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Russian S-300 Begin To Arrive In Syria

Russian S-300 arriving in Syria


At the end of September – in early October, using the Flightradar service, volunteers from the international intelligence community InformNapalm recorded more than 4 flights of heavy An-124 transport aircraft from the 566th Military Aviation Regiment (VTAP) (IV / 41495) of the 12th Division of the BTA 61 Russian Army Air Force. Aircraft An-124 with flight numbers RF-82035 , RF-82010 and RF-82032 kept the course from the point of permanent deployment of the 566th ATP of the military airdrome in the Bryansk region “Soscha” – through the base “Olenya” (aerodrome of aviation of the Navy on the Kola Peninsula 92 km south of Murmansk) – the “Mozdok” airport – to the airport “Latakia” (the air base “Khmeimim”)

On October 2, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, during an operational meeting with the members of the Council, reported to President Vladimir Putin that 49 units of equipment were shipped to Syria in the framework of S-300 deliveries: light locators, main detection systems, control machines and four launchers.

Where did the S-300 SRS take for Syria

InformNapalm volunteers have a logical question: why did An-124s do a hook through the Murmansk region? The answer was simple: in the Olenegorsk, only 5 km from the airbase “Olenya” is based the 583rd anti-aircraft missile regiment (IV / 36226), which is equipped with two types of S-300 SRS. With a high degree of probability, we can assume that in the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation decided to transfer the complexes from Syria to this military unit.

There is practically no doubt that these S-300 missile systems are being deployed to Syria with trained specialists from the 583rd anti-aircraft missile regiment, which will carry out combat dutying informally instead of their Syrian counterparts.

In an album in the social network VK of one of the Russian servicemen who served in the military service in the military unit number 36226, we found an archive photo with the S-300PS SRS.

The arrival of the S-300 in Syria on board the An-124 also hit the video.

Russia builds its Panorama in Syria

Analyzing data from open sources and a statement by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, we assume that Russia will soon try to deploy a full-fledged command system of the Air Forces CPC and Panorama-CM air force in Syria, with the exception of some elements of the chain of engagement.

In accordance with the scheme of the relationship

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“Medvedka” for the Russian bear

At this time, it was not possible to establish the location of the deployed Russian RMS, but this is not so important, given their mobility and the radius of detection and destruction of the target. On the one hand, the Israeli Air Force will become more vulnerable, given that Russian crews will be secretly serviced by the S-300. But on the other hand, the current situation can be solved instantly, as did the Operation Medvedka 19 (Artsav-19, Opera Mole Cricket 19), conducted by the Israeli Defense Forces on the beginning of the Lebanon War, when from 9 to 11 June 1982, Israel completely destroyed the group of forces and means of air defense Syrian “Feda”, established with the help of Soviet specialists.
Given the technical advantage of Israel, the entire air defense system, which Russia is so rigorously built in Syria, can be destroyed in a few days.

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The analysis was prepared by Kuzma Tutov and Roman Burko specifically for InformNapalm. Distribution and reprint with reference to the source is welcomed!

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