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Putin’s Trust Ratings Plummet To 39%


One must wonder what Putin is doing to prevent Russian citizens from staging a colored revolution. I mean, besides forming up a 500,000 man Russian praetorian guard, the National Guard, which answers only to him.

A quote from Eto Buziashvili

New Levada poll shows that trust in Putin has dropped from 59% in Nov 2017 to 39% in Sept 2018 (pension reform and endless sanctions brought it to the lowest in more than a decade). Trust in Shoigu also down from 23% to 15%; Lavrov 19% to 10%.*

Seems “local” wars in Donbas and Syria are no longer able to hold the rating. Only the victorious WWIII could help raise it.

Putin’s approval ratings are way down.



Putin’s disapproval rate is up from 19% to 33%. This is unprecedented.

Levada-Center is a Russian independent, non-governmental polling and sociological research organization. It is named after its founder, the first Russian professor of sociology Yuri Levada. Wikipedia.

De facto, Levada has a monopoly on polls inside Russia, others are restricted or severely limited in their ability to survey Russian citizens.

If Levada is showing plummeting approval for Putin and the Russian government, it’s seriously bad.

Another indicator:


Would this be a cause for Russia to start an ‘event’?  Will Russia stage a provocation to be blamed on another country, where Russia is the innocent victim?  Will Russia start a war based on a fabricated situation, evidence, or a twisted quote?

Russia’s economy is in a flushing toilet, it is not improving. It cannot manufacture money to support a war.  Russia cannot fully equip its military now, never mind if tensions are skyrocketing.

Russia does not have the military might to “win” an all-out war against NATO, the US, or even the UK.

I am absolutely certain, however, that there are minds within the Kremlin which are planning a win-win situation for Russia, at this very moment.


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