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Ukraine: “We were born in a great hour” – Russia’s Nightmare

“We were born in a great hour” (Ukrainian: Зродились ми великої години) aka the March of Ukrainian Nationalists

Ukraine is rich, strong, and proud.  It is full of great patriotism and symbology. There is beauty in everything that is Ukraine.

Ukraine was forged out of the great genocide of the Holodomor by Stalin. Ukraine ascended from the ashes of cruel tyranny from Poland, Nazi Germany, and the Soviet Union into a powerful phoenix.  One song best represents the indomitable spirit of Ukraine, the unassailable power and nationalism of a people and a culture that is Ukraine.

The “March of Ukrainian Nationalists”, written by Oles Babiy to music by Omelian Nyzhankivskyi in 1929 and was officially adopted by the leadership of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) in 1932.

The OUN was the guerrilla insurgency that fought for Ukrainian independence beginning in the 1920s that grew into an army, fought against Poland, against Nazi Germany, and against the Soviet Union. It is believed the OUN went deep underground in the 1950s, the Soviet KGB reported it was wiped out in 1956. Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians were in the OUN in the 1940s and 1950s and were systematically killed by the Soviets.

The song, however, lived on and now has a greater meaning than ever, with the Russian invasion of both Crimea and Donbas. The song has gone viral in Ukraine.

The song is the official song of the Ukrainian Army.

The song is, indeed, the worst possible nightmare for Russia’s Sergey Glazyev, while born in Ukraine, is rabidly anti-Ukraine and blames the EuroMaidan entirely on the West.  Glazyev called for the conventional Russian military to invade Donbas – but only if the “people” could be convinced to ‘rise up’. The following is an excerpt from what are called the Glazyev tapes, downloaded from Vladislav Surkov’s inbox.

Specially trained people should throw out the Banderites from the regional council’s building. Then they should arrange a meeting of the regional council, create a regional executive committee, give it executive power and subordinate the police to this new executive. I have direct orders from the leadership [of Russia] – to raise the people in Ukraine wherever we can. That means we have to bring people to the streets, as we did in Kharkiv – according to this example! And as soon as possible! Because, you see, President [Putin] has already signed a [presidential] decree. The operation has already began, there is information that the troops are already moving out. What are they waiting for? We can not do all this with [military] force. We use force only to support the people – nothing more! But if there are no people, what support can there be?’  (

The song represents the vision of an independent and strong Ukraine, which is the worst possible torment for Russia, for they can never win against an idea and they know that.

Зродились ми великої години – Зоряна



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