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A very active week on both DPRK and China matters. In the briefest of summaries, the Beijing leadership is very unhappy about the fiscal impacts of the trade war, and US, UK and Japanese military movements in the South China Sea. Numerous disturbing reports on China’s domestic situation, Vatican makes deal with Beijing, and China’s diplomatic spat with Sweden (yes, Sweden).


U.S. Clashes With China, Russia Over Easing UN Sanctions On North Korea

The United States has clashed with China and Russia at the United Nations over their call for an easing of sanctions against North Korea.

Pompeo to visit North Korea next month to prepare second Trump-Kim summit

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he had a “very positive” meeting with North Korea’s foreign minister on Wednesday.

North Korea Nuclear Deal Could Take ‘Years,’ Trump Suggests – The New York Times

Speaking on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly session, he reversed the position he took a year ago that the North had to disarm rapidly.

Moon’s Praise-and-Pressure Plan to Get Trump to Help End Korean War – Defense One

“You are, indeed, the only person who can solve this problem,” Moon said of Trump—just before he amped up the pressure.

Some see signs of hope on North Korea as Trump heads to UN | Fox News

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is little rocket man no more.

Explainer: Why nuclear disclosure is key first step in North Korea’s denuclearization | Reuters

made last week by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to curb his nuclear weapons program may have opened the door to further talks with Washington, but just how much impact would they have on the North’s nuclear arsenal?US

In UN Speech, President Trump To Talk Up Progress With North Korea, Slam Iran : NPR

President Trump will speak at the U.N. General Assembly on Tuesday. He will highlight progress with North Korea, while calling for more pressure on Iran.

How and when to end the Korean War | TheHill

A peace declaration will not buy Kim Jong Un’s goodwill, but it will give the US diplomatic leverage to constrain North Korea’s aggression and advance our strategic interests.

‘Rocket Man’ to ‘Terrific’: Trump lauds Kim in UN return

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — President Donald Trump raised hopes at the United Nations on Monday that a second meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un could occur “quite soon,” striking a conciliatory tone one year after he used his debut at the U.N. to deride the autocrat as “Little Rocket

Donald Trump touts North Korea progress, seizes initiative at U.N. General Assembly – Washington Times

President Trump swept into this year’s U.N. General Assembly on a positive note, claiming credit during initial meetings Monday that “tremendous progress” has been made in nuclear talks with North Korea and asserting that he intends to hold another face-to-face summit with Kim Jong-un “in the not-too-distant future.”

Trump, at UN General Assembly, signs major trade deal with South Korea, reveals possible Kim Jong Un meeting ‘soon’ | Fox News

President Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in signed a major agreement of Trump’s trade agenda Monday, on a busy day at the U.N. General Assembly during which Trump also revealed he’d meet again with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un “quite soon.”

20 Rare Photos That Reveals Life Inside North Korea

China criticizes US B-52 bomber missions as ‘provocative’ – ABC News

Two B-52s flew over the strategic waterway claimed by China earlier this week.

The US is walking all over Beijing with regular B-52 bomber flights in the South China Sea | Business Insider

The US military has stepped up to regularly challenge Beijing’s dominance in the South China Sea and has achieved one of its main missions – controlling the narrative – with the help of B-52 nuclear-capable bombers.

US sends B-52 bombers ripping through the contested South China Sea twice in less than a week as tensions soar | Business Insider

The US Air Force sent B-52H Stratofortress heavy long-range bombers through the South China Sea twice this week, sending a message, intentional or not, to challengers in the region.

U.S. flies bombers over South China Sea amid heightened tensions with Beijing | Reuters

The U.S. military flew B-52 bombers in the vicinity of the South China Sea this week, U.S. officials told Reuters, a move that is likely to cause anger in Beijing amid heightened tensions between the two countries.US

US B-52s fly near contested islands amid U.S.-China tensions – CNNPolitics

The US Air Force conducted two bomber flights this week into areas considered sensitive by the Chinese military, missions that have come amid heightened tensions between Washington and Beijing.

US aircraft carriers are spending less time deployed for war — which could become a problem as the US Navy prepares to take on China and Russia | Business Insider

US carriers are spending less time deployed and more time in port or in the shop for maintenance as deployment rates drop to a 25-year low, a US Naval Institute News study revealed Wednesday.

U.S.-China Military Tensions Start to Rise as Trade War Deepens – Bloomberg

Beijing refused a U.S. warship entry to Hong Kong next month, according to the U.S. Consulate General.

China cancels military talks with U.S. in protest at sanctions over Russia military equipment | Reuters

oned the U.S. ambassador in Beijing and postponed joint military talks in protest against a U.S. decision to sanction a Chinese military agency and its director for buying Russian fighter jets and a surface-to-air missile system.US

U.S.’ Mattis looks for ‘way ahead’ after China scraps military talks | Reuters

– U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Monday he was seeking a way ahead for military ties with China after Beijing postponed military talks in protest at last week’s U.S. decision to impose sanctions over China’s purchase of Russian weaponry.US

China cancels US warship visit to Hong Kong amid military sanction backlash – CNN

The Chinese government has blocked a US Navy ship from docking in Hong Kong amid a growing diplomatic feud between the two countries over strict military sanctions imposed by Washington.

China Denies U.S. Navy Ship’s Request to Dock in Hong Kong – The Daily Beast

Relations worsen as Beijing accuses U.S. of putting “a knife to China’s neck.”

China Denies U.S. Navy Ship’s Request for Hong Kong Visit – WSJ

The Chinese government refused the USS Wasp a port visit to Hong Kong next month, a decision issued as Beijing also canceled a high-level naval meeting in the U.S.

Top Chinese admiral cancels meeting with US counterpart amid US-China tensions – CNNPolitics

China’s top naval officer canceled a visit to the US to meet with his American counterpart less than 48 hours before the meeting was scheduled to occur, according to two US defense officials.

World War 3 WARNING: China cancels navy chief visit to US over Trump’s sanctions | World | News |

CHINA has cancelled a planned visit by its Navy commander Vice Admiral Shen Jinlong to the US after Donald Trump imposed stringent sanctions on Beijing following their military arms deal with Russia.

Chinese man arrested in US for allegedly acting ‘as an illegal agent’ of China – CNNPolitics

A 27-year-old Chinese national was arrested in Chicago Tuesday for allegedly spying on behalf of Beijing, in the same week CIA director Gina Haspel warned against growing Chinese influence abroad.

China Summons U.S. Ambassador To Protest Russia-Related Sanctions

China has summoned the U.S. ambassador in Beijing to lodge a formal protest after Washington hit a Chinese military organization with sanctions over its purchases of Russian missiles and fighter jets.

Japanese carrier drills with British warship heading to contested South China Sea | Reuters

Japan’s biggest warship, the Kaga helicopter carrier, joined naval drills with Britain’s HMS Argyll in the Indian Ocean on Wednesday as the frigate headed toward the contested South China Sea and East Asia.US

World War 3 warning: China tells UK to BACK OFF South China Sea | World | News |

CHINA has ordered the UK to respect the nation by staying out of the South China Sea row after a Royal Navy warship was spotted close to disputed islands in the region.

China hopes Britain doesn’t take sides, respects South China Sea sovereignty | Reuters

China hopes that Britain can stand by its position of not taking sides in the South China Sea and earnestly respect China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the Chinese government’s top diplomat told Britain’s foreign minister.US

Britain should respect Chinese territory in South China Sea, Wang Yi tells Jeremy Hunt | South China Morning Post

British warship HMS Albion sails close to disputed Paracel Islands, provoking exchange between the two countries’ foreign ministers at UN meeting

China hopes Britain doesn’t take sides, respects South China Sea sovereignty – Channel NewsAsia

BEIJING: China hopes that Britain can stand by its position of not taking sides in the South China Sea and earnestly respect China’s sovereignty …

South China Sea: how well do China and the US really know each other’s intentions? | South China Morning Post

Mark J. Valencia says Washington and Beijing both act as though they know what the other wants in the South China Sea, but may be falling victim to worst-case thinking that risks further conflict

Trade war: China White Paper on ‘trade bullyism practices’ by the US

China has hit out against the U.S. in a 71-page white paper, accusing President Donald Trump’s administration of “trade bullyism practices” that have become “the greatest source of uncertainty and risk for the recovery of the global economy.”

China says the U.S. is ‘holding a knife to our neck’ in trade war – The Washington Post

Beijing urges “mature political leaders in the U.S.” to “come back to their senses.”

US is putting a knife to China’s neck, says trade negotiator – CNN

China’s deputy trade negotiator on Tuesday acknowledged the challenge in resuming negotiations with the US, saying: “How could you negotiate with someone when he puts a knife on your neck?”

China official says talks impossible with ‘U.S. holding knife’

China cannot hold talks with Washington on ending their escalating trade dispute while the United States “holds a knife” to Beijing’s neck, China said Tuesday.

China news SHOCK: ‘We’re saving the world from US,’ says Beijing as trade war EXPLODES | World | News |

CHINA hit out against the US in a government signed white paper in light of imposed economic sanctions, accusing the superpower of “trade bullyism practices” that “risked the recovery of the global economy”.

China Shouldn’t Blame America For Bullying

Before blaming America on bullying, China should stop its own bullying in the South China Sea and Africa.

As China-U.S. feud enters uncharted territory, Beijing can only blame itself – The Washington Post

As relations with the U.S. deteriorate, it’s important to understand that for the most part China’s ruling Communist Party has brought this on itself.

Trump Says Xi Might Not Be Friend Anymore Over Election Meddling – Bloomberg

Donald Trump said he and Chinese President Xi Jinping might not be friends anymore after he accused Beijing on Wednesday of trying to interfere in U.S. congressional elections in November.

China Says Trump and His Republican Party Are Failing Voters and Blaming Beijing

“Fabricated stories and slogans designed to trick American voters will not have the same effect with U.N. members,” a Global Times op-ed warned.

China Midterms Meddling: Trump’s Potential Excuse for Losses

Speaking at the United Nations, Trump accused China of seeking to help Democrats in the November elections in retaliation for his trade policies. It’s possible, but he provided no evidence, suggesting he may be preparing an excuse for GOP losses.

Trump’s election meddling charge against China marks U.S. pressure campaign | Reuters

President Donald Trump’s accusation of Chinese meddling in upcoming U.S. elections marks a new phase in an escalating pressure campaign against Beijing that Washington is pursuing on multiple fronts, senior U.S. officials said on Thursday.

Top Chinese diplomat: U.S., China should avoid ‘Cold War mentality’ – POLITICO

He cautioned that both nations will suffer if Beijing and Washington go up against each other.

China urges US to stop ‘slander’ after Trump’s election claims | USA News | Al Jazeera

China’s foreign ministry denied Trump’s accusation that Beijing is trying to influence the US congressional elections.

China takes a backward step as it braces for the impact of Trump’s trade war | Business Insider

China on Wednesday took a major backward step in its trade war with the US, announcing it would cut import tariffs on numerous non-American goods.

Opinion | The Unlikely, Obvious Solution to the Trade War – The New York Times

The way out of the impasse between the U.S. and China runs through the W.T.O., whether Donald Trump likes it or not.

Trump misplays his trade hand

With tariffs and tweets, President Trump eggs on a trade war between China and America. With no trade talks on the horizon, relations are unlikely to improve soon. That seems to be what Trump, a self-styled “fighter,” wants.

Trump China Tariffs: Walmart, Target Warn of Price Increases | Money

A new round of tariffs on China has been instituted by the Trump administration. Walmart, Target, and Macy’s say price increases are coming.

Google hushing employees on Chinese search engine – Axios

Google employees have internally protested its creation.

Google is trying to cover its creepy Chinese search engine tracks

Google reportedly forced employees to delete a memo detailing plans for a censored Chinese searched engine, codenamed Dragonfly.

The Architect of China’s Muslim Camps Is a Rising Star Under Xi – Bloomberg

If one individual sums up the values gap between a rising China and the West, it may well be Chen Quanguo.

Kazakhs Say Relatives Being Held In China At ‘Reeducation Camps’

The UN and human rights watchdogs say China has detained huge numbers of ethnic minorities, mainly Uyghurs, in what Beijing calls “reeducation camps.” Many Kazakhs say their relatives in China’s Xinjiang Province have also been targeted, and they are desperately searching for loved ones who have disappeared.

‘Awful abuses’: US denounces China’s treatment of Uighurs | US news | The Guardian

Mike Pompeo says ‘possibly millions’ of Muslim minority are being held against their will in ‘re-education camps’

Pompeo Denounces China’s Treatment Of Uyghur, Christian Minorities

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo denounced the “awful abuses” of Muslim Uyghurs detained in Chinese reeducation camps and criticized what he said was a government crackdown on Christians in the …

Serbia looks to acquire Chinese drones and the technological know-how

Serbia is positioning itself as a military-neutral country, as its government aims to procure weapons and military gear for the country’s armed forces from various suppliers.

Chinese navy hospital ship docks in Venezuela amid crisis | Fox News

A Chinese navy hospital ship docked near Venezuela’s capital on Saturday as the OPEC nation’s deepening economic crisis garners the attention of the U.S. and other world powers.

Chinese anger grows as US agrees fresh arms sale to Taiwan

The Pentagon deal has added to ongoing trade tensions between Beijing and Washington.

US-Taiwan $330 million arms deal escalates trade war spat amid claims of ‘a knife’ to China’s neck – INSIDER

The United States has approved a $330 million arms deal with China’s neighbour Taiwan, in a move set to further increase tensions between Beijing and Washington amid the escalating trade war, The South China Morning Post reported.

Taiwan Can Win a War With China – Foreign Policy

Beijing boasts it can seize the island easily. The PLA knows better.

Rafale deal: Why French jets are at the centre of an Indian political storm – BBC News

Opposition parties want PM Narendra Modi to resign over a multi-billion dollar fighter jet deal.

Future submarine project deadlocked as French shipbuilder digs in on $50 billion contract – Politics – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Australia’s largest-ever defence project is foundering under stalled negotiations with the French company selected to build the Navy’s future submarines, and could even be halted during next year’s federal election.

How The Vatican ‘Got Medieval’ In Dealing With China

With a potential agreement between the Vatican and China on the horizon, we can look to the Middle Ages for how this compromise might play out.

China and Vatican Reach Deal on Appointment of Bishops – The New York Times

For the first time, the pope accepted the legitimacy of bishops chosen by the Communist Chinese government.

Vatican reaches historic deal with China — Quartz

It agreed to recognize seven bishops appointed by the Chinese government.

China’s Worst Western Import – WSJ

If Christianity is suspect because of its European roots, what about Marxism?

China And Sweden At Odds Over SVT ‘Humor’ – To Inform is to Influence

Sweden and China are having words over a Swedish humor channel’s racist videos. It does not look likely this little scandal will escalate but it also does not look likely that it will go away. Here is one of the insulting videos that China is protesting. I watched the whole thing. Racist, yes. Funny,…

Sinophobia is not ok (English subtitles) – YouTube

SVT Humor Published on Sep 24, 2018 Swedish satire show Svenska nyheter’s monologue about sinophobia and racist tendencies in Swedish culture – and our government’s hypocrisy relating to human rights and trade with China

How China’s army of online trolls turned on Sweden – To Inform is to Influence

It looks like China’s ‘unofficial’ troll army is responding to the racist SVT YouTube video.   A tour through China’s Troll Army’s Facebook page, 帝吧大军根据地, reveals quite a bit.  On the SVT ‘humor’ page, they made fun of Chinese defecating in public.  On the Emperor bar army base Facebook page, members posted all kinds of pictures showing exactly that. …

China calls Swedish show racist for warning tourists not to eat dogs – INSIDER

Sweden’s satirical TV show “Svenska Nyheter” last week appeared to mock Chinese tourists, warning them not to mistake dogs for food or to defecate in public. China accused the show of racism and demanded an apology. Diplomatic relations between Beijing and Stockholm appear to be at a standstill. A Swedish satirical TV show last week appeared to mock Chinese tourists, warning them not to mistake dogs for food or to defecate in public. China’s embassy in Sweden and China’s foreign ministry accused the show of racism and demanded an apology. The show’s broadcaster has since apologized. The host tweeted in Swedish that he “started a diplomatic crisis with a superpower.” The show came after a family of Chinese tourists accused Swedish authorities of brutality after they were removed from a hostel that wouldn’t let them spend the night in the lobby. Beijing has accused a Swedish satirical TV show of racism after it appeared to mock Chinese tourists and warned them not to mistake dogs for food. “Svenska Nyheter,” a weekly program on the Swedish national broadcaster SVT, appeared to endorse racism against Chinese people and play on certain stereotypes against the nation in a show aired last Friday. “Swedes hate racism — as long as we’re not talking about the Chinese and the Russians, of course,” said Jesper Rönndahl, the show’s host. “No politically correct campaign in the world can eliminate the Swedes’ hatred for the Russians. And that is probably because most of Russia is in Asia. They are almost Chinese.” The show also aired a joke informational program aimed at Chinese tourists during which a Swedish woman issued several “warnings,” including: “We do not poop outside historic buildings.” “And if you see someone who’s out walking a dog, it’s not because they just bought lunch.” “Chinese are very welcome to the Kingdom of Sweden. But if you can’t behave, we’ll kick the s— out of you.” Diplomatic relations between Beijing and Stockholm appear to be at a standstill, as the Dalai Lama visited Sweden earlier this month and China continues to hold a Swedish citizen in custody.

Swedish Skit Mocks Chinese Tourists, Drawing Backlash in China – The New York Times

Chinese officials demanded an apology over a Swedish satirical program’s skit about Chinese tourists, which the network says was meant to highlight racism.

Beijing accuses Sweden of racism amid escalating diplomatic row – CNN

China and Sweden are locked in an escalating diplomatic feud after a minor dispute over tourists outstaying their welcome in a hostel devolved into broad accusations of racism and official travel warnings.

Swedish TV satire on Chinese tourists sparks Beijing protest | Reuters

China complained to Sweden on Monday over a satirical news show on Swedish state television that advised Chinese tourists how to avoid culture clashes in a way that Beijing said insulted the Chinese people.US

China’s row with Sweden over a ‘racist’ TV skit has citizens urging boycotts of Ikea and H&M – The Washington Post

A satirical Swedish TV skit talked about Chinese tourists vandalizing monuments and eating dogs. Beijing was not amused.

Why Sweden and China have fallen out so badly – BBC News

It started with tourists being kicked out of a hotel – but the spat has continued to escalate.

China and Sweden are locked in a number of diplomatic spats in 2018 — Quartz

From a kidnapped bookseller to alleged election interference, diplomatic relations between China and Sweden are souring in 2018.

Chinese Tourists Are Beijing’s Newest Economic Weapon – Foreign Policy

Palau is the latest nation to find that offending China means empty hotels.