It Is Interfering in US Elections
Ties between China and the U.S. are at a low after Washington claimed China is interfering in the U.S. electoral process and poses a greater threat than Russia.
National security leaders warn of Chinese efforts to sway American opinion – To Inform is to Influence
BY JACQUELINE THOMSEN – 10/10/18 11:53 AM EDT Top U.S. national security officials warned Wednesday that China is attempting to influence the opinions of Americans, but said there is no evidence that the country is trying to interfere in election infrastructure. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen testified before a Senate committee that China is “exerting unprecedented effort to influence American opinion.” However,…
China hits back at Mike Pence allegations as tensions reach boiling point | World | News |
CHINA has reacted furiously to allegations it was trying to undermine Donald Trump by meddling in next month’s crunch mid-term elections.
Vice President Mike Pence: ‘China Is Meddling in America’s Democracy’ | The White House
Russia Is 4chan, China Is Facebook – Foreign Policy
Mike Pence’s equation of Beijing’s influence with Moscow’s hacking was misleading and dangerous
Trump says China is meddling in our elections. Cyber firms disagree – POLITICO
Beijing is still involved in cyberattacks against other targets, they say.
White House slams Google, calls on it to abandon China search project | Fox News
Vice President Mike Pence slammed Google and called on it to abandon its controversial Project Dragonfly search initiative, which would see the company potentially re-enter China. Pence said the move would “strengthen Communist Party censorship and compromise the privacy of Chinese customers.”
White House urges Google to drop totally secret Project Dragonfly | AndroidPIT
The Trump administration has its eye on Google once again. This time it concerns Project Dragonfly, Mountain View’s still unofficial development of a controversial censored search engine for China, which reports indicate will enable state surveillance of dissidents in the country.
Iron Mike Pence blasts Google for its censor-happy Dragonfly Chinese search engine • The Register
Trump administration makes its most aggressive moves against China yet
The Trump administration’s new efforts carry with them considerable risks, which ultimately may be greater than during the Cold War years, writes Fred Kempe of the Atlantic Council. 
Trump has China quaking in its boots
With China still running a record trade surplus with the US, it seems premature — to say the least — to say that Trump has won his long-overdue trade war with China. But it is not too early to conclude that, despite their threat of retaliatory tariffs, China’s Communist authorities know that they have lost. The increased tariffs to date, combined with the threat of more, have already clipped the wings of China’s economic rise. Its stock market is down 21 percent year over year, industrial output is slowing and its currency is weakening. Looking beyond the bluff and bluster emanating from Beijing, there is evidence that Party leader Xi Jinping is looking for a way to stand down. Let’s read the Chinese tea leaves. In early July Xi ordered state-media outlets to tone down their rhetoric. “Self-deception and boasting will not bring about true self-confidence and pride,” the official Communist Party newspaper dutifully editorialized. This sudden modesty was a striking turnabout from five years of constant bragging — by none other than “Core Leader” Xi himself.
The US-China Cold War Has Begun | Fortune
The special Sino Saturday edition of our popular newsletter for leaders, by Time Inc. international editor Clay Chandler.
China And U.S. Inch Closer To Cold War
Pompeo talks going nowhere. Meanwhile, China scrambles to help firms hurt by trade war.
It’s No Longer Just a Trade War Between the U.S. and China – Foreign Policy
Vice President Pence’s fierce attack and allegations of tech spying escalate the conflict.
Pence’s China Speech Seen as Portent of ‘New Cold War’ – The New York Times
China could respond to Vice President Mike Pence’s tough speech by spending more on its military or withdrawing support for sanctions against North Korea.
U.S.-China Tensions Break Out in Beijing – WSJ
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo exchanged testy words with his Chinese counterpart on Monday as a rapid deterioration of bilateral ties threatens to jeopardize future cooperation over North Korea.
This is what sleepwalking into war looks like – The Washington Post
President Trump and Congress are weakening our tools for dealing with the Chinese challenge, both economically and politically.
Competition With China Isn’t a Strategy – War on the Rocks
If the Trump administration were to summarize its own China policy in one word, it would be “competition.” From every official at every level, it’s one of
China Hack Shows Weakness of Pence’s New Hard Line – Bloomberg
The vice president laid out a strong case against Beijing’s aggressions but he didn’t present a strategy.
Trump Reaches for Checkbook Diplomacy to Counter China – Foreign Policy
Washington ramps up development finance to offer countries an alternative to Beijing’s deep pockets.
New Evidence of Hacked Supermicro Hardware Found in U.S. Telecom – Bloomberg
The discovery shows that China continues to sabotage critical technology components bound for America.

What if China Never Bought Ukraine’s Aircraft Carrier and Rebuilt It? | The National Interest
No carriers for Beijing?
China’s Navy: On the Verge of Becoming an Aircraft Carrier Superpower? | The National Interest
Coming soon: 4 PLAN carriers? 

Trump, China tensions spill into military sphere | TheHill
President Trump’s tensions with Beijing are boiling over in the South China Sea.
U.S. Puts Money Where Its Mouth Is on China – Foreign Policy
The military’s funding boost is aimed at deterring Beijing, but a budget fight could jeopardize the strategy.
B-2 Bombers to Hawaii: Why This Should Be China’s Nightmare | The National Interest
And something Beijing should get use to. 
In Pacific, US Army Shifts Training from Disaster Relief to War – Defense One
The change reflects Trump’s defense strategy and rising threats from China and North Korea.
Tale of the Tape: China vs. America (Which Military Would Win in a War?) | The National Interest
Who has the edge? 
Johnson Shut Down Westmoreland’s Plans to Use Nukes in Vietnam |
During the Vietnam war, while the generals were planning the deployment of nuclear weapons to South Vietnam, former President Lyndon Johnson overruled them, preventing China from getting in the war and possibly worse. Two years ago in declassified…

China’s September trade surplus with U.S. widens to record $34.13 billion | Reuters
China’s trade surplus with the United States surged to a record high of $34.13 billion in September, compared with $31.05 billion in August, Chinese customs data showed on Friday.
China and Trump look set for simultaneous trade and currency wars – INSIDER
China’s government has hit out at the Trump administration, accusing the US president of “bullying” over his aggressive tactics in the escalating trade conflict between the two nations, saying it will “rise up” should a full scale trade war break out.
Trade war: China record surplus with the US in September, Beijing says
China recorded a record trade surplus of $34.13 billion with the U.S. in September amid intense trade tensions between the world’s two largest economies.
US-China trade war: Central bank PBOC cuts banks RRR to save economy 
The latest move by China’s central bank to cut the amount of reserves held by banks is an indication that authorities in the world’s second-largest economy are getting nervous about a long-drawn trade war with the U.S., experts said.
Who will win the Trump-China trade war? And at what cost? – Los Angeles Times
President Trump — and his supporters — think he’s winning the trade war. Just look at the Chinese economy. The nation is dealing with a mountain of debt, and its growth and investment is slowing down. But is Trump’s trade war responsible for China’s problems? And if he keeps on going, can he win?
China Foreign-Currency Reserves Drop on Trade Tensions, Yuan – Bloomberg
China’s foreign-currency holdings fell in September, as heightened trade tensions with the U.S. fueled concerns of capital outflow and further yuan depreciation.
Investors Flee China Stocks as Foreigners Dump $1.4 Billion – Bloomberg
Chinese stocks’ worst October start in a decade has scared off the last remaining bulls.
China Is Said to Plan Major Expansion of Too-Big-to-Fail Rules – Bloomberg
China plans to increase the number of companies it deems systemically important financial institutions, people familiar with the matter said, a sign that policy makers are stepping up crisis-prevention efforts as the nation’s debt burden swells to unprecedented levels.
What Chinese people really think of the US-China trade war — Quartz
China thinks its people is with the country in the “war of national fate,’ but its people think otherwise.
U.S. Treasury Staff Said to Find China Isn’t Manipulating Yuan – Bloomberg
The U.S. Treasury Department’s staff has advised Secretary Steven Mnuchin that China isn’t manipulating the yuan as the Trump administration prepares to issue a closely watched report on foreign currencies, according to two people familiar with the matter.
Wall Street Faces Tumult If China Labeled an FX Manipulator – Bloomberg
Wall Street is bracing for the prospect that the U.S. uses this month’s semiannual foreign-exchange report to label China a currency manipulator, escalating the trade standoff between the two nations at a time when rising bond yields are already denting riskier assets.
China Reshapes The Vital Mekong River To Power Its Expansion : NPR
Chinese companies are building infrastructure and dams along the vast river that runs through five Southeast Asian countries before emptying into the South China Sea.

Chinese Intelligence Officer Charged with Economic Espionage Involving Theft of Trade Secrets from Leading U.S. Aviation Companies | OPA | Department of Justice
A Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) operative, Yanjun Xu, aka Qu Hui, aka Zhang Hui, has been arrested and charged with conspiring and attempting to commit economic espionage and steal trade secrets from multiple U.S. aviation and aerospace companies. Xu was extradited to the United States yesterday. The charges were announced today by Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers, U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio Benjamin C. Glassman, Assistant Director Bill Priestap of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division, and Special Agent in Charge Angela L. Byers of the FBI’s Cincinnati Division. “This indictment alleges that a Chinese intelligence officer sought to steal trade secrets and other sensitive information from an American company that leads the way in aerospace,” said Assistant Attorney General Demers. “This case is not an isolated incident. It is part of an overall economic policy of developing China at American expense. We cannot tolerate a nation’s stealing our firepower and the fruits of our brainpower. We will not tolerate a nation that reaps what it does not sow.” “Innovation in aviation has been a hallmark of life and industry in the United States since the Wright brothers first designed gliders in Dayton more than a century ago,” said U.S. Attorney Glassman. “U.S. aerospace companies invest decades of time and billions of dollars in research. This is the American way. In contrast, according to the indictment, a Chinese intelligence officer tried to acquire that same, hard-earned innovation through theft. This case shows that federal law enforcement authorities can not only detect and disrupt such espionage, but can also catch its perpetrators. The defendant will now face trial in federal court in Cincinnati.” “This unprecedented extradition of a Chinese intelligence officer exposes the Chinese government’s direct oversight of economic espionage against the United States,” said Assistant Director Priestap. Yanjun Xu is a Deputy Division Director with the MSS’s Jiangsu State Security Department, Sixth Bureau. The MSS is the intelligence and security agency for China and is responsible for counter-intelligence, foreign intelligence and political security. MSS has broad powers in China to conduct espionage both domestically and abroad.
Chinese Officer Is Extradited to U.S. to Face Charges of Economic Espionage – The New York Times
The Chinese intelligence official was arrested in Belgium and brought to the United States, an escalation of the Trump administration’s effort to crack down on Chinese spying.
Beijing accuses U.S. of weaving accusations ‘made out of thin air’ against arrested Chinese spy
Yanjun Xu, an operative of China’s Ministry of State Security, was charged Wednesday in Cincinnati, Ohio, after being extradited to the U.S. from Belgium.

China’s Authoritarian Export – WSJ
Beijing forces the expulsion of a reporter from Hong Kong.
With Journalist’s Ouster, China Draws New Red Line for Hong Kong – Bloomberg
Hong Kong’s rare rejection of a U.K. journalist’s visa was about far more than the fringe political ideology he was accused of promoting.
Hong Kong leader defends journalist’s expulsion as FT says will appeal – CNN
The Financial Times says it will appeal the controversial refusal of a working visa to one of its journalists in Hong Kong, as the city’s leader continued to refuse to explain her government’s decision.
UK says Hong Kong rejection of FT journalist visa politically motivated | Reuters
British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said on Tuesday that in the absence of any explanation by Hong Kong for its refusal to grant a visa to a senior UK journalist he could only conclude it was politically motivated.
Chinese man gets 3 years in prison for helping people bypass censorship – CNN
A Chinese software developer has received a suspended prison sentence for selling software that allowed internet users to dodge the Chinese government’s intensifying efforts to control their online activities.

Chinese paranoia and oppression in Xinjiang has a long history – CNN
China finally admitted this week what had been widely reported: that it is interning thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of people in “re-education camps” in the far-western region of Xinjiang.
China demands that Uighur Muslims eat pork | World | The Times
Beijing has demanded that China’s Muslim Uighur minority turn its back on the Koran and eat pork. As part of its war on terror, the ruling Chinese Comminist Party has launched an anti-halal movement to stamp out what it believes are radical religious thoughts shared among the country’s 11 million
China ‘legalises’ internment camps for million Uighurs | World news | The Guardian
Laws revised in Xinjiang region to permit ‘education centres’ for ‘people influenced by extremism’
China Uighurs: Xinjiang legalises ‘reeducation’ camps – BBC News
The move comes amid growing international concern over mass disappearances in western Xinjiang.
Under Threat Of Chinese ‘Reeducation,’ Ethnic Kazakh Forced To Abort Baby
An ethnic Kazakh woman says she was forced to have an abortion while Chinese officials were threatening to put her in one of the “reeducation” camps that were recently condemned by the United Nations.

Interpol Chief Was China’s Pride. His Fall Exposes the Country’s Dark Side. – The New York Times
The disappearance and resignation of Meng Hongwei, who is accused of taking bribes, cast a spectacular blow to Beijing’s efforts to take global leadership roles.
Interpol chief’s arrest shows one-party rule is the only important thing to China – CNN
Beijing’s forced disappearance of one of China’s most prominent international officials shows the government appears ready to sacrifice anything, including its international reputation, to safeguard the Chinese Communist Party.
Wife of ex-Interpol chief receives threat from China: Report | China News | Al Jazeera
Grace Meng says she received a threatening phone call warning of Chinese agents coming for her in France.
Grace Hongwei: wife of ex-Interpol chief takes on the Chinese Communist Party – CNN
When now-former Interpol chief Meng Hongwei disappeared suddenly last month, his wife did something unexpected: She took up a public fight against the Beijing authorities, a move rarely seen from family members of accused senior Chinese officials.
Missing Interpol president Meng Hongwei ‘under investigation’ in China – To Inform is to Influence
Meng Hongwei is dual-hatted, head of Interpol and vice-minister at China’s Ministry of Public Security.  Expect a public statement soon out of China. I will not venture a guess as to why he is being questioned by Chinese authorities.  Chinese politics and certitude of law enforcement are not as clear as in the West.  </end editorial>…
France raises questions over disappearance of Interpol chief | Reuters
France is puzzled by the disappearance of Interpol president Meng Hongwei, reported missing after traveling from the country to his native China, and is concerned about threats received by his wife, the Interior Ministry said on Friday.
Interpol chief Meng Hongwei vanishes on trip to China – BBC News
Meng Hongwei was last seen leaving Interpol’s headquarters in France on a visit to his homeland.
China Says ‘Unaware’ Of Alleged Threats Against Ex-Interpol President’s Wife | HuffPost
Meng Hongwei’s wife says she received a threatening phone call from a man speaking Chinese one week after her husband went missing.
Interpol urges China to clarify status of missing president Meng Hongwei – BBC News
The international police agency urges China to clarify the status of Meng Hongwei.
Interpol asks China for information on its missing president – CBS News
Meng Hongwei seemingly vanished ​on a trip home
Meng Hongwei: China accuses Interpol chief of bribery – BBC News
Meng Hongwei, who went missing in China, is being held and investigated for alleged corruption.
Interpol says missing president has resigned after wife reveals ominous message | Fox News
Former Interpol President Meng Hongwei accused of bribery by China
Meng Hongwei, the former president of Interpol, sent his wife a WhatsApp text message with a picture of a knife on it shortly before his disappeared in China.
Interpol’s Missing President Resigns – YouTube
Bloomberg Politics Published on Oct 7, 2018 Oct.07 — The cryptic message sent by Meng Hongwei about two weeks ago was the image of a knife, so says his wife who has been placed under French police protection. Meng is already a senior security official in China and Interpol says he resigned from the agency with immediate effect on Sunday. Bloomberg’s David Tweed reports on “Bloomberg Markets: Asia.”
China says detained former Interpol chief accused of bribery – ABC News
Authorities said Meng Hongwei was being investigated for his “willfulness”.
The strange story of how China detained Interpol head Meng Hongwei — Quartz
Chinese authorities are investigating Meng Hongwei, who has been missing since late September, for taking bribes.
APNewsBreak: Wife of ex-Interpol boss describes threats | Fox News
The wife of the former Interpol president who disappeared in China has revealed that she had received a threatening phone call warning of agents coming for her while she fights a so-far fruitless battle for information about her husband’s fate.
China disappeared Interpol’s chief. The world can’t pretend it’s business as usual. – The Washington Post
Some of Xi Jinping’s aspirations could be thwarted if global organizations responded with more-robust opposition to his abuses of power.
Meng Hongwei wife Grace Meng says she got threat that China was trying to find her as ex-Interpol chief disappeared – CBS News
Grace Meng says she received a threat that China was sending people to look for her in France as her husband went missing
How the weird case of the missing Interpol chief got even weirder – Vox
The head of Interpol vanished in China. He’s now resigned his post and is under investigation for corruption.

Russian arms deal with India comes as Pentagon changing military priorities – CNNPolitics
Russian President Vladimir Putin’s new $5 billion weapons deal with India — a key American ally — to sell an advanced S-400 air defense system is just the latest open challenge by Russia to US defense dominance.
S-400: India missile defence purchase in US-Russia crosshairs – BBC News
India’s purchase of the Russian-made S-400 air defence system runs the risk of US sanctions. So why buy it?
UAWire – The US warns that the purchase of Russian weapons could lead to sanctions
Amid the reports of India’s intention to purchase Russian S-400 missile systems, the United States reminded its allies of the threat of …
The Real S-400: Will Russia’s Missiles Damage U.S.-India Ties? | The National Interest
Let’s take a look.
Why do countries want to buy the Russian S-400? | War & Conflict | Al Jazeera
The system is an upgrade to the S-300, which Syria recently purchased, with potential clients such as India and Turkey.

Hope on the Horizon: Taiwan’s Radical New Defense Concept
Taiwan is doomed. The numbers prove it. Or so we are told. Every year the U.S. Department of Defense publishes the statistics. Taiwan’s defense budget is
US Considers ‘Trade Coalition’ With EU, Japan to Confront China – Sputnik International
The plan comes amid the ongoing trade row between the US and China which erupted in March 2018. In a separate development, US Vice President Mike Pence alleged on Thursday that China had influenced and interfered in US domestic policies and elections.
Pompeo pledges coordination with Japan in North Korea talks, to raise abduction issue | Reuters
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Saturday he would coordinate closely with Japan during denuclearization talks with North Korea and promised to raise the issue of the abductions of Japanese citizens in his meetings in Pyongyang.
Japanese Business Delegation Visits Disputed Russian-Held Island Chain
The leader of a Japanese delegation says he is satisfied with the results of an inspection trip to a disputed island chain that lies between Japan and Russia.
Does Japan Need an Aircraft Carrier? – Defense One
A floating air base would help defend far-flung islands under Chinese pressure, but at a cost.
Japan’s silent submarines extend range with new batteries – Nikkei Asian Review
TOKYO — Japan’s first submarine powered by lithium-ion batteries&nbsp;was launched&nbsp;on Thursday, symbolizing domestic&nbsp;defense contractors’ h
Lockheed offers Japan majority of work in plan for new fighter jet – Nikkei Asian Review
TOKYO — Lockheed Martin has proposed that&nbsp;Japanese companies be responsible for&nbsp;more than&nbsp;half of the development and production of a
Why Our Defence Forces Face Terminal Decline — Quadrant Online
JON STANFORD. The Future Submarine: Time for a Review | John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations
One year ago, Insight Economics, sponsored by Sydney businessman Gary Johnston, published a comprehensive, independent report on the future submarine (FSM) acquisition. Launched at the National Press Club by Professor Hugh White and Dr Michael Keating, the report highlighted the excessive cost of the FSM; its unacceptable delivery timetable leading to a capability gap; the…
Aussies At Impasse With France Over New Sub; Japan May Win « Breaking Defense – Defense industry news, analysis and commentary
France and Australia must resolve major differences over the Aussie’ new submarine program before a new Australian government is elected next year, and the most obvious alternative is Japan.
CSIS: Information Warfare: An Emergent Australian Defence Force Capability – To Inform is to Influence
October 4, 2018 DOWNLOAD THE REPORT WRITTEN BY: Edward Morgan Military Fellow, Alliances and American Leadership Project Marcus Thompson Deputy Chief Information Warfare This paper provides an account of the Australian military’s developing information warfare capabilities as part of CSIS’s series on Indo-Pacific interoperability. It sets out Australia’s developing information warfare capabilities, with a view…