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You Lost Me At “Horrible”

I was reading an article by Jason Easley, “The Russians Are Getting Heavily Involved In The Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Fight“.

Good article, well researched, it cited Hamilton 68 information and shared a few graphs. It seemed fair and objective and I was about to blog it when I got to the final two paragraphs.

Then an overwhelming bias took over the author and my previous assessment of fair and objective went out the window.

“Trump and his horrible Supreme Court nominee are useful tools toward the overall goal of divided USA.”

Take out the word “horrible” and you still get the point across, the Russians are trying to divide the US. Nevermind the poor editing.

Insert the word “horrible” and your bias against Trump and Kavanaugh takes over the flavor of the article.

Still not sure about his bias?  Okay, here is the next and final paragraph.

“The Republican Party has become the Putin party, and Russian efforts to meddle in US national affairs aren’t limited to elections. Brett Kavanaugh had already damaged the country before he was even up for a vote to be confirmed.”

The first sentence is an accusation which deserves a whole separate research piece, and still, it would not be considered fair and objective.

The final sentence assumes Judge Kavanaugh is guilty, as in guilty until proven innocent, and this is counter to the rule of law in the United States.  It also displays a very much American liberal attitude.

So, Jason Easley, you had a good article right up until you began spewing unfair and non-objective words and phrases in this article.  Not at all the mark of a professional journalist.

Yes, I looked up quite a few of his other articles, and yes, he is a total left-wing journalist. To call him merely liberal is a gross injustice.