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Trekking Through Hell to Flee From al-Shabab

Said, a young Somalian man, left his home in 2015 to escape recruitment by jihadist group al-Shabab. After journeying for nearly a year — during which he was tortured in a Libyan slave camp, saw many of his fellow travelers die, and crossed the Mediterranean in a rubber boat — he finally made it to Belgium. This is his story.

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News Highlights

The Latest In Organized Crime & Corruption

Jan Kuciak Allegedly Killed for 70k Euros

Slovak police detained eight suspects allegedly connected to the murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee, Martina Kusnirova. Authorities later said that the hit on the journalist was ordered for 70,000 euros. Fifty thousand was given in cash and the rest went to debt.

Study: Environmental Crime is Largest Source of Income for Militias

Environmental crimes are now the biggest source of funding for non-state militias and terrorist organizations, bringing in 38 percent of their revenue, according to a new study released by Interpol and researchers on global organized crime.

That’s more money than they get from the drug trade, kidnappings, human trafficking, extortion, looting and donations.

OCCRP Partner Attacked By Hungary’s Pro-Government Media


Hungarian investigative outlet Atlatszo has been the target of pro-government media attacks since it recently revealed links between members of the Hungarian elite, including Orban, and a luxury yacht and private jet, the outlet told the OCCRP.

Mexico’s “Worst Governor in History” Gets Nine Years for Corruption

A Mexican court sentenced the former governor of the embattled state of Veracruz to nine years in prison and fined him US$3,100 after he pleaded guilty to criminal association and money laundering charges. He’s accused of embezzling state money to buy valuable artworks and luxury properties.

Serbia’s “Cocaine King” May Face Maximum Sentence

Serbia’s prosecutor requested the maximum possible sentence for the Balkan “Cocaine King” Darko Saric and his associates for allegedly smuggling nearly six tons of cocaine from South American countries to Europe.

Angola: Ex-President’s Son Arrested in Anti-Corruption Purge

The son of Angola’s former president Jose Eduardo dos Santos was taken into custody in connection with a US$1.5 billion corruption case linked to an alleged illegal transfer of $500 million that occurred while he was head of the country’s sovereign wealth fund.

Cambodian PM Vows to Shoot Loggers From Helicopters, Again

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen promised that he would fix his country’s problems with rampant deforestation by shooting those who illegally chop down timber from helicopters.
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