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Ukraine Crisis Media Center: “How Russian media foments hostility towards the West”

New study on Russian disinformation
Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group of UCMC has released a new research – “How Russian media foments hostility towards the West”. Unlike the previous study which was about Europe, this one is mainly about the US. and NATO as the main US force in Europe.This research is studying the methods, instruments, and messages utilized and conveyed by Russian mass media in order to produce Threat Narratives about the West for Russian domestic audience. We believe that Russian domestic audience is of greatest importance to Kremlin, thus it is crucial to understand how Moscow works to seize and hold the attention of its subjects.

The research is based on quantitative content analysis with the analytical part written by the experts in the field of Russian propaganda. The quantitative part of the research covers the period of July 1, 2014 – December 31, 2017. The raw data consisted of all news broadcasts and selected political talk- shows on the top three Russian TV channels, and news articles on 10 popular websites. This data has been converted into text format, which was then transformed into a database. Our conclusions are based on roughly 574,000 news pieces.

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