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Ricin Attacks Hit US, Blamed On Former Sailor

Update: It turns out it might be a former sailor.

The White House, the Pentagon, the Chief of Naval Operations, all received confirmed mailings containing Ricin.

Senator Cruz’s office got a mailing with powder, I suspect Ricin.

I expect more attacks using Ricin.

Extremists in the US are crazy but not insane.

Russia doesn’t do terrorism like this, neither does China, Cuba, or North Korea.

  • Iran has a history of terrorism.
  • Iran has made pointed threats at the US.
  • Iran has sponsored terrorism.

On July 22, Iran said,

July 23, President Trump said,

On July 26th, Iran responded with,

Iran responded with threats in August.

Now this:

Even RT reported, very factually.

If intelligence confirms it was Iran, I would say a regime change is in order.

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