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Russian Active Measures Or Disinformation?

Igor Giorgadze, ex-Minister of State Security of Georgia

Twice today, a senior official within the Russian Foreign Ministry posted links to articles on Facebook, stating that a number of people in the country of Georgia had been killed in a “secret US laboratory”.

The accusation originates from the Russian Ministry of Defense,Under the guise of vaccines. by former Georgia Minister of State Security.

“Igor Giorgadze, ex-Minister of State Security of Georgia, made such sensational statements on Tuesday at a press conference in Moscow.”

He promised to published documents showing,

According to the documents presented at the press conference (Giorgadze promised to publish them in the coming days), in December 2015, 30 patients of this research center died and were being treated for hepatitis C. At that, 24 of them died on the same day, and in their column ” causes of death “indicated -” unknown “.

“Then the data for April and August 2016: in April 30 more people die, in August – 13 people. All deaths – again for an unknown reason. At the same time, no investigations were made into the causes of their death,” the ex-minister said , previously supervised the activities of the Georgian special services.

So far these documents have not been published.  A large cache of documents was released by mid-September 2018, it is unclear how he intends to release more documents.

The country of Georgia claims they own the laboratory and denies the allegations.

In response , Tbilisi stated that the laboratory operating in Georgia named after Senator Richard Lugar is working transparently, and the allegations about its activities are baseless.

“There are no closed or secret experiments in this center, especially over people, that is completely absurd,” said Zurab Abashidze, special representative of the Georgian Prime Minister for relations with the Russian Federation.

According to him, the lab is owned by Georgia, its activities are funded from the Georgian budget.

“Similar laboratories exist in many countries, including Russia. The laboratory of Lugar works in a transparent mode, its doors are open to foreign scientists and experts,” said Abashidze.  (Russian Defense Ministry announced the death of 73 Georgian citizens in a secret US laboratory)

RT, TASS, Sputnik, SouthFront, every single Russian propaganda site I can think of is broadcasting this story, which has been widely denied by both the US and Georgia.

Is this a new information offensive by Russia against both the US and Russia?  Since this is so public, is this considered Active Measures or is this normal Russian Disinformation?


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