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Russian propaganda, real and serious problem for R. Moldova, says Maia Sandu

Romanian Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) leader, Maia Sandu

Sep 29, 2018

A real and serious problem in the Republic of Moldova is Russian propaganda, in the context in which Kremlin’s policy is that of keeping the region in the eastern vicinity (of the European and Euro-Atlantic space – ed.n) in a so-called grey area, the Action and Solidarity Party (PAS) leader, Maia Sandu, said in a debate on the situation of security in the eastern vicinity of the Euro-Atlantic space, part of Bucharest Security Conference.

In her intervention, Maia Sandu said that parties such as that of Moldovan President Igor Dodon benefit from significant funds from abroad, political formations from among which some are involved in frauds worth millions of euros.

The PAS leader also approached the issue of corruption in her country, underscoring that corrupt governments cannot be credible dialogue partners, in particular in the relation with the European Union.

“Referring to the situation in Transnistria, I am making a call on you not to trust the proposals presented by the oligarchs of Chisinau who make arrangements with the oligarchs of Tiraspol,” Sandu said.

In his turn, Vladimir Kulminski, an expert in the Transnistrian file and former adviser to the Moldovan PM during the signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union, said that Romania must support more the pro-European parties of the Republic of Moldova.

‘Frozen and Unfrozen Conflicts’ German NGO Chair Cindy Wittke said in her intervention that a characteristic of the frozen conflicts constellation in the former Soviet space is the existence of some agreements whose implementing is difficult or even impossible. In most cases, Russia has traditionally assumed the role of third party with a negotiator role, Wittke said.

Bucharest Security Conference, in its third edition and organised by the National School of Social and Political Studies (SNSPA) with the support of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the National Defence Ministry and NATO’s headquarters, is aimed at strengthening dialogue and promoting a vision shared by all allied states with respect to the current risks and threats to security.

The conference starts from the premise that the security environment in the region is evolving in the current global context. The events with an impact on an international level, such as Russia’s intentions and actions at the east of the Euro-Atlantic border, the advanced presence of the Alliance, the upcoming exit of the UK from the EU and the new US national security strategy, show that the security situation in Central and Eastern Europe is changing. AGERPRES (RO – author: Tudor Martalogu, editor: Andreea Rotaru; EN – editor: Adina Panaitescu)


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